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The Death of a Queen

I slowly sunk to my knees as the execution decree was read aloud. It is here by ordered by king Henry that his queen and wife be put to death by beheading for crimes of consorting
and fornicating outside of the royal chambers.

The words stunned me and filled me with the fear of dying by having my head chopped off. The fear of execution was so great that I felt hot piss streaming down my legs and forming a puddle at my feet.

I was pulled to my feet by royal guards. Tears were streaming down my face as my queenly garbs were removed and I stood naked before the court. The magistrates voice was loud and clear.

You Anne queen of Bedford shall die by beheading with the dawns light. It is further ordered that your head will be put on display for all to see the vile fornicating face of an unfaithful harlot.

I was led away to my chambers to prepare myself for my beheading. I was to be bathed and oil spread all over my body so my skin would glisten in the morning sunlight as my head was chopped off.

My loyal chambermaid ran to my side and hugged me and cried with me. I tried to remain stately and proud as I was led to my bathing vat.

My chambermaid dismissed everyone from my chambers. She held my hand as I lowered myself into the perfumed water.

My chambermaid ( Alice ) softly caressed my skin as she washed me kissing every inch of skin that was cleansed. Her hands lingered on my breast as I started to cry knowing I’d lose my head by mornings sunlight.

We both knew that this would be our last night together making love. We would make it long and sweet and tender. Filled with sweet warm loving memories to reflect on when I was beheaded.

I reached up and held her hand as she cupped my breast and lowered her mouth to my nipple and sucked softly on it and ran her tongue slowly around it in tiny little circles causing it to harden . I let out loving sighs as her warm wet mouth encompassed my silken breast.

My hand held her head to my breast. I ran my fingers through her hair and entangled my fingers in her golden locks. Alice looked up at me and said we could flee you and I we could.

I knew though how high my windows were from the ground and that my doors were heavily guarded. I shook my head and said no there’s no way out. Oh Alice I cried I don’t want to lose my head. Whatever am I to do. I fear death.

I don’t want to be beheaded and have my head roll around gushing bl**d. Everyone will roar with approval as my head rolls round and round on the executioners platform. What of my oiled body will it twitch and jerk as the sun glistens off it.

Will it slump and flail about or spew bl**d as the blade chops off my head. O Alice I cried what if I shit myself on the executioners platform.

I started crying and felt warm piss trickling down between my legs. Alice held me and had me stand up on my wobbly legs.

She led me to a table and began rubbing soothing oil into my body. Kneading my calves and thighs and her oiled hands slowly moved over my rounded butt cheeks.

Her warm soft oiled hands found my vagina as she slipped two fingers into me and gently massaged the floor and walls of my dripping wet creamy pussy. Her other finger sought out and found my bl**d engorged clitoris and her finger moved slowly over my burning hot clit.

As the fingers in my juicy cunt increased in speed so did the fingers on my clit until I went rigid and my orgasm burst like a dam and flooded and coated her fingers with my orgasmic cream.

She massaged my lower back with her strong fingers. Her hands went up my spine and when she touched my neck I jumped and I starting crying as more hot piss sprayed out from between my legs soaking the table.

Alice surprised me by licking my piss off the table with her pink tongue. She ran her finger through the puddle of piss and raised it to my nose and said drink my lady taste the flavor of life.

I sucked the piss from her finger and a river of creamy pussy juice flowed from my enflamed cunt. I thought what a strange reaction. Alice said there, there my queen lay on your back and she helped me roll over.

She got on the table and said here my queen drink from my fountain of life as she lowered her musky soft hot wet cunt to my lips. My tongue delved into the folds of her slippery wet pussy hole.

I placed my open mouth over her dripping wet cunt as her musky sweet juices flowed into my open mouth. I heard Alice say ready yourself my queen then a hot stream of piss hit my face.

She said open your mouth to it my lady drink deep of the fountain of life. Taste my piss as it runs over your tongue and down your throat. I opened my mouth as a stream of hot piss filled my waiting mouth and spilled down my throat.

