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Beach Vacation

My husband and I got invited to take a vacation with three other couples. We have all known each other for a long time and wanted to reunite at a beach house owned by one of the couples in Florida. We all arrived and got settled in and started having fun. We shopped, explored the town, ate good food and drank alot. The third day the husbands went to play golf and the wives were going to hang out together. We decided to shop in the morning and eat brunch. Then we got back to the house and hit the beach to catch some sun.
The house is on a private beach and we went behind a dune to be secluded. We took our tops off and started to sun and drink. The more we drank the more we talked about sex and got very horny. Now the four of us are laying there naked and having a great time. Teri is blonde about fifty years old and about 130 lbs. She is good looking and has nice perky breast. Wilma is almost identical to Teri but her hair is not as blonde and her hips are bigger. Mary has black hair and weighs about 105 lbs and almost no breasts. I am a natural red head with green eyes and medium size breast and am almost 48 years old. All in all I think all four of us are fairly attractive and we are laying out here naked and d***k and having a great time.
We were having a great time when three young black men walked over the dune and surprised us. They were on vacation from a mid western college. They were buff and good looking. We were so buzzed it did not occur to any of us that we were sitting there naked in front of these men. We all just started talking about the college and what not. Three more black men came over the dune, they were friends of the first three. They all sat on our blanket and started drinking with us. We were having a great time. Very quickly the conversation turned to sex, and Teri asked one of the men if it was true what they say about black men having big cocks. Teri said that you men have been sitting here with four naked women looking at their goods and that it was time to show theirs. Mary and I looked at each other as one of the men stood up and pulled his swim trunks down revealing a nice average size cock. Another man stood up and removed his trunks and showed a really nice larger cock. Teri took one of the cocks and started stroking it, she said it needed to hard to answer the question. Wilma took the other. Within seconds both cocks were hard, now I have never seen a naked black man but must admit that these were some very good looking black men with very nice cocks. My pussy was burning to be fucked and was dripping wet at this point. Two other men stood up and offered up there cocks to Wilma and Teri.
I was not sure what was going to happen next. Four naked attractive men with hard-ons being stroked by two naked horny attractive women. Well you can guess what happened, Teri took one cock in her mouth and started a great blowjob! As Teri blew the one guy the other had his hands all over her body and shaved pussy. Wilma laid back on her back and her two men started sucking her tits and putting their hands all over her pussy, one man soon had his face buried in her cunt. I am now wanting a cock deep in my pussy and Mary looks to be in the same boat. The man eating Wilma out lifted him self up and placed his cock against her pussy and pushed it in. I could not believe it! I watched it disappear into her. My pussy twitched and contracted as I watch this young black man fuck my friend. His pace started to pick up along with Wilmas breathing. Teri was still sucking cock while getting her pussy eaten. The man inside Wilma tensed up and flooded her sweet pussy with what looked like a gallon of jizz. The man pulled out and the other moved in. Teri was now getting fucked doggy style, her boobs swinging as the man pounded her fromthi behind.
The young man sitting next to me started to rub his hands on me, I wanted to get fucked so bad that my pussy hurt. Mary was making out with her young man and I wanted the same. The man that would soon be fucking me had alot of muscles and was only twenty. At this point it would not have mattered if he was ten or a hundred I wanted his cock in me. I pulled his trunks down to reveal a large black cock with a set of large balls. I have never seen a cock this big! I looked over at Mary and watched as her man slid his cock into her. I laid on my back and pulled him onto me and felt his cock at the enterance to my super wet pussy. He was sitting up as he pushed forward and into me slowly. My pussy stretched to accept his large cock, I could feel every vein as it slid slowly in. He and I both watched as his black cock disappeared into my cunt, I hoped he liked my neatly trimmed strawberry landing strip. His cock filled my cunt liked it had never been filled before. His cock pushed against the top of my vagina as his balls pushed against my body. He started to thrust back and fourth, pulling his cock almost all the way out then pushing it all the way in. I wanted to cum and I wanted to feel his hot cum spray into me. I have never wanted to be fucked so bad. Mary was getting the hell fucked out of her, she was screaming and kicking, as was Teri. Wilma was not being vocal but I could hear plenty of wet fucking sounds coming from her end of the blanket. I pulled my man down and wrapped my arms around his large body. He was now banging away really hard, my orgasim building. I loved the feel of his rock hard cock, I have never felt a cock this hard. I could feel it swelling as my pussy clinched it as if to try and not let it be pulled from inside me. I could feel his orgasim coming on as well as mine. His body tensed as did mine and I felt his cock swell even larger as he pushed deeper into me causing my orgasim to explode. My pussy contracted hard around his cock as it released it load with such f***e, I could feel his cock pulse and pump, I could feel his hot cum fill my womb. My orgasim just rolled as he pumped more cum into me. It had to be the best orgasim I ever had. I did not think it was going to stop, and I did not think he was ever going to stop pumping his hot sperm into me. We both laid there, his cock never got soft, I just wanted to make sure every drop got into my pussy before I let him remove it. He lifted himself up and pulled his still hard from my pussy. I sat up and looked around. All the women looked as if they had as good of an orgasim as I did. My pussy felt very satisfied. Mary had a glow about her as did Wilma, a stream of sperm leaked from her pussy.
A third man was now doing a slow fuck on Teri, and one of the other men was now wanting to fuck me, and I gladly let him. He pushed his hard cock into my happy cunt and started to fuck me. My stretched out and cum filled pussy could hardly feel his cock but I knew it was there and did feel it spray its load into me. The man that fucked me so well was now doing Mary. I watched as his large cock disappeared into her gooey pussy. When he pulled back out his cock was covered with cum from her previous encounter. He was now at a good pace banging away on her. Mary's showed that she was enjoying his cock and soon he buried it deep and I saw his nuts pull tight as he filled her cunt with his seed. The men finished with us and dressed and said goodbye. We all sat around talking about the sperm leaking from our cunts and how that had to some of the best sex any of us had ever had. Wilma asked if any of us got the names of anyone. We all looked at each other and realized we fucked these guys and never got any names!

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