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Stranger in the Wine Bar

I went to my favorite Wine Bar on Friday night about 10 pm, It wasnt as crowded as it usualy is. I managed to get a seat after collecting my drink and sat down, in an alcove at the back where I could see just about everyone there.

I soon noticed this rather nice looking Older guy looking at me, I smiled at him but didnt take much notice as the Backgrounf music was good and the heat from the nearby Open fire felt good, as I began to relax and daydream. I was returned to reality when a voice said quietly to me did I mind If he joined me.I looked up to see the Guy who had been looking at me before now beside me. I said I had no objection to him joining me as I moved so he could sit beside me.

He was soon chatting to me after hed introduced him self as Rex. We chated small talk after hed found out I was by myself he mentioned that hed sceen me around and several times in here, but Id allways been with other people, and hed longed to talk to me, as he thought I was rather nice. I blushed and he noticed this and asked if I had a wife or girl friend to which I replied no.
As our conversation continued and I'd finished my Drink, he asked if like to share a bottle of white with him. I agreed after a slight hesitation to which he said good as it could be fun.
As he got up and went over to the Bar for the wine I noticed a very atractive women in her 50s dressed in a fantastic Beaver fur coat, which was an imeadiate turn on to me.

When Rex returned and we where enjoying our wine, he said had I sceen the woman in the fur coat, to which I said yes and I couldnt keep my eyes of it....Rex smiled and said that he tought that Id look ever so nice and sexy in it, I again blushed as his hand touched my knee under the table, as he continued saying that he realy thought that I look realt fantastic dressed in fur for him.
I replied rater excitedly and flustered that I loved to wear fur, and if he realy liked I wouldwear one just for him, if he wanted me to and was that way inclined to be with another man for fun. Rex replied that he only dated nice looking men who turned him on like I did. Soon we where making plans for the rest of the night as under the table out of view Rex was slowly making me shoot off into my y fronts as he suduced me as he chatted to me.

When wed finished our wine we left the Bar, and outside he took my arm and lead me back to his place, where he produced several furs for me to wear, as he took me as his fur lover for the rest of the night, making me another notch on his bed post

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