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My secret

Hi.. Yes it's me yasmeen.. As i've said, i'll gonna tell u 1 secret of mine. So here it goes..
My bf & me has known each other since long time.. He's z first guy whom i had sex( vaginal & anal both). No need to say, both were so painful for the first time, that don't wanna have sex again.. But after some more fucking n sucking i started to enjoy.. N now, i just love when my bf suck my clit while fingering my ass hole, i just cum on his face, and truly speaking he also love this.. Then one day after we were exhausted making love, he asked me wat's my opinion about threesome(2 male, 1 female).. I said i have no idea, i've just heard about it and has seen on the porn clips from his mobile.. He then asked me if i wanted to try.. I was shocked to hear that from my cute, handsome, loving, caring bf.. I couldn't rply at first, n then i just said "no" with anger.. We didn't talked about that anymore after that day.. But it made a slight change in our relationship.. Most of time when we have sex, some questions raised in my mind, i was asking myself, "how could he think about this? does he really love me or only love my body? Wat's his aim? And How does it feel to hv sex with 2 men at a time? Is it painful? Is it enjoyable? Wat's the pleasure"..
So i decided to do some research about it,. I asked some gf, i looked in z web.. I got both positive n negative answers.. Then it happens on the week-end of my birthdate.. I went to z night club with my bf n some friends to celebrate.. At that moment i totally forgot it.. Then, it ws 2a.m we were leaving the club, i told my bf that i've not yet finish enjoying my birthday. He asked me wat i want more, i replied "u r z man, it's up to u to satisfy me, to make me enjoy" (in fact i was a bit d***k but i knew wat was happening).. He knew that we can't return home or else we'll get lots of trouble with our parents.. Then we decided to move on with his friend "roy" in his bungalow.. Wow, that was a great 1, with warm pool inside + jacuzzi.. Only the 3 of us moved there, the others returned home..
I couldn't resist that wonderful pool, so i told my bf "i'm going to dive in this little paradise". "now? At this time??, n u don't even have ur swimsuits, u r too d***k baby, let's go to sl**p" he said. At same time roy was coming towards us n asking "wat's the matter?". At that moment i was admiring him, he has his shirt off, so i could see his solid handsome body.. I just felt myself got wet in my thong,, Don't know from where this comes in my mind that i should fuck this man.. I then get the idea of the 3some.. I just thought, "why not try n see wat's the reality with 3some, is it enjoyable or the worst thing"..
i just jump in the pool with all my clothes on me without wasting time. They were both trying to catch me n shouting, but it's too late, i'm already in water.. I started swimming and shouted to them and said, " i'm loving it my darlings". Then i stopped and stand in the water where it was a bit higher my boobs. I started removing my clothes from inside of the water. I first remote my top and threw it on them, my bra was still on me. N then removed my mini skirt n threw it also on them..(i was only in thong n bra under water). They both watched each other, and seems to b confused... I continue swimming for about 10mins and then reach the edge of pool.. Both handsome guys were here waiting for me with a huge towel in roy's hand.. Instead of grabbing the handrail to step out, i lift up my hands n ask them to pull me out.. And i noticed roy's eyes on my whole body while pulling me out.. My bf asked him to put the towel quickly on me or i'll gonna catch a cold. He then cover me n i asked him to dry me off,. How could he refuse my offer,. My bf was looking at me with astonishment, i move closer to him and told him quietly in the ears "don't worry baby, we'll all hv lots of fun tonight n ur fantasy also will become true" then i asked roy who was still drying me from the back "could u pls remove that completely drenched piece of cloth from me roy??"..i asked him while Touching my thong and showing him.. He was behind me on his knees n grabbed it n started removing it slowly.. I just bent i little to let him have a good view of my completely shaved treasure.. Then my bf removed my bra n took a part of the towel to dry my boobs, i stop him and said "honey, the towel has no more to do now, it's time to dry these droplets with ur tongue". N i turn my head to see roy n just made little smile to him, n he has completely understand how to continue.. They both started licking n sucking my whole body.. They made me sat on a relaxing pool chair.. Roy sucked my so well, finger fuck me, while my bf sucked my tits. Then they changed, my bf knows how to make me cum.. I was already on the sensible point when roy sucked me, so it didn't take time for me to cum.. Wow, that was real great pleasure.
And i saw both guys in front wiz their semi errect cock hanging in front me & said "ur turn now"......

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