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A Game of Truth or Dare with My Wife & Her b*o

I will describe my wife Kacie who is 5'8" tall, 117 lbs, size 3/4 waist, with shoulder length dark brown hair, brown eyes, with 34B tits.

We were home alone watching my wife’s parents house and her siblings while her parents where out of town at a business seminar. My wife’s little s****r Joanne was sl**ping over her girlfriend’s house, so we were home alone watching some TV and started fooling around on the couch and didn’t bother to go to our room. Right as things started getting pretty hot and heavy we heard a car pull up and stopped it was her 17 y/o b*****r home from work. He came in and said he was gonna take a shower and thought he would relax with us.

He comes in and flops down on the couch and starts chattering. I looked at my wife and told her I could go for a drink and headed to the store to get some of course, and her b*****r had decided to take the ride and never shut up the entire way. We got to the store and I picked up some vodka, Jack Daniels and some Schnapps (her favorite) I saw a deck of cards at the checkout line and grabbed them as well.

We got back and asked if she wanted to play some cards of course her b*****r pipes in with "I could sure play." So we all started to play your basic 5 card draw, now I’m no World Series poker champ, but I am pretty good and started winning left and right (we were playing for pennies at this time). Well about an hour into playing and half way through the drinks Kacie and her b*****r Grieg were kind of soused and it was getting boring so I said "Hey let's make this a little funnier, how about some truth or dare poker"

"How do we do that" they both asked

"Well every time you win you dare someone to do something, anything… like go outside and cluck like a chicken in your underwear, take off your shirt, suck your own toes things like that, BUT what ever the dare is you HAVE to do it no backing out" I said

"I don't know the last time we did this things got real freaky" Kacie said.

"WHOAA what are you talking about", Grieg asked Kacie who started laughing so hard I thought she was gonna fall off the couch "Never mind" she said.

"Well sounds like" Grieg stuttered

"Well are you guys in or not" I asked?

Grieg looked at Kacie and said "Oh come one its for fun not like were gonna kill anyone"

"Okay" Kacie replied.

"Remember you can’t back out of the dare if you do, let's see, you have to drink out of the toilet after 2 of us use it" I said.

"FUCK NO I'm not backing out of anything then" They both agreed.

"Okay here we go"…

I dealt the first hand and Kacie won she dared Grieg to take off his shirt and go outside on the sidewalk and bark like a dog. He did and when he came back in he started to put his shirt on "NO NO NO it’s off it was part of the dare" Kacie said. So he left his shirt off and we played some more different wins stupid little things like put your toes on your forehead, drink from the other side of the cup, dumb ass things like that, and then I won.

"Ok Kacie I dare you to take off your shirt" I said.

"Huh" she said and Grieg’s eyes got huge!

"Remember the rules" I said

"Ok ok ok damn you don’t have to remind me" Kacie mentioned as she took off her shirt showing her sexy black satin bra which barely covered her areola's. "Is that it" she said "For now" I said then laughed

I was on a role now I won the next few hands and dared Grieg to take off his pants, Kacie her pants and her socks (she reminded me it was clothing). Now Grieg is there in his boxers and Kacie is in nothing but her black satin bra and a pair of dark purple bikini string satin panties. On the next hand I lost my shirt but still had on my pants thank God because I wasn’t wearing any underwear at the time. They had a few more drinks down them and I won again my sick perverted mind that is I said" Ok Kacie you have to take off your sexy little panties"

"With my b*****r here???"

"Hey you said he could play too so yes the game isn’t over until the booze is all gone”!

So she stands up and Grieg never took his d***ken eyes off her and watched her as she turns her back to us and slowly slid her dark purple bikini string satin panties down over her gorgeous ass, she turns around with her hand over her shaved pussy and sits down real fast. "Man no show" Grieg said "You want to see me naked???” Kacie asked. "Well I don’t know I mean whose turn to deal” he said

I won again and I knew I had her now "Ok Kacie lose the bra" "What? I can’t. I cant cover everything I only got two hands and he is right there" She said

"Oh come one were all f****y isn’t we besides rules are rules and he's so d***k right now he wouldn’t know if a girl was blowing him right now" I said

"Huh? Who’s blowing who" He asked

"See?" I said

So she stands up and turns her back again, "NOPE you got to face us this time" I said. So she turns back around facing us and reaches her hands around back and undoes her bra and lets it fall to the ground her nipples were poking out and I knew she was getting turned on by stripping in front of her b*****r and I. She puts one hand on her pussy and tries to cover her tits with the other but it didn’t work and he saw… "HELL YES you got a fucking killer body s*s" Grieg said

"Ok shut up and if you ever tell anyone I swear I will kill you"

Well Grieg won the next hand and dared me to kiss Kacie’s tits for 3 minutes Oh wow kiss my wife's tits I thought. So I did slow little licks around her nipples which always got her hot she grabs my head and starts pulling my head in and let out a little moan. My 3 minutes where up and I sat back down this was just what I wanted to happen it started getting sexual. Kacie won the next hand and yep I lost my pants and to my surprise her b*****r was watching me as I unbuttoned and slid them down. Kind of odd but oh well I thought part of the game. So I won the next hand and I dared Kacie to give her b*****r a hand job with her dark purple bikini string satin panties, both there eyes bulged out of there heads when I said this and he jumps back exposing his 7 inch cock to her she just looks at me and then over at him. "Remember our..." I tried to say "Yes I remember but come one." she said "Rules are rules" I said

She slides over to the other end of the couch and Grieg was sitting on the floor at that end of the table she just looks at me "Really?" she says "Rules are fucking rules" Grieg said

We both jerked our head over at him man he wanted his s****r to give him a hand job. She picks up her panties and slowly reaches her hand out "I can't believe I'm gonna do this" she mumbled and she d****s her panties over his cock, making sure the cotton gusset covers the head of her b*****rs cock. She then locks her hand around his upper shaft and starts sliding up and down. He leans back and closes his eyes enjoying as Kacie's hand slid up and down his stiff cock slowly. She slides up to the top of his cock and slides her hand over the head like she does with me and back down. She kept this up for 3 minutes and suddenly Grieg’s cock starts to pulsate and her panties get very soaked… "OH MY GOD, your fucking cumming" she said. "I’m sorry for cumming in your panties s*s".

