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My first time having sex

when i was in Highschool me and my friend walked home from school every day i would hang out at his house all the time after school we would play Xbox while we was playing xbox he reached over and grabed my dick he did it out of the blue i shoved his hand away and ask him what are u doing dude me and him was both 17. so i shoved him away and left his house. he called me and said dude im sorry man im going to just go ahead and say it im gay man and if u dont want be my friend anymore then i won't be mad at you your not the first friend i lost because they have found out i was gay. I said man your friend dude and im going hang with you wheather your into chicks or not. The next day we played games at his house. we were playing games again and he looked at me with his green eyes he had blond hair and pale skin he reached over and kissed me. i paused afterwards and i was like that kind of felt good i told him do it again and he did this time with tongue i felt my dick getting so hard it felt like it was going to explode the slowly worked his way down to my paints and started unzipping my paints he pulled them off and my underpaints he said lay back and let me do all the work. so i layed back laying on his bed fully nude. he pulled his shirt off and layed on top of me and the min i felt his warm lips touch my dick i tensed up and god he was going to down there he was sucking my dick like he was trying suck start a leafblower. my voice was trembling and i was saying OH GOD SUCK IT. then i felt the orgasim coming. OH GOD IM CUMMING IM CUMMING. marc said let it rip so i did and his mouth was full of cum. then i leaned forward and sucked his cock he had a big cock to mine was just average my 5 inch his looked like it was 9 mabye 10 inch so he was gagging me with his cock. I have say though when iwas sucking his cock i felt like i was watching my self. but his cock actually tasted good lol he came in my mouth my mouth was full of cum. then he told me to turn over and lay on my stomach then i felt his big jucy cock sliding into my ass god it hurt like crazy he did it slow but finally he got it in and he had me moaning like a girl he was screaming YEAH YEAH TAKE IT TAKE IT then i felt his warm cum shoot into my ass. but befor my ass loosed up when he was inside me i was almost about to cry from the pain but then it got better and this continued all through highschool. i fucked him in the ass next god his warm ass felt good on my cock he told me fuck him hard so i did and man he was saying oh oh oh oh OH OH OH YEAhhhhh!!! i could hear his ass making a squishing noise as i was fucking him. that was the best highschool year i had.

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