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As soon as I found out I had a love for anal sex, I knew the exact person I wanted to involve in living out my fantasies. His name was Mr Blake and he was my history teacher, and that was the only problem as far as I could see. I had fancied him for years, but now that I was in sixth form and finally of age, I knew now was my time to try and get him. After all, I’d get him in a position where he couldn’t possibly turn me down.

The day of the history test, I wore no knickers and my usual short skirt; taking extra care to make sure that the shirt was tight with the top few buttons invitingly undone, my tie loose around my neck. I sat at the front desk with a cheeky grin on my face as I slowly opened my legs exposing my increasingly sticky pussy in full view of Mr Blake who was sitting at the front of the class. I pretended to be fully focused on my test, as though it was just an accident that I happened to have my legs open and no knickers to cover my wet cunt, but all the time watching him out of the corner of my eye. He seemed to look a little nervous and looked the other way, but after checking that I wasn’t looking at him, looked straight at my twat. I looked up then, giving him a winning smile, the tip of my pencil in my mouth as my hand crept slowly to my pussy. He didn’t look away but smiled back, a little uncertainly and I knew then that I was going to get my way.

I slowly rubbed my finger across my clit, which was aching for attention, and then pushed apart the swollen lips of my sex, showing off my pussy for all it was worth. Mr Blake shifted a little, his hand brushed past his crotch and he moved behind his desk a little to hide his obviously growing hard-on. As he watched, I pushed a finger slowly into my cunt, pulling it out again slightly to show it was now covered in thick white juice. I pushed another finger in, biting my lip so as to stop myself from moaning; after all I wanted this to be a secret between Mr Blake and I.

One of his hands moved beneath the desk and although I couldn’t see, I knew he was rubbing his crotch. I smiled again at him; the thought of what was coming later filled me with lust and I frigged myself to a silent climax, pushing my fingers deep inside my now dripping cunt and rubbing my thumb on my swollen clit. He watched the whole time and then I smiled, raised an eyebrow and mouthed the silent question ‘did you like that?’. He nodded slightly.

I slid a sticky finger slowly down from my pussy and towards my tight asshole. I moved my finger slowly around the edge, teasing him. He was watching me intently, eyes widening in surprise, and so I pushed my finger into the tight hole, my mouth opening in a silent moan.

At that moment, the bell went for the end of the lesson and Mr Blake quickly dismissed the class, asking me however, to stay behind for “a little chat about the work”. Everyone was gone rather quickly, relieved to leave the test, and soon Mr Blake and I were alone. I let out a moan at last, pushing my fingers further into my tight asshole. He got up, revealing a large bulge in his trousers, and locked the door.

Mr Blake turned to face me, and I looked up at him.

“If you want to fuck my ass, sir,” I said, “I’m more than ready.”

I’d been rather more blunt than I intended, but I couldn’t help it, I was desperate for cock. He didn’t seem to mind my bluntness, as he quickly undid his trousers to reveal his big hard dick. I stood up off my chair and sat on the edge of the desk, leaning backwards a little, ready for him. He didn’t fuck me straight away though; he moved forwards and pushed his cock in my mouth. Greedily I sucked it, while my hand moved to stroke his balls.
“I’ve been wanting to do that for ages,” He said, looking down at me as I licked his hard penis, I felt pre cum on the tip of my tongue and I swallowed it eagerly. He reached down and gripped my breasts through my school shirt, squeezing my nipples hard. I gasped a little, and sucked harder, pushing the fingers on my other hand faster into my ass.

Then he pulled his cock from my mouth, and pushed it towards my ass, as I held my butt cheeks apart for him. It slid in easily, his dick wet with pre cum and my spit. I cried out as he entered me, his cock pushing deep inside my ass. He began to pump it quickly and returned his hands to my breasts.

“Show me your tits,” he said suddenly, and obediently I began to undo my shirt, pulling it open to reveal my breasts, small but firm in a red bra. As he fucked me, he began to squeeze my nipples, pulling at my tits and making me cry out in pleasure. I quickly moved one hand down to my soaking pussy, and began to frig myself once more, moaning softly.

He pulled out from my ass, and gripping his cock tightly, came all over my tits and my face as I lay there, wanking on the desk. I cried out and came too, frigging frantically.

I get to stay behind after the lesson quite a lot now, and every time always lives up to the first!

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