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The Villa - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 -- Up on the Roof

I slowly surface. Things are turning. I'm lying on my back. I lift my head and turn it towards you. You're on your side, facing me and up on one elbow, a smile on your face. Your other hand is doing things to me that sends my head reeling. "Lay back and close your eyes," you say, "It's taken me ten minutes to get him hard without waking you so just enjoy."

I close my eyes, lay my head down and groan. Feeling your fingers doing wonderful things to me, my toes are now in knots. Then you stop, I feel you moving, getting off the bed, "No peaking." you say. Then I feel your hands on my ankles. Pulling my legs apart, I help. The bed moves as you climb on and move up between my thighs. I feel your hot breath on the underside of my cock, making it throb even more. Then the first touch of your mouth. So soft, so warm, so wonderful. Your tongue licks from the base to the tip, and then I feel your hair on my stomach as you tip your head over the top of my shaft. A wonderful warm feeling as you take the head in your mouth and gently suck. Closing your teeth on the flesh and lightly dragging your mouth up and off. A soft plop as my cock leaves your mouth.

Then I feel your hand around my shaft and the other cupping my balls. You pull him away from my stomach and then it happens. Your mouth envelops him, down, down, all the way to the base. My mind reels, I explode deep in your mouth. No warning, just total bliss. You hold me there for what seems like ages, gently sucking the last few drops from me. Now this is what I call milking.

I feel you get up from the bed and pad into the bathroom chuckling to yourself. What a way to start the day.

I awake to the smell of frying bacon wafting through the villa. I get up and just follow the smell. I see you there; standing at the cooker, back to be. I come up behind you, encircling your waste with my arms and kissing the back of your neck. "Morning, again.", I say. You just push back against me and wiggle your bum. Stirrings below. "Later boy." I think to myself.

We eat, dress and enter the big wide world. A day of sightseeing and the dreaded shopping. Returning to the villa mid afternoon. I decide to have a wander back to the village. Saw the village had it's own vineyard and decided to go and get a couple of bottles.

I'm back in about 45 minutes, put the white wine in the fridge to chill and look for you. Nothing. I walk through the villa checking every room. Still nothing. I look through the windows out onto the pool area. All the chairs are empty. Where the hell are you. I look out the front of the villa, still no sign. Now I'm beginning to get a bit worried. I walk around the outside of the villa and head towards the pool area and just before rounding the corner I think to myself "Christ, the pool, I never checked the pool." I look around the corner at the pool, it's empty. I breathe a sigh of relief. But still no you. Then I see it, the steps going up to the roof patio. I had forgotten all about that area. I slowly climb the stairs and breath a sigh of relief, your there laying on a double recliner, face down looking at me.

"What's up," you say, "You look worried."

"Nothing," I reply, "Now." under my breath.

"Then come over here, I need someone to put some suntan lotion on my back." I smile, oh what pleasures are given to us mortals.

I come over and sit beside your naked body, picking up the lotion bottle and dribbling the contents over your back. I start at your shoulders, smoothing it in. Down your back, around your sides, feeling your breasts as I go, a small giggle from you as I continue down your back. Then on to your lovely bum. Massaging the lotion in. "Mmmm, that's nice." you say. You adjust your position slightly and open your legs, just enough for me to see that wonderful shaven pussy. I stroke it with the tips of my fingers, another giggle and then a moan as I make contact with your clit. I continue down and finish the back of your legs.

"Your turn," you say, "Get undressed, that looks uncomfortable." looking at my crotch standing out like a tent pole. I undress and lie down beside you. Now it's my turn for the treatment. Do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is, laying on your front on a hard bed with an erection. You do my back with no teasing. Luckily for me he softens a bit. Then we both just lie there, side by side, enjoying the sun and our company.

"Oh," I say, "While I was in the village I bumped into the owner of the restaurant we were at last night. He's an ex pat, moved here from England about fifteen years ago. It's his wife's birthday today and he has invited us to a bar-b-q tonight. Just bring a bottle. So I said yes. Hope you don't mind."

"Sounds great." you say.

After about half an hour, with our backs tingling we turn over. It's always more interesting applying the lotion to the front of our bodies. I start again. Your face, your neck. Well I think you can imagine the rest. "Right," you, say, "Now it's your turn." You straddle my thighs and start to apply the lotion, carefully avoiding an ever-increasing swelling until all of me is done. Now both of us are ready to just slide off the bed.

"You missed a bit," I say.

"No I haven't." you reply as you move your body up mine "No need." You descend on me, taking me deep inside you. A low moan escapes your lips. You say, "I've been waiting for that since you first came up here." I reach over for your sarong to cover your back, don't want you to burn. You start to ride me, very slowly, raising and lowering your self. I reach up and cup your breasts, gently squeezing your nipples between my fingers; you lean against my hands and put yours over mind, holding them to you. Your eyes close as little shudders ripple through your body. Bliss, shear bliss. I love to just watch your face, full of emotion. We continue slowly building, Cumming together, holding each other as we come down from another wonderful orgasm. We cuddle and sl**p.

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