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By the time the weekend drew near, I had already gotten a few things in place, all that was required now was a little luck in bringing everything together, along with tempting her into doing what I hope I could get her to do in order to make everything work. There was certainly an element of risk involved, not to mention needing to get Darrel out of the way at some point in order to do so. But as luck would have it, that opportunity came when Darrel came home Friday waving two tickets for a Saturday baseball game he'd been given at work. As neither my mother nor myself enjoyed baseball, though even if I had, I'd have been the last person in the world he'd want to take to the game, Darrel had in fact already invited a co-worker to go with him that evening.

I knew then that this might be the one and only opportunity I had to try and pull this off if I could, so immediately set up my little trap in hopes that Karen's usual snoopiness would pay off.

I had learned from some of her previous visits that she had indeed gone through my stuff, finding my stash of porn magazines along with several DVD's that I also had, all of which Darrel had specifically forbidden to have in his house. Interesting enough that I still had them anyway, but even more so that his own daughter obviously enjoyed watching porn too as I'd discovered my DVD's had been gone through, and had even located one that was missing out of its box still sitting inside the player which was hooked up to the TV in the guest room where she always stayed.

I had purposely gone out and bought several new ones with a wide range of various choices, not entirely sure what it was she enjoyed seeing, but wanting to ensure that I had something that would make her curious enough, and thus tempted to borrow one from me to watch when she was reasonably confident she could do so secretly when I wasn't around to be aware of it, not to mention her own father which was now no longer a problem with his going to the game on Saturday evening.

I had let it be known that morning that I had been called into work, though I had already scheduled the entire weekend off, with the hopes that Karen would indeed busy herself with snooping through my bedroom once she was assured she could safely do so with both her father and myself out of the way. The tricky part, though even that really wasn't, was informing my mother that I needed her to go out and do some shopping herself for a couple of hours, though the reason for that I explained would be given to her later on that evening.
Once again I had driven my car down the block, parked it, and then made my way back to the house. The problem this time however, was the fact I couldn't hide out in my own room as it was obviously my hope that Karen would take the time, finding herself all alone to get bored, and once again curious enough to poke through my room. But what I had done, was unlatch the window to the laundry room, slipping through it which was just down the hall from the two bedrooms that Karen and I occupied. And though it was a small risk to hide out in there, I was reasonably sure that Karen wouldn't have need for going in there, and thus crouched behind the door quietly, hopefully and waited.

Thankfully, I didn't have to wait very long either, though I had heard her bustling about upstairs shortly after slipping in through the window. Eventually I heard her coming down the stairs and knowing that my room was the first one she would pass by before entering her room, sat there waiting and listening. Sure enough, she only took a few steps more once she had reached the bottom of the stairs. I heard her open the door, go inside my room and within seconds after that could hear her rummaging through my porn tapes where I normally hid them, and hoped she would find something she found interesting and wanted to watch.

Moments later I heard her leave my room, closing the door, and then take the few additional steps to her room going inside. Once again the door closed, and I heard the faint familiar 'click' of the idiotic door lock being turned as I sat there smiling to myself, my pick for that lock already in hand.

Now came the fun part. Earlier that week, I had already hooked up two of my video cameras hiding each of them in the air vents of her bedroom, one facing directly towards the bed, and the other on the sidewall. I could by a simple switch on my remote, go from camera to camera, recording whatever I found there, playing it live back to myself as I sat there watching her. The first thing I noticed was that she indeed had a couple of my porn movies and sat on the edge of the bed trying to decide which one of the two she was interested in watching first. Zooming in briefly, I saw that she'd selected an all girl "Fuck Fest" as it was labeled, which surprised me as I'd almost not selected that one, only having done so just in case. I watched her turn on the TV, put the DVD into the player, and then immediately disrobe, making herself comfortable on the bed. Also to my delight, she reached underneath her pillow and produced what was obviously a vibrator, that had a slight bend at the end but which still looked a lot like a fat pink cock.

