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Chapter 1

When this happened, it was the summer after my graduation from high school.

I'm an only c***d and live with my mom and dad. My dad is a Vice President at a local bank and my mom teaches elementary school. She has a s****r, my Aunt Tina, who also lives near us and also teaches in the same elementary school as my mom.

It was the school I first went to and it was weird having them both there, they're identical twins and really do look quite alike. But, now I would be going away to college though I was able to see my aunt a lot since that summer.

It was then, that her husband of ten years just upped and left and while I've always gone over to visit my aunt, it was after her divorce that I began going over even more.

I guess I should explain that.

At first, it was because she was f****y and I felt sorry for what had happened to her. She was just too nice to be treated that way.

So, one day I went over and when she let me in, I kissed her as usual, but this time it was firmly on the lips pulling her much tighter than normal. Well, I was eighteen and horny and, well, my aunt is a very pretty woman. Just like my mom, like I said, they're virtually identical.

My Aunt Tina is five-five, long, glossy brown hair down past her shoulders, blue-gray eyes, smooth, ivory skin, and a very nice figure. Since she's just like my mom, I know her bra size is 36-C. I've seen my mom and my aunt in bikinis and, well, you'd like them. They're very pretty.

So, I kissed my aunt hello in a fashion somewhat out of the ordinary and she commented on it.

"Hmm, haven't been kissed like that in a long time, Jay. Thank you, let's go sit," and she led me into the den where we sat on the sofa, each of us angled sideways facing each other.

"Well, it just looked like my pretty aunt needed a nice kiss today," I said trying to be gallant.

"It shows, I guess, huh?" she replied and I leaned over and kissed her again, this time our arms moving around each other in an embrace. I kissed her moving her head backwards until it was on the back of the sofa as I scooted closer. This was nice, I thought, very nice.

In a minute, she pulled her head away and said, "Well, Jay, that's a bit more than a nephew kisses his aunt. I forget that you're nearly a man now. You do kiss like one."

"I really liked it and would love to kiss you again."

Trust me, I have no idea where that came from except perhaps an overload of testosterone.

I moved back over her and kissed her again, sliding my tongue between her lips as her mouth opened to me.

My hand moved up almost on its own to rest on her breast. I was surprised she didn't move it away. I flexed my fingers around her firmness underneath as her tongue now explored my mouth.

Then...then, her palm rested in the bulge in my pants and pressed down as we kissed further. We just kissed for several more minutes, I think neither of us wanted to disrupt the atmosphere of what we were doing by talking.

Finally, though, my aunt pulled her head back and asked me, "Jay, have you had sex yet?"

"Um, no, I don't think so," I softly answered.

She laughed, "You're not sure?"

"No, I mean, yes, I'm sure. No, I haven't," I sputtered as her question made me instantly nervous.

"Well, this is rather unconventional but would you like to maybe have sex with your Aunt Tina?"

I already had a raging boner from all the kissing and her hand pressing and rubbing on me. Now, I thought it might explode.

"With you, you mean, really, um, yes, I'd love it, you really mean it?"

She pushed me back up, stood up, stood and took my hand and pulled me up and led me back to her bedroom.

"I don't want to spend too much time thinking about this or I might change my mind," she said as she was pulling off my teeshirt over my head, then rubbing her hands, palms down, along my chest as she leaned her head forward and tongued my mouth again while her hands dropped to my belt.

She got it open and was pulling my shorts to the floor leaving me in my white briefs standing there before her. She leaned forward and kissed right on the bulge, then pulled my briefs right off as my cock sprung out.

"Mmm, nice," she murmured as I felt the first pair of lips to ever slide over my dick. I almost passed out it felt so good.

A minute later, she stood up saying, "More of that later," as she pulled off her peasant blouse then reached back and unclasped her bra and dropped it on the floor.

I'd seen my aunt in a bikini so I pretty much knew to expect a beautiful pair of round, firm boobs. She and my mom were thirty-eight years old and, standing there topless, my aunt looked like the girls I saw in Playboy. She reached down and took my hands to place them on her breasts as she loosened her shorts and pulled them down along with her panties.

She was naked, really naked, right there standing in front of me as I felt her boobs.

"Come to bed, Jay," she said softly and pulled the covers back and we lay down next to each other as we held each other and kissed, now naked, skin-to-skin, my first naked embrace. It simply felt electric everywhere my skin touched hers.

She moved her hand down and took my dick and began moving back and forth.

"Are you ready to make love to me, Jay?" she asked as she turned on her back and spread open for me. My heart was pounding as I got up over her, she was still holding my cock, and crouched between her legs as I moved close.

She held me as I pressed against her, widening further as I felt the tip of my dick make entry into her warm, slippery insides. I hadn't started moving back and forth yet, I was just in awe of how it felt to be inside her as she began on her own moving her hips up and back, each time putting me a bit deeper.

It felt incredible, simply the best thing I'd ever felt in my life.

"You look happy, Jay," she told me as I moved in and out.

"Oh, I am happy. I never knew anything could feel this good. And you're so beautiful, I can't get over how beautiful you look."

