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Daddy's Friend

I was home by myself, just watching tv, when the doorbell rang. I got up to answer and it was my daddy's friend Jack. He said that he was to meet my daddy here after work. I was like, ok. I asked him if he wanted anything to drink, to help himself to the fridge.

I went back to the f****y room to finish watching the movie I was watching. Jack came in and sat down next to me on the couch. At first, I was uncomfortable, but he's almost like f****y, cuz he's here all the time.

Jack got up and said he was going to the garage. I smiled and said ok. Once he left the room, I felt my tits and they were hard and I know my pussy was wet. Jack, was a good looking guy with a washboard chest, very muscular arms and legs. I know his dick was big, but not when its hard. I walked in on him when he was taking a piss, one day.

I put one hand down my shorts to feel how wet my pussy was, it was very wet and needs some attention. I wiggled my shorts down on my hips and started to finger fuck my pussy and clit. My other hand was gripping my tits thru my shirt. I didn't have a bra on, so I know my nipples were poking thru.

I was really enjoying my fucking, so I pulled my shorts down further and slipped all four fingers in and I began to squirt. I know I was moaning a bit loud, when I heard something. It was Jack, jerking his dick while he watched me. I told him to come on over and help me get cleaned up.

Jack came over to me with his dick pointing at me, like I was in trouble or something. I sat up just enough, that I was even with his dick. I stuck my tongue out to lick the head. Then, I grabbed his shaft and started to stroke him as I went from licking to sucking on him.

He bent down to caress my nipples, making them harder than before. I moaned and smiled as he tugged and swirled his fingers. I did the same, but with my tongue on his dick. I began sucking faster and deeper. I took one of my hands and was rubbing my clit. I lifted my wet fingers to him and he bent down to taste them.

At that point, Jack pulled out of my mouth and lifted me up, to take my shorts all the way off, then my shirt was off. I helped him out of his shorts and shirt. I rubbed his arms and kissed his chest. Streaming my fingers gently down his six pack, til I reached his dick again. He stopped me from going any further.

Jack picked me up and I straddled his waist as he slowly lowered me down on his rock hard cock. We both moaned as he entered me. I was dying to plant a kiss on his lips, so I leaned closer to his lips and I started to kiss him. The next thing I knew, we were flickering our tongues like horny people do.

He's lifting me up and down, fucking my pussy with his hardness almost all the way in. He walks to the wall, pins me against it and fucks me hard. I'm cumming and he fucks me even more, making sure he gets all my cum on his dick. He pulls out, sets me down and I go to suck up my cum from him. With that, He lifts me to the back of the couch and spreads my legs.

With cum dripping from my pussy, Jack slides a couple of fingers in while he flicks my clit with his tongue. I'm groping my tits and telling him how good it feels to have his tongue. He pulls his fingers out, puts them in my mouth, and I lick each one, like I was on his dick before.

Jack then goes down on me and begins to lick and fuck my pussy with his throbbing tongue and fingers. I'm screaming with delight as I cum again and begin to squirt on his face. I reach down to rub my clit and pull his head to smother him in my pussy. He continues sucking my pussy and slips a finger in my ass. I jump, but smile.

Jack turns me over to where I'm holding on the back of the couch and my ass is in his face. Still sucking on my pussy, he moves his way to my asshole. He pulls his fingers out and sucks my juices from me. He gets me nice and juicy wet, to slide his dick in. Tight at first, but very large to get me to cum again.

I'm moving with him in unisom. Jack then stands up and mounts me like he would to ride a horse. Pulling out his dick, then back in with long hard thrusts. I yell to him to fuck me harder. He goes faster, I can feel his balls slapping against my pussy. I grabbed my pussy and inserted a few fingers. I'm getting ready to cum again and Jack stops fucking my ass and goes in for the cum in my pussy.

He fucks me hard until I cum 2 more times. I tell Jack that I want to suck his dick dry. He pulls out, I turn around and suck on his dick. I can taste my ass and my pussy on him. He begins to moan and whisper to me he's ready to cum. Jack pulls my head and begins to fuck my face. He cums in my throat with load after load. I'm making sure I swallow each and every drop.

We get cleaned up, kiss some more and watch tv until my dad comes in the house. He asks if Jack was waiting long, we said no with smiles. Daddy tells Jack to go ahead to the basement and he will meet him in a few minutes. Jack goes downstairs and Daddy looks at me with suspicious eyes. I look back at him with a nasty smile.

Daddy asked if I just fucked Jack, I smiled and said yes. He was very good and very thick. Daddy told me to turn around and he bent me down to slap my ass, for doing his friend. I flinched a bit and daddy slapped me again. I told him, if he's going to continue slapping me, then to pull my shorts down and do it the right way.

Daddy pulls my shorts down, and puts his finger in my wet pussy. Daddy comments on how slippery my pussy is and asked if we just got done. I told him just a few minutes before he came in the house. Daddy then bent down and started to lick my swollen pussy. I spread my legs wider so he can get me clean.

I was moaning loud, which startled Jack to make him come upstairs to seewhat the noise was. he sees daddy licking me. He came over to us and aske if he could join us. Daddy said yes and Jack put his dick in my mouth again. MMM I'm going to be fucked by my daddy and his friend Jack...All kinds of thoughts are going thru my head....

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