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Weird Masturbation Session

These two university friends of mine, we'll call them K and J. J was pretty much your stereotypical slightly nerdy Jewish guy, like a young Woody Allen, and K was his kinda-sorta, on again, off again girlfriend. Her dad was Italian and she had that sort of dark, slightly sultry look about her - amazing tits and arse. On the other hand she liked drinking, smoking and swearing like a trooper. You can see the appeal, right? I liked to think she sort of liked me, or at any rate amused herself by flirting with me, none-too-subtly bending over in front of me so I could see down her top or get a good view of her other end, sharing details of her sex life with J, that kind of thing. I'll admit I regularly used to wank myself off to fantasies of her, but I never actually tried to take it further with her. J was one of my best friends, and he was pretty devoted to her, so it would've been a pretty dickish thing to do even if K had gone along with it.

Anyway, the first time anything actually "happened" between K and J and myself, it came as a bit of a surprise. J and I were both living in halls of residence at the time, a couple of doors down from each other, and I went over to his room one afternoon to borrow a book he had that I needed for an essay I was writing. J was in bed with some sort of bug or flu, or possibly just a killer hangover, lying there with the covers pulled up to his nose and a sorry expression on his face. I was sort of avoiding getting back to my essay by sitting at his desk, flicking through the book and talking about its contents when K bounced in. And I mean bounced; I don't know if that girl even owned a bra.

We exchanged greetings as she closed the door behind her. Predictably, she'd come to try and scrounge some cigarettes off J, but he didn't have any either. Anyway, she knelt on the floor next to the bed while I continued sitting there and talking with J about nineteenth century German economics. K soon got bored with that (she was studying geology). While I was still chatting, I saw her stick her hand under the bed covers, with a sort of cheeky grin on her face.

J gave a little start and playfully telling her to stop whatever she was doing; they were both laughing and horsing about, and I thought at first that she was just tickling him or something, the way she sometimes did when she was in a playful mood. But then, J went a bit quiet, even while K continued to grin wickedly. I put the book down and watched for a few seconds, wondering why the mood had changed. And then J gave a sort of little gasp and a groan and I realised that she was wanking him off under the covers.

I didn't know where to look, but K was looking at me, and smiling, as her hand continued to move up and down under the duvet. J looked as surprised and embarrassed as I was, kind of staring at me. I might have said something and tried to ignore what was going on; I can't really remember, because mainly what I was doing was staring straight back at the pair of them. Plus I was starting to grow a hard-on that could have poked a hole in an oak plank.

"Do you want to see?" K asked me, very matter-of-factly, clearly delighted by the reactions she was getting off us two guys. I didn't say anything, and neither did J, but the next thing we knew she'd pushed the quilt down and popped his cock out into the open air. She kept jerking it with her hand, up and down, up and down, even as she gave a kind of giggle at the expression that must have been on my face.

I'd never seen another man's cock in real life, not like this. Sure I'd showered with other guys when doing sports in school and uni, and stood next to them at urinals and things, but I'd never seen a guy with a raging erection getting jacked off by a girl before my very eyes. Not outside of a porn video anyway. As I was watching, K reached over and gave J's shiny pink helmet a little kiss, then kept rubbing him up and down. J was pretty well-endowed, I realised, at least by my own modest standards, and the way those veins were standing out on his member and the way he was breathing, I thought he was going to have some sort of seizure or something.

"J's showed you his," said K, "now you've got to show him yours."

I think I was more aroused then than I'd ever been in my life, maybe ever have been since. The front of my jeans was visibly bulging out and I could feel my heart thumping, and this weird icy, tingly feeling in my belly. I was breathing nearly as hard as J. The weird thing, though, was how eagerly I pulled my jeans and boxers down and got my cock out, like I was on autopilot or something, like the situation was so amazing it almost felt like the natural response.

"Oh, that's a nice one," K said, teasing me the way she did. She handn't stopped pumping J's throbbing dick the whole while she'd been talking to me.

"Oh, God," he was saying, and things like that, like he couldn't believe what was happening.

My cock was bobbing about in front of me as I stood there in front of them, like it had a life of its own, absolutely rigid. And K was almost laughing, not in a nasty way, just because she was loving this whole weird situation.

"Come on," she urged me. "Get yourself off. Go on."

So I did. I just started wanking while I watched K wanking J, imagining that it was me she had hold of. If I'd been a bit more confident, I might have tried to get her to hold both of us at the same time, suck both of us, maybe, but I wasn't. So I just watched them and wanked, like it was a live porn film or something.

She did start sucking J after a while, leaning over him as he lay on the bed and bobbing her head up and down. I saw her arse in her tight black trousers moving up and down as she did. Later, I'd fantasise about pulling those down to her knees and fucking her arse as she blew J, and God knows if I'd done something like that she'd probably have gone along with it, K being K. Maybe not straight up the arse with no preamble, but I could probably have got a condom from the toilets and done her doggy-style. She'd have been up for that, I think. But I was frozen in place. The only part of me that could move was the hand busily gripping my cock and jerking as if my life depended on it.

"Ohh," J was going now. Like: "Aaoowww!" And K took her mouth off him, going back to wanking him as she whispered breathlessly to him. I could her the laughter in her voice. J moaned again and I realised he was cumming; she was milking it out of him with her hand. She sank back so I could see it spurting out of him, white sticky drops of it all over his belly and pubes.

"Oh, fucking hell..." I gasped as I felt myself cumming too. It was amazing; the hardest I'd cum in my life up to that point. I tried not to get any on the cheap carpet or the chair, but it was everywhere, just bursting out of me. It felt fucking amazing. I got tissues from the box on J's desk and started trying to mop myself up, and the surroundings too. J called out for the box and I threw it to him so he could clean himself up a bit as well. All three of us were suddenly grinning like idiots, just buzzing off the experience. Even K, and so far she remained fully clothed (if very clearly braless) and hadn't so much as touched herself.

"Oh, you boys..." she said, or something like that, "cumming before I was ready to finish. I guess J'll just have to eat me out now or something."

"Can I watch?" I asked, trying my luck.

"Maybe next time," she smiled. "You've already had enough excitement for one day." And she kind of walked over to me on her knees, tits jiggling; it was kind of sexy and funny at the same time, and she gave the end of my cock a little kiss like she had J's before tucking it into my pants again and zipping my jeans up for me. I think I'll always remember the feel of her hands on me as she did that. A magic moment.

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