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T-Gurl Shopper

One thing about us tgurls that may not be realized by many is that us gurls go shopping many of the same places everyone goes to. I'm able to notice other "gurls" quickly because I have an advantage.......however, I'm frequently amazed at how often people just don't notice us gurls.....but hey, I don't exactly mind it either.

Well, anyway.....this story happened some time ago but is still worthy of rememberance. It happened at a mall while shopping for some clothes. I was in one of the large department stores looking at chain belts and noticed a nice looking man paying some attention to me as I looked at the belts. At first, I chalked it up to being "clocked" (t-gurl slang for being identified as a gurl) and that he was just a gawker or just curious enough to continue to look......either way I would be done in a moment and would move on. As I left the department store and moved into the mall itself I hadn't had another thought about this man and moved on to the next place I wanted to shop. This store was a women's specialty shop where I've bought skirts and tops and such so I dropped in........and after a little browsing guess who I see? Yep.....him. this guy that curious? Again.......I didn't really pay it much mind and just went about my shopping. I found a couple things I wanted, bought them, and moved on. But, this time, I had a plan. I decided to see what this guy would do next. I decided to make a stop at a seating area within the mall and just hang out a bit and act like I was checking my phone for messages while really looking out of the corner of my eye at my would-be pursuer.....and there he was.......lingering casually (yet obviously to me) a short ways off. Alright (I thought) was time to have some fun with him.

I decided to take him for a bit of a shopping-trip tease. My next stop......Victorias Secret....afterall, tgurls love their panties and bras too. So I walked him around a bit more just to be sure he was still interested and led him to the VS store. Right at the front of the store there is a self-serve display that has panties galore in it and so I walked around to the back-side of it so I could be facing the door of the store and be looking into the mall to see if he was still with me.........yep, there he was. Once I saw him settle into a spot to watch I began to go through the panties in detail......holding them up and checking them out......for him to see. Then I decided it was time to let the cat out of the bag. Since I love lace panties best I found a sexy little black pair I liked and was looking at them in my hands when I looked straight at him.......I looked at him straight-on so there was no doubt that I was trying to connect with him. I then took the panties and kind of held them in front of my waist and I mouthed the words "What do u think of these"? His face turned a bit red but he smiled and gave me a thumbs-up for my choice. I smiled back. I found a couple of other pairs........did the same thing and went to pay for them. Once I was out of the store I looked over at him and winked sexily and continued on. If was official........I had an admirer on my tail. Next stop: some perfume. Again, he waited and watched. Once I found what I wanted and paid for it I decided to have a little more fun. I took the perfume bottle out of the box and as I was leaving this store I walked right over toward him and when I walked within two feet of him I winked and sprayed some of the perfume on myself so it would fill the air for him to smell. He had been watching me and now he knew what my perfume smelled like.

Next stop: Heels. I'd had my eye on a pair of nice black heels for a while but hadn't followed through on buying them just yet but decided that under these circumstances today was the day. Like clockwork, he followed along. As I was trying on the heels I decided to milk it for a while. I walked around a bit striking the occasional subtle sexy stop-pose and bending over to act like I was inspecting the shoes while really just letting him admire me from behind. I bought the shoes and decided it was time to find out if this guy had what it took to close the deal.

I walked right past him again and went to the middle of the mall where there's a coffee stand. I bought an iced mocha coffee drink and sat down so I could look right at where he was standing. After a minute or two I looked right at him and gave him the "come hither" look to see if he would come sit with me. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he did. He came up to my little table and held out his hand and introduced himself and sat down. I introduced myself and suddenly his eyes kind of popped a bit..........I could see that my voice had just gotten me clocked. I didn't mind at all........heck, I was having fun with him anyway and I was in a totally public worries at all. So, I quickly asked him "Did you just figure me out"? "Well, I think so.......I mean......maybe" he replied. I told him it was ok and that if he'd lost interest in talking any further I'd be fine with it. He said it was his first time talking with a tgurl and had often wondered about gurls like me.........he just didn't know that today he'd meet one.

So we talked for about 20 minutes about his curiousity and about my liking for "straight" men. Well, being the clever gurl I am I devised a little plan to have some more fun with him. I told him I wanted to go try on a couple dresses at one of the large department stores and for him to come with me acting as my boyfriend. Off we went and as we walked into the store I took his hand in mine, which kind of surprised him, so I looked at him and said "boyfriend"......he blushed and smiled and squeezed my hand in approval. Arriving where the dresses were I picked out 4 that were nice and looked for the the fitting room. Luckily, the store wasn't too busy and there weren't really many sales people working at the time so I told him to let me go in and to give me a few minutes and then come looking for me. My signal for which fitting stall I was in would be one of my shoes in sight by the door. He came back as I hoped and found me........I opened the door and pulled him in. At that moment I unbuttoned my top to expose my breasts and proceeded to undo his pants. He was a little hesitant but I shooshed him and continued. I opened his jeans and reached for his now totally hard cock. He couldn't take it and after a moment he pulled the jeans down far enough so I could have access to it. I kissed him with his throbbing cock in my hand and then kneeled before him and took him into my mouth. He gasped with pleasure.....which encouraged me to go after it. After some initial sucking I took him completely into my throat.....and felt his body shiver with delight. At just about this time a couple of women came back into the area to use the fitting room and they were talking back and forth as they tried on clothes.......he was clearly nervous but didn't stop me. I took him out of my mouth and mouthed out the words "cum for me"......he smiled and leaned his head back against the wall and I got busy. I was sucking him deep and tight and deep throating him again and again. Suddenly he looked down at me with a look that told me he was close. I gave him a sexy wink, deep throated him again and he squinted his eyes tight and clenched his teeth as the moment had arrived: he shot several hot jets of sweet cum into my mouth which I twirled around on his cock with my tongue as I finished him. Once he stopped throbbing I looked into his eyes and swallowed hard so he knew that his sizable load had just gone into my which he smiled and blushed.

Well, that was fun, but now we had a challenge on our hands. We needed to get out of the fitting room. There was no other way to do this but to just go for it and whatever happened.....happened. So, again I grabbed his hand and we walked out of our fitting stall and passing by the stalls where the two women were. Right at that moment one of them opened their stall door and looked right at us.......which kind of froze my guy but I pulled on his hand and we were out of problem.

This had been a big day for him.......and for me. He had never been near a tgurl much-less had the luck of an intimate encounter with one and I'd never done that in a fitting, wow......what fun. We then walked into the open mall area and laughed about the fun we'd had and the look on his face when that woman opened her fitting stall door. I decided that in order to make parting and going our separate ways easy for him I'd take the initiative and looked at my watch in shock at the time and said my thank you and goodbye as I "needed to run". He stopped me and asked for my number. I gave him my email address (which I like to do with guys before giving out my number) and encouraged him to stay in touch. He did..........and before he moved away for work purposes he was fucking me about three times a month for a while. He still stays in touch......which is nice. He did eventually get my phone number too. ;)

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