"Ok next hand" she said as she wiped her cum soaked hand on the couch with a look of disgust. He looked at me (cock still covered by his s****rs panties) as I dealt the next hand and gave me a smile as if to say I’m throwing this hand. I won that hand and I said "Okay Grieg you have to...let's see... Lick your s****r’s pussy for 4 minutes
"NO HE CANT DO THAT IT STOPS NOW" Kacie said and before she could even finish saying it Grieg was over on his knees spreading her legs apart. She looks at me and I smiled and motioned for the bathroom. She slowly lets Grieg spread her legs apart as he sticks his face down between her thighs and starts kissing her up and down her inner thighs stopping with slow wet kisses on her pussy every pass by. He starts sliding his tongue up and down her pussy and starts going to town on her clit she starts moaning and grabs his head.

"Oh yes eat my pussy baby eat your s****rs pussy" Kacie said

"TIME" I said and he stood up. "What the fuck?" Kacie asked "I was starting to get into it" "you mean you were enjoying having your b*****r eat your pussy?" I asked "Well… yes it felt dam good" She said He moves back over to his spot and just smiles at me.

Well Kacie won the next hand and dared me to jerk off with her dark purple bikini string satin panties coated with Grieg’s cum. I started to protest but stopped remembering the rules that I had made and to my surprise he jumps up comes over and hands me the panties as I begin my own hand job. "You guys just want to go truth or dare now and forget the cards" Kacie asked.

I had my eyes closed and honestly it felt dam good the way it felt going up and down my shaft. "Yeah let’s just do that" Grieg said "TIME" yelled. Grieg got to do the next dare and he dared me to eat Kacie's pussy for 4 minutes while she gave him another panty job. I moved over slid down into those gorgeous thighs and wasted no time eating that pussy while he stood next to her and she started rubbing his cock and balls with her cum saked purple panties. I could tell time was just about up for my dare so I said "Okay Kacie truth or dare"

"MMMM DARE" she said "Give Grieg a blow job while I eat you out" I said and I looked up at her to see her drop her panties on the floor and he plunges his cum covered cock into her mouth. She began sucking his cock up and down taking it out only to lick up his i****tuous seed that was all over his shaft from her soaked panties. Kacie started sucking his balls while jerking him off, I hear him and Kacie moaning. I yelled "TIME" and she stopped and sat up he just stood there with a look on his face of what the hell?

Kacie then blows me away "I dare myself to finger myself" WHO WHAT HUH??? I thought. I looked up and Kacie was rubbing one tit while she was finger banging her pussy with the other hand just looking at her b*****r’s cock. OH FUCK I yelled, "I’m gonna cum"!! she says "Hey time isn’t up you cant cum yet Kacie" she hits her orgasm from eyeing our dicks and starts screaming! I quickly tell Grieg to go fuck his s****r while she is on her back and legs are parted… "Huh? You didn’t say dare" "Do I really have to?" I asked "No" he said and he quickly went over to Kacie before she know what was going on.

Grieg kneeled between my wife’s legs and the second the tip of his dick touched her lips Kacie snapped back to reality and tried to push him away but it was to late. He grabbed her legs and ripped them apart and stuffed his cock in her like a Thanksgiving turkey. She's sitting back on the couch with her pussy at the edge while her 17 y/o b*****r starts plowing her soaking wet pussy. I stood up and walked over to her and just watched I reached down and started rubbing her tits and noticed she had her eyes closed and was biting her lip. Little moans coming out of her mouth as he grunted and fucked, grunted and fucked. "I'm gonna cum" he said "You can’t come in my" Kacie said but before he could pull out I quickly moved behind him placing my hands on his ass and pushed down with all my weight, preventing him from pulling out. He had no choice but to spray his i****tuous seed deep into my wife’s, his s****r’s pussy. Screams of pleasure filled the house and Grieg leaned down and for the first time and started kissing Kacie and Kacie was kissing him back. She parted her lips and took his tongue in her mouth and vie versa. They broke apart and I watched as my wife reached out for her dark purple bikini string satin panties and slowly slide them on.

I went over and sat on the couch next to her as she leaned against me "what the hell did I just do, or better yet what the hell did you just do?” she asked.

"Honey it was fun wasn’t it" I said "Yes but still" she said and then she noticed my cock standing up and said, well I can see this excited you so you must have enjoyed it I hope your not mad at me. Yes I did enjoy it, and no I’m not made. Matter of fact I think I love you even more.

"We need to take care of this" she said

"We?" I asked and she slid down between my legs and started sucking me off her b*****r handed me the bottle of Jack and put it to my lips and tipped it up and I started drinking it hard and fast while she sucked me off...God its so dam good Kacie” I said.

She started licking up and down the length of my dick… "I'm gonna cum" I said

"Cum for me baby cum all over my face Kacie said, and that’s all it took I started cumming with a thunder so to speak. Six to seven good spurts on her face was all I had left and I was spent.

"Fuck that was hot" Grieg said

"Oh yes little b*****r and I think if we keep this to ourselves maybe we try this again some time" Kacie said.

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