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What happened was this!

Alana Wicks was a divorcee in her late thirties. She’d travelled the distance from trophy wife to yummy mummy through to beautifully groomed, well toned divorcee: and a thoroughly bored one at that. She was a tall, very good looking woman with a terrific figure – the gym and swimming saw to that, a mane of wavy blonde hair topped a very attractive picture. Her daughter Zoe was very much like her mother in appearance, but, to put it bluntly, rather dim! She had met Marcus at a disco in town. And she’d had sex with him within an hour of meeting him. And she liked it very much! She’d had previous partners, but none of them matched Marcus in skill and technique.

Alana, Lana to her friends same home from a rather boring afternoon’s shopping around the fashionable boutiques. She was going upstairs when she heard the sound of voices coming from her bedroom. “Who can that be?” she wondered as she walked quietly along the landing and into her enormous bedroom. Her eyes widened at the sight of a couple coupling on her bed. Her bed! She could see a young man’s buttocks rising and falling, looking down a little, she could see an enormous: and it was huge, penis, shiny with juices plunging in and out of a very red but apparently very willing vagina. A pair of arms were locked around the man’s back, and a pair of legs were entwined with his. A voice, a female voice was calling out, “Yes! Yes! Ohhhh Yes Marcus! Yes! Ohhh Yes, I’m coming! I’m coming!” then an explosive moan and sigh, “Ohhh that was great Marcus! Great!” Alana recognised her own daughter’s voice! She dropped her shopping bags in surprise. The young man and woman looked round at her. “Oooooops! Sorry mummy!” Zoe giggled, “I didn’t know you’d be home so soon!” Of course Alana knew her daughter had had boyfriends and had sexual experiences: quite a lot of them if the late nights were anything to go by. But actually seeing her having sex, and so obviously enjoying it so much: and having an orgasm to boot, was a bit shocking. And a bit exciting too! To tell the truth, it had been a bit like seeing a porn movie, and she did feel just a bit aroused, well, more than just a bit by it! Marcus’s finely tuned sexual antennae sprung into life. They picked something up! He looked directly into Alana’s blue eyes and smiled, “Come and join us, it’s a lovely afternoon.” There was something mesmeric in those piercing green eyes that looked past her eyes, into her very being, seeing something she wanted to keep hidden, but couldn’t now. His gaze touched something deep within her, something she didn’t want touching, but she couldn’t help herself now. There was something hypnotic about his eyes. It was almost like being in a trance. “Mmmmm,” she smiled, “It does look like fun.” She knew what she was doing, but she couldn’t seem to stop herself doing it as she unbuttoned her blue silk blouse and tossed it on a chair, then unzipped her skirt, stepped out of it and tossed it onto the chair too. Since it was a warm day, she wasn’t wearing tights or stockings, so she just kicked off her strappy sandals and walked towards the bed. “Take your bra off,” Marcus said softly. Alana obeyed, reaching behind her to undo the clasp, then slipping it down off her arms and tossing it on the chair. Her breasts were magnificent! Large, but very firm, with up-thrusting nipples with coral pink aureoles. “Beautiful!” Marcus whispered, “Beautiful! Now those,” he pointed at her little pale blue silk panties. Alana slipped them down, stepped out of them, leaving them on the floor. “I must be mad!” she thought to herself, but she couldn’t help herself, it was all just a bit too exciting! “Come here,” Marcus said softly. Alana stood by the bed. Marcus gestured and Alana lay down beside him. Marcus kissed her softly, lingering, then their tongues met. Alana couldn’t help herself. She responded stroking his neck as his kisses moved to her throat, then to her breasts and her nipples. Alana sighed softly and gave herself up to the sensations flowing through her, “God, this feels so good!” she sighed to herself, feeling her nipples erupt into hard little points as his tongue flickered and played with them. Down he moved, down. Marcus moved slightly, and Zoe wriggled round the bed slightly and took him in her mouth, sucking and licking his hardness. Alana’s mind was in a whirl, “My God!” she thought, “My little girl’s boyfriend is going down on me: at least I hope he’s going down on me! And my little girl’s sucking his cock! Actually sucking his cock while I watch her!” and that was exciting too, like a clip from a porn movie. Down, Marcus moved, down, now he was licking Alana between her lips, her lower lips. “Nice?” he whispered to her. “Lovely!” she gasped, “Lovely!” Then, “My God! What’s happening! He’s licking my pussy and my clit! And it feels fantastic! But what’s my little girl going to think?” But then, “Oh God he’s good!” wiped that thought from her mind, “I wonder if I’ll come? It’s been such a long time! At least like this!” Marcus tongue carried on, lapping slowly up and down between her lips and over her clitoris, “Ohhhh God!” Alana sighed to herself, “This is better than any bit of plastic and rubber! Ohhh God he’s so good at this! Wonder where he learned all this? She must be pretty spectacular too, whoever she is!” Now her belly was rippling with pleasure, and her pelvis rose and fell too, Alana’s hands were holding Marcus’s head gently, stroking him, running her fingers through his hair as her fires rose and rose. No more idle thoughts now, not for the moment, just “Ohhh God! I’m so close! So close!” Alana’s eyes were tightly shut now and her head rolled from side to side as she gasped and sighed with pleasure. “Pleeeeeeeeze! Pleeeeeeeeze!,” she begged in her mind, “Let me come! Make me come!” At last he did, lashing her clitoris with his tongue he took her over the edge. “Ohhhh Yes! Yes! Yes!” she almost shrieked, “Yes! I’m coming! I’m coming! Ohhhhhh! Yes! Yes! It’s so good! So good!” as she writhed and gasped with pleasure as her orgasm flowed through her at last. “Ohhhh God!” she gasped, getting her breath back, “That was so good!” Zoe finished Marcus, masturbating him and sucking him, then when he came, catching his semen in a handful of tissues. Then she wriggled up the bed and lay beside him, with her mother on his other side.

