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Hard At Work

It was my first week on the job. The work in the office was not that bad. I just hated having to go out and do door to door sales. Nobody wanted my product. Everybody had their excuses ready by the time I knocked on their door. This was not like I sided with the business; I just wanted to make a living. There were angry old women, angry old men, and angry every type of person. At least some people rejected me before I opened my mouth. That way I did not have to waste my breath with a stupid sales pitch.

The one perk to my door to door job was that I could talk to all the milf’s while their husbands were away at work. Sometimes they were not dressed to be in front of people. I could see them put on something to cover up their bodies before they came to open the door. The only problem was that none of them wanted to invite me into their house. It was always the same mean “get off my property! We’re not interested!” If I was lucky, the lady would ask me to come back when her husband was home. The problem was that I did not want to be at their house when their husband was home.

When I started on the next street, I came to 487 Westshire St. I knocked on the door, “Good afternoon, I…”

“Listen, my husband will be home after 5 if you want to sell something. He takes care of all the bills and things. If you want you can come back then.”

“Thank you.” Little did I know that this would not be an ordinary sale.

After a day of rejection, I had to go back to the houses where nobody was home to be rejected by them as well. Then I came back to 487 Westshire. The husband came to the door this time. “So what are you trying to sell?”

“Um, well, I represent…”

“Forget that question son. Here’s the deal. My wife always wanted a dp. Don’t get me wrong, I love puss, but it would really get my wife off. We can’t join any online things because she’s a teacher and she’d get fucked in the ass by the district if we joined one. We want to find somebody not on the internet that isn’t connected to the school. If you do this for us, we’ll buy one of whatever stupid thing you’re sellin’.”

“Sure, I mean of course.”

“Great. Just no touchin me, and I won’t touch you. Jane, come here.”

His wife came back into the room with a welcoming smile. Her husband said “this is” he looked at me to finish his sentence.

“My name is Jimi.”

“Hello Jimi,” his wife said. “Will you be staying for dinner?”

“I think I’ll be staying more for desert.”

“Oh, that sounds nice.” Her husband went behind her to help take her top off. A nice purple bra appeared underneath. She shook her hips as she unbuttoned her pants. Sheer purple panties allowed me to see what her pussy looked like. Everybody in the room could see that she was already excited for her adventure by a small wet stain on her panties. Her husband thought that we would air out our cocks by taking off our shirts and pants. When my pants came off I showed her that I was equally excited.

I came closer to be in the action. She got our boxers off to find that the party had started. She entered me in with a nice welcome blowjob. Her other hand was hard at work rubbing her husband. When she switched, she rubbed the tip of my cock with her thumb. I could not believe that we had just started and I already felt like I was going to explode.

After our cocks were nice and lubricated by her mouth, she needed to make she was ready. “Jimi, since you are new, do you want to lick me or be licked?” I choose to lick. “Make sure you get my ass too.”


As I went down on her, she undid her bra. Her husband put his took between her tits. She pressed her breasts together on his dick as he thrust it through. As it came toward her face, she gave it a lick. Down by her pussy, she did not really need additional lubrication. I ended up taking gulps of her pussy juices and relocating them into her butt. I drilled my finger into her pussy for to make sure that I had a good supply of her pussy oil.

She then pushed her husband off of her chest. I laid flat on the ground so that she could mount. She softly eased her pussy over my cock. Her husband then assumed position behind her. When her husband’s dick went in, she let out a long awaited moan. Streams of her juices went down my rod. I softly rubbed her nipples to keep her going.

Her husband did not last very long. He took his dick out, and came to the side. She bent down while my dick was throbbing inside of her to give him a finishing suck and swallow. She then returned her focus to me. She licked my index finger then put my hand near her ass. I reached it the rest of the way to put it in her ass. She then tipped down so that I could suck on her nipples. She loved it.

She had been cumming on my dick for some time when I could not hold it in any longer. I hoped that she sucked my cock just as good as she did the first time. I was not disappointed. Even with all of the milf’s that I had been with before; none of them tickled my tip after they sucked. After she got the main load of cum, she stroked my shaft to make sure there was not any more. When I had my load completely out, she rubbed my tip. That feeling mixed with blowjob made me keep my eyes wide open. I could not close them from the level of excitement.

She sat her ass on my stomach and pointed her pussy toward my face. She rubbed. Within a short time she let out a monstrous squirt that reached my mouth. She then rested her pussy above my mouth to lick it dry. This took longer than I expected. By the time I was finished she had worked up another orgasm.

“Here’s 50 bucks. Does that cover your time?” her husband asked.

“I think that is fine.”

“Thanks,” she said with a satisfied smile.

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