Alice took my place on the table and beseeched me to fill her waiting mouth with my hot steaming piss. A new and funny feeling came over me as I squat over her face. I lowered my pussy within inches of her waiting mouth and bear down.

I watched in fascination as a hot stream of piss filled her mouth and she drank it down her throat and into her belly.

Alice said these are the memories to take to the chopping block my lovely queen. The memory of my taste and smell of my fragrant cunt. I whimpered and shook as I thought of being beheaded.

I cried out Alice sweet Alice whatever can we do. Oh Alice I’m not ready to die. I don’t want to lose my head. She silenced me by now lowering her fragrant soft hot cunt to my lips.

I held her to me as I lovingly nibbled and sucked on the succulent folds of her hot silky smooth cunt. I closed my mind to everything but the soft wet lips of her flavorful vagina.

I held her open and made soft sweet fluttering strokes with my warm wet tongue over her swollen enlarged clitoris. She held my head with her thighs as her orgasm sent fresh musky sweet cunt juice into my waiting mouth.

I savored the taste of her hot wet cunt and relished the sweet nectar that flowed down my throat in rivers out of her creamy hot pussy. Now it was my turn to please Alice, to drink in all of her scent and flavor.

I kissed her soft sweet lips and her silk smooth neck trailing my tongue over her shoulders and moved to her hard pink nipples and took one after the other into my mouth and suckled and nipped at them as my finger made it’s way to her open wet cunt.

I brought my finger to my nose and I drank in her scent. I lowered my finger to her puckered anus and dipped my finger slightly in her to just get the scent of her sweet pungent asshole.

I slid my finger into her dripping wet pussy and let my finger linger and dance inside of her then pressed my finger into her ass to let the scents and flavors mingle. I brought my finger to my nose and sniffed deeply of the mixed scents of her fragrant cunt and her musky asshole. My tongue darted out to lick the sweet tangy flavor of her juices

I slowly kissed and bit and licked my way along her sides and over her tummy and I stopped at her Mons and made slow lingering swirls of my tongue around and around in teasing motions.

My tongue and warm wet lips made their way down until I was inches from her soft wet quivering cunt. I blew warm breath over her sweet pussy causing her to tremble.

I licked around her pussy and stopped when my tongue was at the juncture of her pink puckered asshole and her shiny wet cunt.

I flattened my tongue out and licked at her flowing wet pussy gathering the bubbling creamy juices flowing from her hot dripping wet cunt. I pressed my nose between her warm wet lips breathing in the smell of her wet pussy hole. My tongue lingered on her anus as I tasted the bitter yet sweet flavor of her asshole.

I thought about when I was beheaded would I shit myself, no I wouldn’t stand for that indignity. I pressed my nose on her puckered anus and took in huge deep breaths of air. Then I moved my nose to her pussy and did the same drinking in the sweet smell of her vagina.

I closed my eyes and listened to the wet slurping sounds of my tongue sliding up from her butt hole to her dripping wet cunt. I held her sweet pussy open and gazed at the many folds and wrinkles of the inner walls of her sweet beautiful pussy.

I leaned down and took her clitoris between my lips and swirled my tongue slowly and lavishly around in tiny little circles.

She held my head to her creaming cunt as I flicked my tongue in lightning fast flicks that brought sweet low sighing moans from her throat and burst out her parted lips. Her hips thrashed back and forth as my tongue flickered over her engorged clitoris.

I held my mouth to her quivering dripping wet cunt as her orgasm rocketed through her body. My own breath came in ragged gasp of air as I lay back exhausted from our love making.

I lay there thinking if I was to have my head chopped off what better memories to take with me into the dark arms of death. A slow trickle of tears ran down my cheeks at the thought of being beheaded. Alice quickly came and kissed them away. Our lips met in a lovers passionate kiss.

I closed my eyes as her tongue invaded my open waiting mouth. She held me tight to her proclaiming her undying love to me. Her one and only queen no other queen would ever replace me in her heart and her life.

I swallowed hard and said Alice please fetch my head and hold it high and proclaim it to be the head of a true and loyal queen. She buried her head into my shoulder and whispered yes my queen even if it means my own death I will gladly see it done.

