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Pumped Pussy Birthday Surprise!

I couldn't wait to share with you all about the delisious surprise my beautiful,sexy wife had in store for my birthday last week.

I had been working the late shift at work all week, meaning an arrival time at home at around midnight. My long boring night at work on this particular night was about to be delightfully...interupted. I got an unexpected buzz on my mobile phone at about 10.30. It was a text message from my wife, well actually from her pussy. She is usually SO paranoid about sending photos of herself on her phone, so i was very surprised to find myself staring (in dis-belief) at her freshly shaved cunt with the message attached saying- 'Im waiting up for you ;)

wow, what a nice surprise! She's never done that before, so i naturally i started to harden up. Straight away i sent off a thankyou and said i couldn't wait!
15 minutes later my phone buzzed cock hardens again! Another photo, this one her legs are spread nice and wide with her fingers holding her pussy open...mmmm. Of course i text her back & encourage her with what i intend doing to her when i get home. Just about a minute
later, another photo. This one she has her fingers exploring her wet pussy. By this time i'm sitting there trying to conceal my bolging and now leaking cock. What a naughty naughty girl, i was loving my private little show!
The next message had 3 more photos attached, 1st one showed her with 4 fingers inside her greased up cunt. The next was just a photo of her pussy pump lying on our bed. The 3rd (and last for the night) showed that pump and her pussy in all their glory. Her beautiful pussy was fully filling the whole! A further message informed me there would be no more photos sent and that the pump would be removed when i got home, so it could fully take it's desired effect, about another 40 minutes of pumping. I was thinking it was going to be huge by the time i got home!

I can honestly say that it was the quickest drive home from work that i've ever done.
When i finally got home and opened our bedroom door, i could see she had kept her word. I found her sitting up against the bedhead with her legs opened to give me the view i had been dying to see! I quickly stripped off and rushed over to her side to marvel at her about to be revealed transformed cunt. She let the pressure off the pump and slowly prised off the cup. And just as i had imagined , her pussy was indeed huge and spectacular! I wasted no time in getting my tongue & lips to it, it felt so good in my mouth. My wife was in extasy!
She could wait no longer, she panted, she wanted my cock inside her and desparately wanted to sink it into her massively pumped up cunt. It was so wet and juiced up, she wanted it SO bad! For people who have tried it, they'll know what i mean when i say that pumped pussys are quite tight when you fuck them. So, soon after some crazy fucking, first my wife let out a huge roaring orgasm. Her pulsating pussy felt like it was milking my cock and i could take no more, pouring my cum inside her. I pulled out so she could show me a pumped up pussy creampie...Glorious!
It was without a doubt the best birthday present i've ever gotten, i hope to repay her somehow for her birthday.... Any suggestions people?

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