“Mummy,” Zoe giggled, “Did you like that? Marcus’s is awfully good at it, don’t you think?” “It was great!” Alana smiled, then she froze as the thought went through her mind, “Christ! I’ve just told my daughter I’ve just had great oral sex!” “I love it when he does it for me, mummy,” Zoe smiled, “It’s great when he wriggles his tongue in my pussy.” “Mmmmm?” was all Alana could think of saying out loud while she thought, “My God, talking to your little girl about the birds and the bees is one thing. But talking about it and discussing it when you’ve just done it, and she’s watched you having it! And you’re actually in bed with her and her boyfriend?” Marcus had been stroking Alana’s thigh gently, and tickling her lower lips again, feeling her getting warm and wet again. “My God!” she thought, “I’m getting horny again! No,” she giggled in her mind, “I am horny again. I want it again! Will he give it to me? What am I saying? I want sex, and my daughter’s here too, and she’ll see me having it, and doing it!” Zoe had been stroking Marcus, stroking his hardness when she giggled, “I say mummy, Marcus’s cock feels awfully good when it’s in your pussy. You should try it!” “Maybe I should!” Alana said, then froze again, “What am I saying? That I want sex with my daughter’s boyfriend. That’s what! Too late now!” as Marcus knelt between her outspread thighs, his massive erection sticking out like a pole from its root in his gingery pubic hair. “Oh lord!” Alana gasped to herself as she looked down, “He’s huge! I’ve never seen anyone that size before! I hope this isn’t going to hurt. How can it,” she giggled to herself, “if my little girl can take it, so can I!” Then she gasped again at what she saw. Marcus had taken Zoe’s hand, and put it on his cock. She was stroking him as she guided it to Alana’s opening, and held it, rubbing it against her mother’s vulva! “bl**dy hell!” she gasped, “She’s actually putting her boyfriend’s cock into me!” Marcus leaned forward, slowly gliding into her hot wetness. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Alana gasped, feeling as though her lungs were congested as he filled her vagina completely, “Oh my God!” she thought, “He’s huge! I can feel him in my throat!” “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” she sighed again as he began moving in and out of her wet heat. So slowly and gently, dipping to rub himself against her clitoris. “Ohhhh God it’s good!” she gasped, “Ohhh it’s so good!” Marcus held her legs, thighs round his waist, and Alana instinctively locked her ankles behind him, and began meeting his thrusts with thrusts of her own. Her eyes were closed, and she was revelling in the glorious sensations flowing through her. Glorious sensations that she’d missed for so long. “God it’s years since I had a fuck like this!” she thought. “Stroke Alana’s tits,” Marcus said to Zoe, “Play with her nipples.” Zoe, kneeling beside her mother did, reaching out and caressing her breasts and playing with her nipples. Alana’s eyes opened wide, feeling not one but two pairs on hands on her body. “My God!” went through her mind, “My daughter’s playing with my tits and nipples!” Then, “And Oh God, doesn’t it feel good?” Then, “What am I saying?” Her eyes screwed shut again as she gave herself up to the new sensations. “Kiss and bite them now too,” Marcus told Zoe. Zoe bent and began kissing and nibbling her mother’s breasts and sucking and nibbling her nipples. Alana’s eyes opened wide again in surprise. “She’s kissing and sucking my tits and nipples!” Alana thought, “My daughter’s having a threesome with me! She’s actually pleasuring me! Her mother!” Alana’s breath rasped in her throat now, she was getting closer and closer to the peak as wave after wave of sensation washed over and through her. Marcus took Zoe’s hand and put it on Alana’s mound, “Rub her clit,” he said, “Round and round!” Zoe began, rubbing her index finger round and round Alana’s clitoris, driving her wild with sensation. She was on the brink now, the very edge. She opened her eyes again, and saw it was Zoe’s finger that was adding such exquisite sensations. Marcus eased ever so slightly, keeping her on the edge, as his own pleasures rose too. He speeded up again, feeling her vagina start to ripple and clench around him, “Pinch it!” he said to Zoe, who gently squeezed Alana’s clitoris between finger and thumb. Alana began bucking and writhing like a wild thing as she shrieked out, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh God I’m coming! I’m coming! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes! Yes!” she shrieked, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s so good! Ohhhhhh Yes!” as she slumped back on the bed, gasping and panting for breath. Marcus held her thighs tightly against him, so his juices spurted far into her belly. She could feel them, hot and sticky so deep inside her. “Oh God!” she thought, “What must she think of me? A slut that let her watch me being fucked by her boyfriend!” but then she smiled inside, “but what a fuck it was! And I could feel him shoot his load right up me. Ohh it felt so good!”

“See mummy!” Zoe giggled, “Said you’d like it. Wasn’t that a really nice come?” “Oh it was! It was!” Alana smiled, then froze again, “Jesus, now I’m discussing orgasms with my little girl!” Then she thought, “I must stop calling her that. She’s a big as me now, and can take a cock as big as that one! But she was right, it was great!” Then a great fear struck her, terror almost! “Marcus,” she whispered anxiously, “You won’t tell anyone about this, will you?” “Mummy,” Zoe answered for him, “Marcus never tells anyone anything. We all reckon he’s had it off with hundreds of girls but nobody knows who. All we know, the ones that talk about it, is that he’s awfully good at it, isn’t he?” she giggled. “Mmmmm,” Alana smiled, relaxing.

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