I kissed her and thanked her and sighed and said we must make me ready for my beheading by the cruel axe of the executioner. We looked at each other and as tears streamed down our faces we proclaimed our true love to each other.

I went to stand but collapsed, my legs wouldn’t hold me as I lay there on the cold marble floor with hot piss streaming down my terrified legs. I smiled up at Alice and said I’ve simply got to stop pissing myself. Oh Alice I’m frightened I cried as tears streamed down my face.

She came to me on the floor and said let me rub more oil on you so you might relax before your time comes my lady. I thanked her but said no I must make my face ready and Alice would you please braid my hair so it is not cut off by the executioners axe.

We sat together as she braided my hair. I stared at my image in the mirror I turned my head this way and that trying to see what was my better profile. As that would be the side I would show to the kingdom as I lost my head.

There came a rattling of keys at the door and I looked at Alice in panic surely it wasn’t morning yet. I quickly looked out of the window to see the night sky and many stars shining and I let out a sigh of relief.

We watched in horror as guards e****ted the King into my chambers. They set up a stockade. My husband the King yelled seize her. I looked at Alice in frightened panic as the men dragged me away from my dressing table and f***ed my arms and head into the slots as the stockade was locked in place.

I trembled in fear as a fresh stream of piss gushed from my urethra and made a puddle at my feet.

I yelled out what form of madness is this my lord. He yelled in his powerful voice silence harlot. He told Alice to smear my body with oil and light many candles so my body will shimmer and shine in the light of the candles.

I watched in horror as 5 men apiece stood side by side on opposite sides of the wall. Forming a gauntlet. I could see they were naked from their tunics down. My mind raced at what my husband had in store for me.

I heard the whip before I felt it. The pain was intense as it bit into my back. I cried out my lord please stop this insanity is it not enough you’ll have my head. Must I suffer the lash of the cruel biting whip as well.

He stood in front of me and nodded his head and yet another searing hot lash of the whip cut into my skin. I was trapped and completely bound within the stockade. My King my lecherous husband nodded his head and once more and I felt the stinging lash of the flesh tearing whip.

Alice ran to her King and got down on her knees and begged of the King to stop the beating. He brutally slapped her away. He roared out beat this fornicating harlot until the floor is red with her bl**d.

I screamed and cried out as lash after lash of the brutal flesh tearing whip tore at my skin.
I tried to move but the whip found me as I was helpless and motionless in the stockade.
I felt me knees buckle at the sheer amount of pain the whip was inflicting on me.

My legs were forcibly spread apart as my ankles were chained to the base of the stockade. The whip found it’s way between my legs and I screamed as the whip lashed and licked at my exposed pussy.

New fear gripped me as I felt my pussy lips being mercifully pulled apart and then the stinging pain of a needle piercing my cunt lips. I heard wretched laughter behind me as yet another needle pierced my pussy lip.

A chained rod clamped my cunt lip and was let to hang free and painfully pull at my pussy. I looked down and I could see bl**d and piss running on the floor.

Tears of pain and shame rained down my face as I was brutally whipped and my pussy was assaulted with needles. Heavy chains were hanging and pulled my pussy lips down toward the floor. The pain was excruciating.

My loyal guard approached the King and whispered into his ear. I screamed out in pain as the whip tore at my skin. I saw the kings hand go up and he shouted wait. Do not let her die I will see her head roll by mornings light.

The whip didn’t stop the lashes were only lighter than before it came again and again as it tore the flesh from my body until I passed out from pain. I was wakened by a bucket of water being poured over my head.

I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the woman I saw. My body had angry red swollen welts from the stinging whip all over it. I felt someone behind me then I felt hot wax dripping onto my round butt cheeks. Dripping down the crack of my ass and burning my asshole and pussy.

I screamed out in pain and terror. I hoped for the axe of the executioner rather than the hot scalding searing pain of dripping wax.

A candle was lit and held directly under the pulled open lips of my pussy. The flames flickered at the soft folds of my open cunt. I screamed in terror and pain and begged for the end of my life.

