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Me & my teacher

He's been my teacher for 2 years, ever since I was 13. He teaches Maths (my favourite subject) and is pretty cool with the class, not one of those nasty teachers, just nice and treated us fairly.

He gets most of his clothes for work from top shop or H&M, I've seen him in there some saturdays. Recently he has been wearing poloshirts as the summer sun is coming through and it was then I noticed his strong, toned arms.

Until that point I was oblivious to his body but then I started to explore him with my eyes, imagining how toned his chest was, knowing he was muscly but in a nice way, not too big, just fit and strong. Then I had a thought if he was strong then he might be better fun than the boys my age.

For the past 8 weeks we've been studying over lunch times and stay behind school on a tues and thurs. My mum works late those nights so it works well that I am in school studying and not misbehaving.

Slowly the study class have disapeared. I'm in the top class so we dont really need the extra but I enjoy it and even more so I enjoy his company. For the past 2 weeks it's just been him and I after school...some of the others still come at lunch time.

During those sessions where it's him and I we work hard but chat about other things too. What I'm doing at the weekend with my friends, what music i like then he asked if there were any boys at school I liked. I admit there isn't, I'm mature for my age and just find them all very silly.

School is very strict about uniform and our navy uniform isn't the nicest. Very practical, not the best fit, i'm a big girl and they were never designed for that. Also, as it's nearing the end of the school year my uniform is a bit short. Mum can't afford to get me a new one so I have to put up with it. Over the winter it was fine, but now its too hot for tights.

Instead I find myself wearing french knickers, ratehr than my usual g-string as I dont want to lead anyone on.

Teacher gives me my books for tonight and I drop my pencil. I bend to pick it up, forgetting that he would get a flash of my huge, round, pert ass. I quickly stand up and move to my desk. He says nothing and just smiles and mvoes to sit beside me. we're working through a challenging problem that I'm struggling with and getting very frustrated. He asks why I'm grumpy and I explain that I dont understand it. I suddenly find myself in tears...I'm a bit hormonal, over the last few months I've found my sex drive increasing to a stage where playing alone twice a day isn't enough but I cant admit this to him.

He pulls me in for a cuddle...very wrong but we are so close it feels natural. He rubs my back and neck while holding me tight and safe. I start to relax and find myself enjoying it.I feel his breath on my neck and my nipples harden. he's holden me so close he must feel them, i try to pull away and he holds me telling me it's ok. He starts to kiss my neck asking if I've felt my nipples stiffen before for him. I tell him I haven't when with him but when I'm not with him and think of him they do.

his hand moves down to my ass and lifts my skirt, he asks if I've always worn french knickers...I say sometimes and he whispers that he loves them, so much sexier than thongs etc. He's still holding me close and I feel his cock harden against me. He kissed from my neck to my mouth so I suppose the only question is am I an absolutely slut for him or does he take complete advantage?

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