She sat it aside for the moment however as the movie began playing, content to watch for a moment, though her hand began massaging her breast as she did so, soon after allowing her fingers to begin exploring herself down between her legs.

Karen's tits weren't nearly as large as my mother's let alone Michelle's, but they were certainly well rounded, "perky" with two very nice pink tipped nipples capping each one. And though she wasn't entirely shaved, Karen had the briefest bit of closely cropped pubic hair just sitting above her mound, which she toyed with briefly for a moment before finally allowing her fingers to gently probe her widespread opening as she lay back upon the bed watching the movie.

I was grinning openly to myself, Darrel would have a conniption fit if he was ever to discover his precious innocent little girl was even remotely interested in watching porn, let alone doing what she was doing to herself now. Aside from the fact he'd probably kill me as well, I was gambling on the fact that he'd be just as equally upset with his own daughter as I along with my own mother knew, that he thought her still to be all sweet and innocent, which is exactly the way she acted as well as dressed whenever she was around him.

"Oh if he could only see what it is you're doing now!" I thought to myself, watching as Karen finally picked up the vibrator and began teasing her clit and pussy lips with it as she held open her cunt and began playing with it.

On screen, a woman was doing something quite similar to herself on the bed she was laying on when her girlfriend/room-mate stepped into the bedroom fresh out of the shower.

"Hmm, that's nice, when did you get that one?" The young hot vixen asked coming over to sit down on the edge of the bed beside her girlfriend, placing her hand on the toy, taking over, and began using it to fuck her friend with, just as I now watched Karen doing, once again caressing one of her breasts while slow-fucking herself with the life-like looking penis.

I watched with additional interest as she took a small section of her long blond hair and used it to further stimulate her own breast and nipple with, massaging and caressing her tit with the silky smooth softness all the while still working her own cunt with the vibrator, her eyes glued to the TV, now watching the two girls as they curled up into a little ball together licking one another's cunts.

"Oh God I wish someone was licking my cunt right now!" Karen spoke aloud to herself.

It couldn't have been any more perfect had I of planned it myself. Hearing what she'd just said, having already quietly unlocked the door as I stood outside her bedroom, I quickly pocketed my mini video viewer though aware of the fact she was still being recorded, and entered her bedroom.

"Be more than happy to help you with that," I said scaring the hell out of her when I did.

Funny how people can jump, or scramble stupidly for a moment while trying to collect their wits about them. Karen was no exception, clawing desperately, briefly for the covers which remained tucked too tightly beneath her, giving up, grabbing the spare pillow instead, using it to cover herself with as I stood watching her.

"Wha...what are you doing home?" she stammered obviously embarrassed.

"It was slow, so they sent me home," I lied. "Thought I heard one of my dirty movies playing when I came down to my room," I said continuing to lie to her. "Pretty good one though isn't it?" I added glancing over towards the TV, forcing her head over to look at it, seeing the two girls still all wrapped up together. I almost laughed when she searched briefly for the remote, realizing she'd left it sitting next to the TV. She sat up still holding the pillow against her breasts and leaned over reaching for it.

"Not yet! You'll miss the best part!" I exclaimed, freezing her in place for a moment, a look of bewilderment etched within her face as she first looked back towards me, and then back towards the TV screen. Once again, it couldn't have been any more perfect had I choreographed it myself. Suddenly the door to the girl's bedroom opens, and the boyfriend walks in, catching his girlfriend busily eating out her friend's cunt. Of course, he's not the least bit mad or upset with her, calmly reaches down, pulling off the convenient pair of sweat pants he'd been wearing, revealing the fact he's already got a nice stiff erection.

And it was at that very moment that the toy that Karen had shoved deeply inside herself, chose at that very moment to slip out of her pussy, busily and happily humming about on the bed. She quickly snatched it up, turning the offending thing off, blushing furiously.

