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The Sexy Wrestling Match

One time when I was relaxing on a Sunday, my girlfriend thought it would be nice to have her friends come over so 20mins later 2 of her friends came over and we was all hanging out talking 'til we got into a debate over which music genre was the best (as me and my girlfriend love rock but her friends aren't keen on it) and so for a laugh my girlfriend said she'd wrestle them and the winner of the match wins the argument lol and so they stripped off into some real small shorts and bikini top and to keep it fair I wasn't allowed to help my girlfriend out no matter what happens I could only watch as she took on both her friends and it wasn't long at all 'til one girl had her on the floor while the other sat on top of her using her knees to pin her arms down and then I could only watch as they began to taunt and tease her and at one point even farted in her face as she was laying there helpless and defenceless but all my girl did was laugh and even though eventually my girlfriend gave up they wouldn't let her go they'd only let her go when she agrees with them, so in the end beaten and humilated she finally agreed with them and they let her go, just in time as well as her 2 friends had to leave for something and when they said goodbye my girlfriend laid me down onto the bed and, whispering in my ear, confessed how she was so turned on by the wrestling match and being totally humilated in frot of me like that that she's going have to sort herself out ;) And so she tied me to the bed and just made me watch as she sat on top of me and fucked her fingers real good 'til she squirted then she began to fuck me loads in all kinds of positions 'til we both came 4 times, it was one of the best days ever for me and her :D and sometimes she still has wrestling matches with her mates and after they leave we both have the time our lives together :P

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