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Secret Lover

I pulled out of her tight,wet pussy .She grabed my cock jerking it as my come shot across
her arm,splashed her large tits and higher landing on the pillow. One splash hitting her left eye, the next her lip. I moaned like always. Amazed at the volume she is able to work from my balls. She lays back smiling rubbing my cock with one hand spreading my come over her body with the other. I lean down kissing her mouth and tasteing myself.Then gently used a finger to wipe her eye lashes, grinning as I thought "Almost glued it shut baby!"

We never have the time to hug, and kiss letting our hearts slow. To lay in each others embrace like normal couples can. We dream of that special time together. Naked after making love, or fucking. Letting our bodies, hearts and souls meld together as one....if only we could. The look of joy in her eyes on her face is so fleeting, I wonder if I really see it sometimes. Is it real?

I know it is. A few times we have had time, at least we took the time and the risk. To fully enjoy our bodies. Playing with her with my mouth and fingers or her toy.Feeling her kitty spasm around my finger. Like waves rolling onto the beach. Watching her use her toy while I kneel or stand stroking my cock. Stopping to taste her sweet musky juices.Her pink lips open grow darker red. Milkly clear fluids foam and leak from her. Coating my cock or her fingers. Something else I crave. Feeling her pussy clench and relaxe around my stiffness as she climaxes with me inside. Letting her enjoy the sensations her body creates inside. Letting her calm before I start a slow in and out drive. Building up speed and f***e.Slowing rolling my hips into hers deep inside her. Trying to find the angle that we both feel. The firm ridges of her G spot rubbing the sensetive spot on the head of my dick. The spot I have never had touched by another woman. We seem to be a perfect match.

It's so very frustrating to not be able to take her in my arms when and where I feel the desire. For her to turn her head when I do try to steal that quick lip kiss. To keep my hands off her long sexy legs, curving out at her thighs, rounding into a very spankable.kissable ass. Even her feet and toes dance arch and tease me. At first she didn't know of my kink. How I wanted to hold her feet, massage then kiss and suck each toe. To have my cock slip between them. I'm still exploring her body inch by inch. With my lips my tongue my fingers. I could spend a weekend naked feasting on her soft sexy curves and still not love and enjoy her enough.

Her eyes so sparkling blue, dance over me . Long hair that I love to stroke and comb with my fingers. Pushing it back from her neck leaning in pushing her head over licking kissing like Edward would Bella. Nibbles along her chin and jaw.The textures feeding my lust. Soft sweet flesh warms to my touches. She says it's like a electrical charge running through her body. She almost flentches, her breathing speeds her face flushes. It's a energy that flows between our souls. Fires our passions and love.

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