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Texas Girls and Shemale part 2. She look like a gi


A few day laters I went to store to get some beer, I seen this girl walking out. She was fucking HOT.Sould I say something? maybe her boyfriend near by, she is to hot to be single. Nope dont say anything, you might get messed up. Your not from around here. I got my beer and was going to my friends place and what do I see, but the same girl walkin with the bag of grocery. Hell I'm going to say something this time. Beep beep hey how far are you going. She got in and I tryed my best to charm her. I made her laugh and I gave her my #. I went back to my friends place. We drink and played cards.
My phone ring, guys I got to go a hot spanish girl is calling me over. The guys warned my to becare, that I dont get set up, or jump. I didnt care, she was hot like Rosario Dawson but taller. I went to her place the lights was dem. I was looking around caused if I'm going to get jump, I'm not going down with out a fight....2 drinks later I was down, down on her bed, her room look like valentine red. She was sucking my Dick like she was a pornstar up and down with a good grap. She licked and suck my balls, as her tongue lick my asshole. Oh shit! that felt good, as she went back to my HARD DICK. Licking it and sucking it, her wet mouth all over my DICK. I want to eat her pussy after she have been sucking and licking on me over 30 to 40mins. I want to make her feel good too. She said no, I want you to to fuck me doggie style now while your black dick is so hard.The way she said it, made my dick just that much harder. She guided my dick in her. I know I was drinking but I still should know an pussy from the asshole. Hhhmm I guess not. I stared fucking my hot latin girl. That nice big brown ass up in the air,I was pounding it. Afetr about 20mins i wanted her to turn over so I could suck on her tits and look at her pretty face. She said no" she like it this way. Keep fucking me please like this. I stop she look at me and said dont get mad please as she turn over, looking so sexy with the fake tits and WTF a little dick. Damn she had made me feel so good, my dick still harder then a rock. I lift her legs up high and bend them down to her head as I suck her tits. My dick I now know is in her ass for sure. I was fucking her good and she was moaning. I was really liking this girl. She made me feel so good, I felt like I should make her feel good too.I put her legs over my shoulder, fucking her harder, pushing my dick in her deeper, I rub her dick till she got hard. I grab it and jerk it everytime I push my dick in her. The faster I started fucking her the faster I jerk her dick. She came with a sexy scream...I started fucking her faster and faster, cum she said cum!!!! I pounded her harder and harder her feet by her head. I pull my dick out, and snatch the rubber off! and put my dick in her mouth. She grab it and suck the hell out of it. Oh fuck baby here I cum!!! I'm CUMMING!!! all in her mouth!!! she drink it all ever last drop and suck it more to make sure. On fuck as I rolled over in bed, she got a towel and clean me off, while I was winded in bed. I was think what I had just did for my 1st time in my life. She was beautiful,nice tits,nice legs and a pretty ass. I saw her 3 more times before I came back to Florida.
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