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My s****r's Photo shoot

This happened a long time ago before digital cameras were available. I was 19 and taking a photography class in college. I had set up a makeshift dark room in the basement where I did all my development work. My s****r was always interested in my art always hanging around.

Now because my s****r had studied gymnastics and dance growing up so was very lithe. I had never thought of her sexually until that summer she turned 16. One of her birthday presents was to be allowed to buy a bikini for the first time. My mom was spending all her time working some charity event or something so asked me to take her to get it. Since I didn’t have much to do at the time and often liked to get candid shots of people at the mall for class assignments. I agreed to take her.

She was thrilled to be getting an ‘adult’ bathing suit finally and spent an hour looking them all over and selecting several to try on. I had been wandering other areas of the store and getting several interesting and if I may say creative photos. When my s****r found me I was expecting her to be ready to go, it had been over an hour by that time and I never take that long shopping. Instead she had found me so that she could get my opinion on which suit looked best. Rolling my eyes I followed her to the changing area so she could try them on and come out to show me.

The first one she showed me I thought looked really sweet and told her so. She looked disappointed and went in to try another one. This time she came out in one that was nearly the same shade of tan as her skin so at first I did a double then a triple take thinking she had come out wearing nothing. I guess the look on my face told her she had found what she was looking for because she laughed and tossed back her shoulder length brown tresses and struck a very sexy pose asking if I liked it. After recovering a bit I told our dad would kill me if I let her come home with that. She laughed and tried on a few more but each time I realized a little more how sexy my little s****r was. I was fighting hard to avoid showing everyone else how sexy I thought she was by trying to plan out my next photo assignment, anything to take my mind of the stirring in my jeans. She finally settled on a couple of suits that were more revealing than I expected but not so blatantly so that our dad would be upset.
All the way home, my s****r chattered excitedly about wearing her new suits to the beach and how much fun we were going to have. Meanwhile I just kept trying to keep her from noticing how hard I had gotten. I still think it was my imagination but I thought several times I saw her glancing at my lap. I knew it was wrong because she was my s****r but I could not get the thought of seeing her nude out of my head. That night I imagined she had caught me with my hard on and liked it. That was when I had an idea that would either work spectacularly or fail miserably. I clearly was not thinking with the head on my shoulders but my other head.

The next time that our mom was out planning her event and my s****r and I were home alone I made my move. I acted a bit nervous (which wasn’t much of an act because this idea could really back fire) and approached my s****r with camera in hand. I explained that I had a photo assignment that I needed help with and no one I knew was willing to help me. She immediately agreed without hesitating. I told her to wait until she heard what it was because she might change her mind.

I explained that one assignment for the class required a nude model but everyone I asked said no. Now the assignment was almost due and I was running out of time (this was not true because I had already turned in that assignment and it had been extra credit not required). If she wanted to say no that was ok I’d understand. But she said she was happy to help her big b*o even if it was embarrassing. I told her that from what I had seen when she was trying on bikinis she had nothing to be embarrassed about. She blushed and said she thought her breasts were too small being that her bra size was only 32B. I smiled and said that I had heard small breasts were more sensitive and guys like that. I told her if it would help her feel more comfortable she could model her bikinis first then if she still felt comfortable we could take the nude photos.

She agreed and I set up my camera lights and equipment in the guest bedroom so that we could take photos either on the chaise lounge or the bed. She came in wearing the skimpiest of the bikinis she had gotten. I was surprised at the time she got it thinking it had been as a joke because it was yellow polka dots on black and just like the song it was teeny. However, I have to say it was incredibly sexy. I pointed my camera at her and snapped a few shots as she walked in and commented on how pretty she was.

I asked if she preferred the lounge or the bed and she chose the lounge. I fiddled with my camera for a bit as she got comfortable then I started clicking away. I had decided to wear my loosest sweatpants and was staying bent forward more and more as I started to get hard. After a few moments I asked if she was ready to lose the top and she agreed. I snapped more shots as she removed her bikini top and I saw those pert sexy nipples sliding into view. Suddenly she clears her throat and blushes a little and I realize I’ve stopped snapping photos and was just staring. I stammered an apology and explained she was sexier than I expected. She laughed and said that would be good for the assignment. As she was saying that I could tell she was checking my sweatpants to see if I was being honest. I decided fair was fair and straightened up revealing the tent in my pants but as she was I was keeping up the pretense of the assignment.

I took several more shots of her without her top and she was a natural. She had the sexiest poses with very little direction from me including some of her twisting her nipples to make them stand up more and an occasional brush against the front of her bikini bottoms. At the point where she was starting to moan slightly I decided I had to take it to the next level so under the pretext of adjusting some lights I suggested she remove the bottoms if she was ready. She agreed but felt that we should move to the bed to have some more variety in the possible poses. As I said she was a natural.

I snapped several shots of her from behind climbing on the bed, some laying with her back to me looking coyly over her shoulder and finally facing me. I was mildly surprised to find she had shaved completely and suddenly I was harder than I have ever been. Here I was less than a week ago this was my sweet innocent baby s****r, but now a practical sex goddess. I snapped a few shots of her posing gracefully then she started to give me some more provocative poses. It was all I could do to focus on clicking the camera shutter release button and advancing the film. When she spread her legs and I could see from where I was that she was soaking wet I nearly dropped the camera. Instead I set it down and moved forward watching for her to protest. But she didn’t. I climbed on the bed between her legs and dove in head first. I started lapping at her sweet nectar and could not get enough as she clamped her legs around me holding my mouth tight against her sweet lips. I sucked on her clit and probed her pussy with my tongue savoring every drop until she finally pushed my head back and asked me to let her recover for a minute. I looked up and she was sweating lying back on the bed exhausted. She looked at me and asked when I would model for her. I stood and quickly removed my t-shirt and sweatpants revealing my very hard 7 inch cock. She smiled at it hungrily and beckoned me back onto the bed. I climbed on the bed and she reached down and slowly started to stroke my cock as she stared at it. After a moment she admitted she had wanted to see it for a long time and that was why she had planned her shopping trip when our mom was not available to take her.

I was in heaven as my s****r gave me a hand job. Either she was a natural at that too or it was not her first. I didn’t think about that too long because soon I was about to cum. I warned her and she moved down and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking hard and fast. I tried to hold back but she started running her tongue around the shaft and head as she was sliding it in and out of her hot little mouth. I couldn’t hold back and began to cum, I tried at first to pull her back but she clamped on and drove my cock as deep as she could as I shot my semen straight down her throat. I collapsed back on the bed but she didn’t release my cock until she had milked every drop and I was starting to soften.

She climbed up the bed and snuggled against me saying she hoped I wasn’t completely done yet because mom wasn’t due home for another 2 hours. She started to stroke my cock again as it stirred back to life. She also commented on how excited she would be to see the pictures I took and to see what grade I would get. I was a bit surprised by that and was f***ed to reveal the truth behind my assignment. When she found out there was no assignment, she laughed and said she was glad I had wanted to see her naked and that it would not be the last time if she had her way. Considering how well she took that I asked how she would feel if I told her there hadn’t been any film in the camera either. She scowled at me and told me in no uncertain terms that next there better be film in it because she wanted to get photos of me too.

By that time I was fully hard again my s****r climbed on top of me and impaled herself on my cock. Other than our moans we didn’t do much more talking over the next hour or so.

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