The candle was inches from my poor cunt and searing pain shot into my brain as it was moved back and forth under my tortured pussy. A heavy wooden table was brought in my chambers. I was freed from the stockade and my hands were bound behind my back.

Ropes were bound around my breast and tied tightly until my breasts turned a purplish color. A burning hot poker burned the ropes binding my breasts also searing my skin.

I watched in horror as my breast were held to the shelf of the table and nails were hammered through my areola. A branding iron was held to my thigh and I feinted from the pain.

A bucket of water was dumped over my head . My eyes were filled with terror as two nails were hammered through my nipples

I screamed out in agony as the nails pierced my nipples. I closed my eyes and screamed out no more please my lord no more. I thought I would die surely from the pain and again I passed out.

I awoke once again in the stockade trembling in pain and fear. The king approached me and ordered me to open my mouth. I looked at him with fear filled eyes. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

I felt his hot hard cock forcing it’s way into my warm wet mouth. The king roared gather around all and watch as an unfaithful fornicating whore sucks the cock of her king. I watched in horror as 20 some men stood and watched as the King used me orally to satisfy himself.

He placed his hands on the stockade and literally fucked my mouth. He rammed his hot throbbing cock into my mouth and down my throat gagging me with his violent thrust.

I , a queen was being orally ****d in front of mere commoners. My face burned with shame. Little did I know what was in store for me. The king raised his hands high and thrust his cock in and out of my throat. Drool was dripping from the corners of my mouth.

His huge cock plunged down my throat causing me to gag over and over. I felt his cock throb and pulse and he held himself deep in my throat as his scalding hot sperm blasted down into my tummy.

He kept his pulsing cock in my throat until I swallowed every last drop of his copious load of sperm. He withdrew his cock from my throat and clapped his hands. Men formed a line and in terror I knew what was coming.

I was to be made to suck every cock stuffed in my mouth. Tears streamed down my face as the reality of his cruelty struck me. I looked in the mirror at my reflection as I watched a cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

I then decided my best and only revenge would be to greedily suck each and every cock that touched my lips as the cock in my mouth began throbbing and pulsing I moaned deep in my throat and formed a perfect O with my mouth.

My tongue wildly danced over his cock coaxing every drop of burning hot sperm into my warm wet mouth. I quickly swallowed so his hot cum would pour down into my waiting tummy. I licked my lips and smiled and said oh yes I want to suck all of your cocks so badly hurry and put them in my hot wet mouth.

The room was stunned into silence as I pleaded for the next cock to be shoved down my throat.

I got what I wanted my rotten king of a husband left the room in a rage. I called behind him take my head now. Or leave me to enjoy every cock that is put in my mouth. Let me suck hard until their gobs of hot scalding sperm blast down my throat and empty into my cum filled tummy.

With the departure of the king every man quickly scrambled to form a much longer line now. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror knowing I had won.

Each cock erupted in my mouth as I frantically swallowed to keep from gagging on the hot hard throbbing cock that was shoved down my throat and emptied it’s scalding hot gooey stringy cum into my sperm filled belly.

As I counted and watched the line grow shorter renewed lashes landed on my ass cheeks with stinging biting pain. I tried to cry out in agony but my mouth was stuffed with an unending line of hot hard cocks waiting to fuck my face and fill my belly with their hot gooey sperm.

My eye caught Alice as she looked on biting her knuckles as tears streamed down her face. The King reentered the room and yelled for Alice to come forth. He handed her a bucket and she went behind me and I heard her crying and saying please forgive me my lady.

I felt a****l fat being smeared on and into my butt hole. And a new stage of fear gripped me as I watched in horror as the ten men lining the wall all stepped forward and lined themselves up behind me.

My heart was pounding in my chest as not only did I have to suffer through an endless stream of male sperm filling my tummy. I now knew that my bowels would be ripped open and the ten men would fill my ass with their scalding burning gooey streams of cum.

I closed my eyes and silently tried to cry around the cock in my mouth as I felt a searing burning tearing pain as a massive steel hard cock penetrated deeply into my asshole with one driving f***eful thrust.