"The offer still stands," I said simply staring at her. "I'd love to lick your pussy for you, all you have to do is ask, but if you send me away, I won't offer to do so again either."

She looked like she was on the verge of tossing me out of her room, but my comment had stopped her cold, once again confusing her perhaps, but just enough so that she stopped herself from yelling at me to get out.

"Oh, so if I suddenly changed my mind, you're telling me you wouldn't be interested after that?"

"It's sort of a onetime offer yes," I said easily. "Since we happen to be alone at the moment, it's probably the only time we even will have, but if you're not interested, then I'll go, but if you tell me no, meaning that you're not interested, then unfortunately my answer will be no to you later on as well even if you decide that you are. So Karen...what's it to be? You want me to leave, just say so, you want me to lick your pussy, then...spread your legs."

She sat for a moment actually thinking about it, but I was almost ready to put my money down on her asking me to leave. That's just how she was most of the time, doing things in spite of herself, just to have it her own way, when and how she wanted things, not how anyone else did. Except this time of course, which is the only alternative I had given her.

I turned however, forcing the issue, making out like I was leaving the room.

"No! Wait!" she actually called out at me, stopping me in my tracks as I turned once again facing her. To my delight and surprise, the pillow came down, revealing her breasts, and as it did so, she spread her legs bending them at the knee expectantly.

"Does this answer your question?"

I quickly slithered up onto the bed positioning myself between her legs. Moments later, I was sucking and licking her cunt, twirling her clit around between my lips until she was climbing the walls, one glorious orgasm after another.

I had always known that Karen liked me, far more than she was ever willing to admit or let on, but as her father was married to my mother, up until now there wasn't a whole lot we could really do about it either, so she'd settled for flirting with me, teasing me unmercifully as that was the only way she felt like she could do it, and still keep me interested, but at bay, until now.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! She said soon after that, which I did, reminding myself to edit the tape later on.


And just as I'd thought, the rest of the weekend didn't allow either one of us to do anything else again either. Darrel was mostly around, wanting to spend time with his daughter being a good and caring daddy, which for the first time as I saw and realized it, actually more irritated Karen than pleased her, especially when she tried desperately to do something else with me again, though the opportunity never again presented itself before she had to leave and head back.

It would be sometime before Karen came back for another weekend visit, but I was fairly confident that the next time she did, things would be a hell of a lot different between us. Little did I know at the time just how different things really would be, or how they would suddenly and so drastically change quite unexpectedly.


A couple of weeks had gone by, things had settled back into some semblance of normalcy, though I did enjoy another mid-day romp with both mom and Michelle, once again experimenting and having fun as wickedly as it was possible to do with the two of them, something they both suddenly looked forward to with abandon. And...I had even managed to videotape one of our little get togethers one afternoon without either one of them being aware of it.

Later that afternoon I had gone down to secret away the video I'd managed to record of it, sticking it along with the one I'd taken of Karen for safe keeping, and noticed when I did so that my other secretly hidden away stash of dirty movies had in fact been disturbed, and that...I found interesting.

I knew without any doubt that mom never came into my room, nor would she snoop around through my stuff the way I'd discovered Karen loved doing. The fact that I had quite carefully placed my stash of x-rated movies in a certain order in a certain position that once disturbed would alert me they'd been gone through, I had to come to the realization that good old Darrel was one fucking hypocrite. Only now, I needed to prove it, and better yet, get something even better on him, far better than just revealing the fact he enjoyed watching a dirty movie now and then just like everyone else.

Once again, an idea came to me, but this was the riskiest thing I'd thought about doing yet, and I also knew it would take a lot of patience and careful planning if there was to be any hope of pulling this one off.

