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The Villa - Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Just A Local Girl

The morning started in its usual way, the sun came up, and so did I. Lying there, half awake, staring at the ceiling with a throbbing erection. The things you do to me in my sl**p. Lately I have been waking up like this, mainly because you love to cuddle, and hold something. This morning was no exception. You stir, slowly sliding your hand up and down my cock making him twitch. Still half asl**p you look up at me, smile and then down at him. Quick as a flash you move your head down, down, engulfing him in one swift movement. That hot mouth clamping on my throbbing cock. I feel as if I'm sucking all the air out the room as I inhale, I raise my hips thrusting into your mouth.

I fall back onto the bed; you let me slip from your mouth. You get up, move towards the bathroom giggling. The things you do to me. But it works; I'm now fully awake. So, this is how the days begin. Then the usual, shower, dress, then breakfast and decide what to do for the day. Maid's day again so we check in the Local Paper I bought earlier in our stay. It's market day in the main town of the Island, so we decide to pay it a visit.

A large town but very old. Narrow streets with whitewashed houses and shops. Again the green shutters and doors. Not that we can see much of that for the stalls. Hundreds of them. Selling just about everything imaginable. 'T' Shirts, baseball caps, baskets, tablecloths, carvings, and the list goes on and on. Of course there are the watch stalls. Cheep knock off's; Gucci, Rolex, Tag Hager. You name it, they sell it. And of course we just have to get a matching Rolex each. Just has to be done.

We continue to walk around. More and more people come and the place gets really packed. As it's getting near to lunchtime we decide to beat the rush and eat early. That is if you call 1.00pm early. We find a small restaurant and you tell me you have seen something you want to buy so you leave me to get the order and off you go. You return several minutes later with a package under your arm and a smile on your face. When I ask what it is you just tell me I'll have to wait. "Now what's she up to." I ask myself.

We are surprised how long we are at the market and it's nearly 5 o'clock before we leave. Mind you it did take us nearly an hour to find the car. No layout like Disney here. Just one dusty field after another, all covered in cars, and they all look the same. Still we get back to the villa ok but feeling pretty wiped and seemed to have picked up most of the dust on the Island at the same time

So it's into the shower before having something to eat then a nice quiet night in. Or so I thought, but you have other plans. The shower went as planned and so did the meal it was afterwards that you, once again, had all laid out.

You left me to tidy up and put the kitchen to rights while you disappeared. Maybe something to do with that package? I'll just have to wait. I walk into the lounge and sort through the CD's for something to put on when a voice came from behind.

"Excuse me Senior, can I take your order". The accent is American with a large chunk of Spanish thrown in. I spin around and there you are, leaning against the pillar. Hair pinned back the way the local girls wear it and in a beautiful white dress. Two piece with a six-inch gap around the middle. The top is one of those off the shoulder pieces. Looked to be made of soft muslin with crocheted edges. The skirt was matching and came to just below the knee. And, finally, simple sling back shoes. The whole outfit sets of your wonderful tan to a tee. My jaw hits the ground and I just stare. I've seen this outfit before, and then I remember. A lot of the local girls were wearing it at the market. So that was what was in the package.

I gulp, and then you repeat the question.

"Something long and cool would be nice, maybe with something light to eat." I reply.

"Please take a seat and I will bring it to you." you say, still in the accent. Then off you go into the kitchen. A couple of minutes later you return with my drink. The chair is pretty low and so is the table so you have to bend over to place the drink on the table, this you do, bending from the waist. Trouble is that your thigh is only inches from my face. I gulp and quick as a flash I have an idea. My hand slides forward and I stroke the back of one of your calves. You stand up quickly, spin around and stare at me saying "Senior! Please, someone might see. I'll bring you the rest of your order." Then off you trot back to the kitchen. I think I'm beginning to get the game.

Once again you return, this time with a plate of toreia chips. Same routine but this time my hand slides further up your leg. Up the inside of your thigh, nearly to your pussy. This time you really turn on me, "Senior!" then handing me a folded piece of paper "Your bill." And you walk off around the corner. Now I'm confused. I look down and unfold 'The Bill'. Just one word is written on it 'Follow'. I smile and get up.

As I turn the corner I see you, standing in the shadows. Leaning against the arched entranceway just inside the front door. I walk up to you and am just about to speak when you throw your arms around my neck and kiss me full on the lips. I act a little shocked as you release me. I look at you questioningly as you start to speak.

"Senior, I have been watching you for days and can't stop thinking about you. I just had to find a way to see you alone."

"So," I reply, "Now you have my undivided attention, what can I do for you."

Just a two-word reply escapes your lips before you anchor them back to mine "Love me."

My hands slide around your back and I pull you to me. Our mouths open and our tongues start to play. I feel you relax against me as we explore each other's bodies. Our hands sliding up and down. I gently caress your naked waste. Then down, squeezing your buttocks with both hands. Inch by inch I slowly gather up the back of your skirt until my fingers come in contact with bare flesh, no panties! My cock twitches in response to this information, I moan and you let out that little giggle that I have come to know and love.

My hand moves around between us, still under your skirt and slide effortlessly between your slightly parted legs. I feel your wetness on my fingers as I begin to stroke your clit. Now it's your turn to moan. In all this time your hands have not been idle. One has also moved around between us and is sliding up and down my now throbbing shaft. Then I feel you at my zip. Down it goes and then your hand slides in. Over the top of my pants, down and grasp. "Oh my God." I think to my self, as you pull my cock out the front of my pants. Then you pull away from me slightly and look into my eyes. Smiling your head begins to descend. My fingers slip from your wet pussy as you kneel in front of me. I lean, both hands, against the pillar behind you. Then I close my eyes as I feel your hot breath on him. Blowing gently making him twitch even more. Then slowly, ever so slowly you take me in your mouth. I can here faint sucking sounds as you take him deeper and deeper into you. It only lasts moments before you rise up again.

"Fuck me, now." no more sign of the Spanish accent as you put both of your arms around my neck.

I lift one leg and then the other. My hands under your bottom, your legs around my waste, I slide into you, pushing you against the pillar. I thrust into you again and again. Deep into your pussy, pushing the breath out of you with each stroke. Your head buried in my neck as you cling to me.

I keep up the momentum for a couple of minutes but know I won't be able to last long. I pull you away from the pillar and begin to walk into the living room, still with my cock deep inside you. Then lay you down on the rug. Both of us still fully dressed, I start to pound my cock into you again. Your legs wrapped around my waste holding me inside you.

Then a change in position as you push me to one side, we roll over and there you are sitting on top of me. Looking down at me smiling as first you pull your top over your head and then your skirt. Your now completely naked, my cock still buried deep in you as you begin to ride me. My hands holding your breasts, feeling you're nipples, hard, digging into my palms. You lean forward and ride faster, pounding me. So deep, so hot, and so wet. I glance down and watch as my glistening shaft appears between thrusts. So wet. "Sod the trousers." I think as I see a damp patch spread on them.

You scream as wave after wave of orgasm flood over you sending me over the top. I cum, squirting deep inside you. Pulling you to me. Holding you as we both come down to earth. Both of us panting for breath. Trying to fill our lungs. Slowing, you just lay there. Then, back with the Spanish accent. "Well Senior, is that the bill paid or my tip?"

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