"I look just like your mom, Jay. Maybe I shouldn't say that, it might turn you off, sorry," she told me but I was now fully realizing just how beautiful my own mother would be naked and, well, just how wonderful she would be to make love to as well. After all, they were identical twins.

That was when I began to really understand that it was sex with not just my aunt but with my mother that I was after.

I knew I couldn't last long doing this, it just felt so good and it was so sexy with my aunt, she was so hot-looking.

"Oh, do we need protection? I don't want to shoot if you're not okay?" I managed to get out.

She raised her legs up in a wide vee, telling me, "It's fine, Jay, just go ahead, it's just fine, give me your cum, I want it."

That's just what I did, crying out, "OH, I'M CUMMING," as I groaned and she pulled me down and kissed me over and over.

She held me to herself, her legs looped around my back, holding me tight inside her.

"Mmm, that's right, Jay, cum in me, did I make you feel good? For your first time?"

"Oh, Aunt Tina, you've made me feel wonderful, this has been incredible. I want to make you feel good, too, so you can have an orgasm so I don't want to stop, okay?"

She nodded to me and I kept sliding back and forth in and out of her, my cock still as hard as when it first entered her.

"Mmm, just hold still, Jay, let me do this," she asked as she widened her legs far out and put her hands under her hips to raise her pussy up then she began moving her lower body around in a circle with my cock deep inside. Mmm, it was delicious.

"Oh, Aunt Tina, that feels so good, oh, you're gonna make me cum again," I moaned.

It was feeling really great to me with the shaft of my hard cock rubbing around on her sensitive, swollen labia as I moved in and out and she circled her hips below me.

Then, it was as if a dam burst...I was suddenly swept over with waves of ecstasy as my body jerked and trembled, my semen once more spurting deep inside her.

I began cumming as I thrust and thrust into her deeply, then she jammed down as hard as she could as my ejaculation spurted warmly deep inside her.

"Oh, Jay, OH, OH, OOH, OOH, umm, umm, mmm," she cried out as she pulled me down and kissed me deeply as I continued moving up and down.

We had sex three more times that day and it began a regular tryst several times a week. She would always undress before I arrived so she could meet me at the door, standing behind it, of course, in case there were people on the street and I always disrobed as we went back to her bedroom for a wonderful day of sex.

Then, one Tuesday morning, I was up behind my aunt fucking her doggie-style which she really loved, when, from behind us, we heard, "My god, Tina, Jay, just what the hell are you two doing?"

We both dropped to the bed and pulled the covers over as my mother stood there in the doorway glaring at us.

"Shit, Jan, what does it look like we were doing. Surely, that's not what you want to know," my aunt told her twin s****r.

"Well, I want to know why you two are doing this?"

"Mom, the reason is that my aunt is a hot, sexy woman and I'm very attracted to her. Just like I'm very attracted to you for the same reason. Being with Aunt Tina is just like being with you, Mom," I yelled back at her really not holding anything back. Now it was out, there was little I could do but just wait for the fireworks.

She stood there a minute, then quietly asked, "Me?"

"Yes, Mom, I love you. And I love you the way a man loves a woman. Like for five years now, I've wanted this with you. And Aunt Tina is just like you, don't you see?"

It all just came spilling out and my mother just stood there looking bewildered by it all.

"Jan, let me tell you, your son is great in bed, I mean great. You just don't know what you're missing, girl. You should try him, trust me, I know."

Chapter 2

Mom stood there another minute, then began taking her clothes off. I couldn't believe it as I watched her bra come off. Just like Aunt Tina, Mom's boobs were so nice, they really were identical twins, for sure. My cock, deflated since being discovered, began a quick recovery as my mother was soon pulling down her panties.

She had a full bush, unlike her twin who was shaved clean, otherwise it looked like I had two of the same woman in the room.

She got into bed next to me as my aunt moved over and lifted the covers off me.

"I just got a glimpse of this when I first saw you, Jay," my mother said as her fingers wrapped around my hard shaft. "You've really changed since I last saw this, you're quite the man now," she said as she gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Let him do what he's wanted for so long, s*s," my aunt urged as my mother opened her legs pulling me over onto her. I knew then that I would at last have what I wanted.

I knelt up and held my dick steady as I wiped it up and down her fur-trimmed slit, then, wet with her juices, began pushing my way back inside my mother after eighteen years outside her.

She lifted her legs high in the air as I took hold of her ankles and pushed to her depths.

"Mmm, yes, that's good, Jay, mmm, fuck me good, Son," she moaned as I began talking long, deliberate strokes in and out on my mother's upturned pussy as my aunt, on her side with her leg raised, slowly stroked her pussy lips with her fingers as she watched mother and son fucking next to her.

"Oh, Mom, this is what I've wanted for so long, ever since I started looking at girls, you were the one I wanted. It was wonderful when Aunt Tina and I started with each other and I want to have you both."

"The way I'm feeling right now, I haven't felt this good in years. I can see why Tina wants you in her bed, I do, too."

It was all I'd wanted to hear for years now. As much as I loved fucking my aunt, and that's a lot, don't get that wrong, I love my aunt and adore being her lover, it's been my mother who I've wanted my cock inside for so long now. And now it was.