The first thing I did, was to once again set up my porn stash to see if his going through it had been an anomaly, a one time thing and that perhaps he wouldn't do so, or go through it again. A week later, he had, and I had also managed to pin it down to the night that he had, which was also very useful and beneficial to me as it was the one night of the week that mom and Michelle went out to dinner or a movie together, and when I of course had also been at work myself. Now armed with that bit of info, I waited once again for the following week, and sure enough, good old Darrel had gone through my movies again, same night, and this time I was prepared for him, even going so far as to record his private little moment alone with himself, though I was somewhat disappointed that he didn't actually jerk off, though it was very obvious he did have an erection as he stood, ejecting the movie once he'd finished watching it. Now at least, I was reasonably certain that the following week he would do so again, and this time when he did, I'd have a big surprise for him, a really big surprise for him.


I had in fact edited the DVD. Placing it inside a cover labeled simply "Karen" and then hid it beneath one or two other movies. There was only one place that I knew Darrel would certainly enjoy watching his movies from as he had already proven by doing, and that was in the den on his new giant-sized flat screen TV. I had already prepared well ahead of time, once again hiding my own video cameras safely within the room, the remote operational clear down inside my own bedroom where I could safely monitor everything he did, and everything that went on from there. After mom had left to go out with Michelle, I too left for work, doubling back shortly, and then waited secretly outside my own window, watching for the light to turn on, which it soon did, and then saw Darrel as he went immediately over to my secret stash of movies, a big grin on his face as he picked them up and began thumbing through them, that was...until he discovered the DVD with the cover marked "Karen" on it. For a moment, I wondered if he'd actually take it, or find the thought of what he mind find there to be too disgusting to even contemplate. I guess I should have known better as he took it, and it alone back upstairs to the den with him.


The entire movie was just under thirty minutes, after I had edited out anything having to do with just the two of us of course. And I sat there watching him watching it, video taping him doing so the entire time of course, which in the beginning as I did so, had me wondering if I hadn't finally made a big mistake in having done so. At first, his expression was one of shock, even anger as he sat watching his own daughter pleasuring herself. Twice I saw him reach for the remote, wondering if he was about to turn it off, though both times he sat back, continuing to watch it anyway. When it was finished, I prepared myself to exit back out through the window in the event he removed the tape, though even then I wasn't sure if he was planning on returning it, or confronting me with having it in the first place. A paradox for him I am sure, as then he'd also have to explain what he was doing watching it in the first place, along with the others, which I'd also been smart, enough to get him on tape doing.

What I didn't really expect is what happened next. Though Darrel stood up and moved back to the TV, he reset the DVD in the player, and began watching it again, only this time, I watched and thus video recorded him as he slid off his slacks, settled down comfortably in his seat and began watching the video, all the while jerking himself off while doing so, something he had not done before, though I had managed to at least show him as being aroused.

"Oh this is great!" I said capturing every minute detail on disk, even splitting the screen at times to show him jerking off, and also showing what it was he was jerking off too. Which got even better when he continued to do so, starting the movie up from the very beginning, watching it yet a third time now, as he continued to sit there playing with himself.

As the DVD neared the end just before I had come into the room, though I had added a bit more footage to it where I was out of the scene, and where it looked like Karen was just doing some additional odd stuff to herself, when I wasn't involved, I watched Darrel suddenly stand up, cock in hand, fisting it furiously as he walked over to stand in front of his giant sized TV screen. Fascinated, I watched even more closely as he stood there, fisting himself, pleased that I had caught and edited one portion of the movie when Karen had teased me by sucking off the vibrator, though at the moment there was no way of knowing that of course, it simply looked like she was getting off on doing it, opening her mouth for a supposed squirt that never came on film, though indeed I had done so when we'd actually been together.

It was here that Darrel paused the movie. His daughter, mouth wide open, one hand buried deeply between her legs, the other pulling hard on one of her very aroused extended nipples. I watched then as he approached the TV screen, now furiously pumping his cock until he began to spurt, his spunk flying out, hitting the screen exactly where his daughter's mouth was. I watched almost in horror with a bit of amusement thrown in, as Darrel stood there, smearing his daughter's face, though it was really the TV screen itself which he stood rubbing against, spreading several thick gobs of his semen across her frozen open mouth, then downwards along her neck, finally to her breasts, in particular the one she held in her hand, pinched nipple and all, and rubbed himself there giggling like a mad-man the entire time.