I silently prayed for it all to end and just let the axe fall and chop off my head at least I would be free of the binding stockade and all the cocks assaulting my body. I looked in the mirror and could see the huge cock that was fucking my gaping wide asshole.

I watched in utter fascination at the size of it and it appeared to be moving in slow motion. I could actually see my asshole being pulled out as he withdrew his massive cock from my tight little butt hole.

He pounded into my asshole holding my burning welted hips as his massive cock burst it’s hot seed deep within the depths of my bowels. He stood behind me grunting and ramming his cock as deep as possible and holding me still as I felt the last drop of his stringy hot sperm dribble into my asshole.

I looked up at the line of men that would surely be shorter by now but it was just as long as I counted 18 men waiting to shove their cocks back into my mouth again. My mind was swimming as I felt on the verge of feinting as yet another huge cock shoved it’s way into my asshole.

The king must have picked the men from the kingdom with the largest cocks of all. My asshole was bleeding and torn from monster cock after monster cock shoving it’s way into my burning asshole and leaving it’s massive huge load of sperm deep within my bowels.

My stomach was filled with hot stringy gobs of sperm as cock after cock blasted loads of sperm down my throat. I looked at myself in the mirror and my face was dripping with sweat.

I watched as the cock in my mouth thrust into the perfect O of my lips. Creating wet sloppy sucking noises as he withdrew his cock. The cock in my ass tore at my gaping wide open anal passage.

My asshole was gaping so wide open that soon I heard the farting sounds of air and sperm being expelled from my stretched open anus.

The thick veined cock in my ass was as long my arm from my wrist to my elbow. I watched as time stood still as he relentlessly fucked his huge cock deeper and deeper into my gaping wide asshole.

I watched in disbelieve at the size of the hot hard cock that was sawing in and out of my battered and stretched open anal passage.

Despite myself I felt the pleasurable pain of having my bottom full of a massive cock as my sphincter involuntarily clamped down on his huge cock.

Moans of sexual pleasure came from my mouth as I watched my reflection in the mirror. My body was gleaming and shining with oil and sweat as I watched the hard massive cock tear deep into my bowels.

Each thrust expelled another moan as I closed my eyes to the room. I lost myself in the sheer pleasure of having my asshole stretched open by the bulbous head of his huge massive cock.

He roared behind me and held my hips as he savagely rammed his cock deep and hard into my bowels. His cock throbbed and pulsed as his hot load of com shot from the end of his massive cock and sprayed the walls of my bowels with scalding hot scorching sperm.

I cried out as my orgasm shook my frail and beaten body. He stabbed his cock into me as his massive cock throbbed out the last drop of his hot sperm and emptied into my cum soaked bowels.

Finally it all came to an end with a wave of my kings hand. By then my tummy was full of copious amounts of steamy hot sperm. My bowels were filled with enormous amounts of stringy gooey sperm.

My final shame and humiliation came at the hands of my husband my king as he shoved his fist up my ass. The pain was so intense I passed out.

I closed my eyes and prayed for death to come and take me away from the pain and humiliation I was suffering at the hands of my evil cruel husband the king.

I woke to the sobbing sounds of my sweet Alice. My head lay in her lap as she swabbed my forehead with a cool cloth. She had cleaned me up and laid me on my bed after the men were through filling my body with scalding hot load after load of sperm.

I opened my eyes and smiled at her and told her I was ready to lay my head gladly on the chopping block and have it chopped off.

Alice silently cried as the grey dawn showed itself through my window. I knew soon I would be brought to the public execution platform and be put to death by beheading.

Alice kissed me on the lips with lingering loving kisses our tongues danced a lovers dance. She lay me back and kissed my neck sending shivers of pleasure up and down my spine.

She took little bites of my shoulder, then kissed them away. Her wet tongue left a trail from the front of my neck down to the tops of my breast.

She straddled my tummy and I could feel the hot wet heat of her pussy on my skin eliciting a long low sighing moan from my lips. She looked me in the eye and said I love you more than life it’s self my sweet queen.

Then bent her lips to my nipple and let her tongue roll in wet circles around it. My breathing was now fast and deep as I took in every earthly pleasure she gave me. Her warm wet tongue went from one nipple to my other.