"I want to make you feel good, Mom, just as much as you want. You can ask Aunt Tina, I can just go and go, I love fucking, and want to do the two of you as much as you could ever possibly want."

"Sounds a lot better than what I'm getting from your father these days. Well, no use complaining, now I've got my son to make love to me, it's just wonderful. You were so right, Tina."

"Told ya, s*s, your son is a natural and, well, I've given him some pointers, too. Have him give you oral sex, you'll see. And, he doesn't mind a bit if he's already filled you up with his cum. He's the best."

My mom raised her legs up onto my shoulders and began moving her pussy around as I kept going in and out on the happiest day of my life.

"Yes, my son is rather a surprise, a wonderful surprise. I can see why you've taken him to your bed, Tina, I can understand completely."

"And now I get you, too, Mom, both of you, Aunt Tina and you," I told her as my cock slid in and out of her upturned pussy.

"Yes, dear, you get me, too, yes, as much as you want."

"That's gonna be a lot, Mom, a whole lot, I've wanted this for a long time and now I've got both of you. I'm the luckiest guy in the world," I panted as I kept thrusting back and forth, happy to finally have what I'd so wanted.

"Mmm, I've forgotten how a young man feels inside. Yes, this is so good, I've missed this so much, just never realized how much until now. Oh, I'm so glad I came over this morning. What a wonderful surprise."

"I told you you'd love him inside you, Jan. Always trust your twin s****r, you'll never go wrong," my aunt said as I went back and forth while she watched.

"Mmm, yes, you're so right. Oh, I'm so glad you told me how good my son was like this. He's certainly got his mother close to cumming," and just as she said that she began groaning beginning a wonderful orgasm that I watched with fascination.

With my mother cumming underneath me, it was all I needed, I began myself as I jammed deep into her releasing spurt after spurt of my cum far inside her where I so wanted it. I groaned as I fell down on her kissing her over and over as my hips kept moving, I just never ever wanted to stop.

"Mmm, Jay, I love you even more than ever before. Thank you, it was wonderful," my mother said as we both held each other, now in a new phase of our lives together, now lovers.

"Can I borrow my nephew back, Jan? That sure looked so good and I know he's capable of more. I know his stamina pretty well by now," my aunt asked.

I pulled out of my mother, kissing her one more time as she got up and my aunt took her place as I got over her. She took my cock and led it up between her outspread legs where I shoved inside and began our lovemaking for the second time of the day.

She was juicy with our combined fluids as my cock slid right in up to my cock's base and I began moving in and out. She brought her knees back to her chest as I probed back and forth into her taking long, slow strokes while I looked down watching my glistening cock move so wonderfully linking us together.

"Mmm, you are just the best nephew there is, Jay, taking care of your aunt like this. I hope you'll still be my lover now that you're doing your mom too."

"Oh, don't let that worry you, Aunt Tina. We were together first, I'll never stop being with my beautiful Aunt Tina. No way."

After a quite wonderful fuck with my aunt, we all three had lunch, the same way my aunt and I often had lunch at her house, naked, but this time my mother was also there, also naked while they both played with my cock and I played with their boobs. They looked so much alike it was uncanny. I did find a few small moles and a small scar that told the difference but there wasn't much. Even their pussies tasted the same. Amazing.

After lunch it was back to my aunt's bed for more sex with her and my mom. Finally, about four, we all got dressed and I loaded my bicycle into Mom's car and we went home holding hands as my mom drove.

When we went in the house, Mom asked me to come up to her and Dad's bedroom. As soon as we were inside, she turned to me and kissed me with her tongue probing my mouth and her hand down between us gripping my erection through my shorts.

"Dad will be home soon but I just wanted one more feel of your hard cock, Jay. I'll come wake you up as soon as your father leaves for work in the morning, keep this hard until then. Promise me you won't jack-off, I want you as hard as you can be," she said, then kissed me again as she moved her hand up and down over my bulging shorts.

I started sl**ping in the nude and, at night, Mom would always excuse herself from being with Dad downstairs to come up and say goodnight. I would throw the covers back as soon as Mom came in my room and she would kneel down next to my bed and suck me off, then end with, "Sweet dreams," as she opened her mouth for me to see the strings of my cum inside.

Then, the next morning, as soon as my father left for work, she would come up to my room, strip, and get in bed with me so I could fuck her for the first time of the day.

It was far from the last time as I found that my mother had become super-horny after I first had sex with her. She told me that she just couldn't get enough of me inside her and that she'd never been as turned-on in all her life.

We would also go over to my Aunt Tina's house for a naked fuck party or have her over for one at our house. This was at least twice a week. Then, after school started, I would get home just about the same time as my mom and we would run upstairs and get naked first thing and be in each other's arms the rest of the afternoon.

So, that's how my love affair began with first my aunt, then my mother. I'm now in my third year of college and, yes, it still goes on. Even though I have several 'friends with benefits' here at school, my mother or my aunt always takes precedence whenever one or the other visits for a weekend.

And holidays at home are the same way. It all started with a kiss for my Aunt Tina that was just a bit horny. Am I glad I acted a little bolder that day back when I was eighteen. Oh, yeah.

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