"Oh my God! Did I just get all that on disk?" I asked myself excitedly, because I knew then that I had.


What I now had, I honestly considered only using as an insurance policy, if and when the day ever came when I might actually have to use it to threaten him with. To do so now, using it against him for something frivolous would have been stupid on my part.

And this, the original, along with my other originals, I now had locked up in a safety deposit box, though I certainly had other copies which I kept in an entirely different place, almost as safe and secure as those were.


I continued to monitor, occasionally recording Darrel, and was amused to find that he quite often now borrowed two tapes, which he always returned, always watching the tape of his daughter, saving it for last, sometimes squirting on her like he had done the first time, though not always, still giving me a bigger and better insurance policy that I could use against him if and when I ever felt a reason for doing so.

In the meantime, I went about enjoying my new pleasures, which still included from time to time my own mother whenever the whim or the mood struck me, or for that matter...whenever hers did, which happened more often than not.


It was a week before thanksgiving and I knew that my steps****r would be coming down for the weekend for another long visit. And that I was actually looking forward to it when she did. Still half asl**p I lay there in bed, and felt more than heard my bedroom door opening. I knew it was mom, as Darrel was once again off on business and not expected to return until late Sunday evening. The sound of soft footsteps crossing towards my bed alerted me to the fact that mom was in the mood for doing something, which was confirmed a few moments later as I felt the soft press of her mouth suddenly engulf and surround my semi-flaccid prick.

"Good morning," I said contentedly feeling my prick suddenly being lavished with the sweetness of mom's lips surrounding it, softly sucking me.

She didn't answer however, continuing to suck my prick until it was fully hard before finally removing her mouth from it, though continuing to lick me now instead.

"I need to tell you something," she said though she immediately went back to sucking me firmly. Obviously, whatever it was she needed or wanted to tell me could wait, so I did, enjoying the sensation of my mother's mouth until I soon felt the release begin, the first intense ejaculations of my spunk soon filling her mouth.

Afterwards I sat up in bed, mom still contentedly sitting next to me licking her lips and smiling.

"Nice wake up, but that's not really why you're here now is it?" I asked.

"Not entirely, no. I really did want to tell you something, but when I came in, I saw your semi-hard prick, I couldn't help myself."

I laughed at that, mom had indeed changed so much over the past few months, she was happier than she had been in a very long time, though her demeanor still changed whenever Darrel was around I noticed.

"So tell me, what's going on then?" I asked curiously.

"I wanted to tell you that I've decided to leave Darrel," she said simply, though there was a look of worry that had now formed across her face.

I knew how tough that decision must have been for her, with the prenuptial agreement that Darrel had in place, it would leave mom financially strapped as she had very little in the way of personal assets, and would get nothing by way of support from Darrel if she was the one to divorce him without cause. I didn't need to discuss the obvious with her, we had already spoken at length about it long before now. But before now, there wasn't much I could do about helping her either.

"If that's what you've really decided to do mom, I think I'm in a position to help you with that, but I need your help too. And I need you to be patient about saying anything to Darrel about this until everything is ready. Can you do that for me? For yourself?" I asked.

Her worried look now turned to one of curiosity. "Sure, what is it you need me to do?" she asked me.

"Well for starters, I want to show you a video, but you're going to need to remain calm about it even after you see it. I've been saving it in the event that something like this happened, sort of an insurance policy of sorts," I told her still being cautiously mysterious about it. "And then after that, I'll tell you what we're going to do, and how we're going to do it, with the help of someone else being involved, who doesn't even know that they will be."