She took my nipple between her teeth and slowly bit down causing more long moaning sighs to come from my throat. I held her head to me and cried silent tears as she slowly wound her way down to my enflamed dripping wet cunt.

Her soft lips and tongue were such a contrast from the punishing driving cocks that ravaged my pussy earlier. Tears of love and tears of pleasure ran down my cheeks. Alice slowly and lovingly licked and sucked at the nectar that flowed from my slippery wet pussy.

My clitoris shot out such a****listic pleasure coursing through my veins and exploding in my head as I held her tightly to my now spastic cunt as it quivered and my love juices bathed her tongue with my sweet vaginal elixir.

I cried out her name over and over as my orgasm exploded sending my mind into fragmented bliss. She lay on me as if to protect me from harm as we kissed what we knew would be our last kisses on this earth. We held tightly to each other basking in our lovemaking.

I looked at Alice and whispered to her please remember that after I am beheaded to hold my severed head high and proclaim it to be the head of a true and loyal queen. Please do this before the king’s men take it and place it on a stake for the commoners to see.

I also asked her that if my eyes opened wide at the shock of being beheaded to please close my eyes so no one would see they opened in fear of death at my beheading.

I asked Alice if she’d find my chamber pot. I remembered my promise to not shit myself when I lost my head and soil and foul my body. Alice returned with my chamber pot and a bowl of water.

I squat and felt squirting load after squirting load of sperm and bl**d and shit come out of my torn and ripped asshole. I breathed in the aroma of the smell of sperm and bl**d and shit taking in the earthy scent of life.

Alice held my hand as I expelled the gobs of sperm that ran out of my gaping wide shit hole. The smell of shit and bl**d and sperm filled the air. I watched in quiet fascination as Alice dipped her hand into my chamber pot.

She smeared her hand with the mixed shit and sperm and then held her hand to her nose and took in a deep breath and licked her hand clean.

She bade me to not be appalled as she drank of my fountain of life. She carefully wiped me clean and kissed my lips.

I took in the pungent bitter odor of my bowels and realized she was right it is a fountain of life. The rattling of my door opening sealed my fate I hugged Alice to me and kissed her and vowed my never ending love to her. She started to cry and I kissed her tears away and told her to please not cry.

I was led through the streets bearing the marks of my beating and whipping. My oiled body shimmered in the sunlight , my skin torn and striped in red welts. I walked up the stairs holding my head high.

I was led to the chopping block. I looked down at it and saw nor felt no warm flow of piss streaming down my legs as it held no fear for me now. I looked up and smiled at the crowd. I was asked if I had any final words.

I cleared my throat and said in a strong clear voice I stand before you today as your queen. Though I die today a falsely accused queen by a tyrant who wishes me dead so he may marry his whore.

I lose my head and my life today by the cutting blade of a puppet who calls himself a royal executioner when in fact he does the bidding of his king out of fear.

I fear not my king, I fear not my husband and I fear not the blade of the axe. and I fear not death. I stood tall and proud as I looked into the shocked faces of the crowd.

I knelt down carefully put my braided hair over my shoulder. I looked up at the deep blue of the sky and the bright sun then I placed my head on the chopping block.

A smile touched my lips as I remembered the smell and flavor of my sweet Alice’s fragrant delicious cunt. I looked up one last time at the shining sun and closed my eyes.

The crowd roared their approval as the axe was raised and then came slicing down through my neck and my head fell onto the executioners platform.

My head bounced and rolled around and then came to a final stop. My eyes open in death. Deep red bl**d gushed from my severed neck down the chopping block and formed a red wet pool of thick dark bl**d.

My lifeless naked body slid from the chopping block and rolled onto it’s back. My body lay with it’s legs splayed open. My queens cum filled cunt on display for all to see as the sun glistened off the oil on my dead limp body.

Alice as promised quickly fetched my head and gently closed my eyes then kissed the dead lips of my severed head and held it high and proclaimed my head to be the head of a true and loyal queen. …until next time…Mrs. X

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