I soon after showed her a copy of the video I had of Darrel. By the look on her face after she had watched it all, she didn't even look that surprised.

"I hate stating the obvious," she began. "But as perverse as that may have looked on screen, it's not much different than what you and I have been doing for real," she said still somewhat confused on how this was going to help her much.

"That may be so," I admitted, "but the difference is, he doesn't know anything about us, or what we do know about him, and I also agree with you that the movie in and of itself may or may not be enough to accomplish what we want to do, which is why I have another plan that I'll need your help with. With that, I do believe we'll have more than enough documentation to ensure you won't be left out in the cold when you file for divorce."

Now mom took a renewed interest in what I had to say.

"I'm in, so tell me...what do we need to do?"


Before we could do anything we needed to wait for the following holiday weekend when Karen came for a visit. Mom was still skeptical about involving Karen, even though she would be initially unaware of her involvement, and would remain so if everything went according to plan.

And I was aware of course, that Michelle was still involved in holding what was referred to as adult toy parties for women, mom frequently went whenever Michelle had booked a party, buying several toys herself though she had done so without Darrel's knowledge of it.

Mom had once shared with me that she and Karen had in fact had several conversations regarding these parties, had even attended one herself though without her father's knowledge of it, and had purchased a small inexpensive vibrator for herself, which now explained the one I had video-taped her using.

"So here's the story you're going to tell her," I began. "You inform her that you're considering going into this business with Michelle, expanding it so to speak, but before you're willing to do that, you need to get a better feel for which products are more likely to sell better to make your investment worthwhile."

"Go on," mom said sounding interested, but still hesitant about how this was actually going to work.

"Well, that's when you tell Karen that you'd like her to help you by giving you an honest evaluation about some of the toys, how they feel, what they do...etc. We plan it on a night when you and I are scheduled to be out, but you inform Karen that you need the results back on the following day as you'll need to make some sort of inventory purchase commitment, so her opinions on what she enjoyed using will be very important. That way, we set her up to actually plan on masturbating for us, thus controlling the fact that she will be. The next step will be to ensure that Darrel finds out that she is, and with luck, let nature take its course afterwards, which we'll both be there to see and to record when he does."

There were a lot of ifs, a lot that had to happen and come together to pull this off. But the first obstacle was taken care of when Karen happily, and excitedly agreed to her role in this, though she had no idea at the time that she would be. I would be working of course, though the story was I'd be dropping my mother off at Michelle's for their weekly night out together, thus leaving Darrel home alone with his daughter.

I had already placed and tested all the cameras and equipment we would be using. One camera facing the bed where Karen would be, another directed towards the window where I hoped Darrel would eventually be. Another was hidden away in the neighbor's hedge across from the bedroom window. I would be up on the garage roof looking down the driveway using a telephoto lens on my camera. Shirley would be parked in Jake's car just around the corner from the house monitoring and controlling the cameras and everything that was being recorded from there.

"So how do we get him to realize what she's doing, let alone watch her while she does?" Mom had asked.

"Well, that will require a bit of luck there," I had to admit. "But I'm also counting on the fact that he will know and be aware of the fact that she is and will be in her bedroom alone, and banking on his curiosity of that to lead him into doing what I think he will do once he sees her, and that's where you come in."

A lot had to happen. A lot of it was luck, but I was confident that things would turn out exactly the way I had planned them to do. The first thing was to ensure that Karen indeed had begun masturbating, pleased when shortly after we had left, that she began doing so, researching the numerous toys that mother had asked Karen to try out for her prior to purchasing many of them for resale.

"Ok, she's doing it," Mom said excitedly as she watched her step-daughter as she lay on her bed, beginning to experiment and pleasure herself with the wide selection of toys she had chosen.

"Good, now...go ahead and make the phone call to Darrel, call me back on my cell the moment you hang up with him," I reminded her. "So we can keep in contact with one another, while we're doing this."

The plan was for mom to call Darrel and tell him that she couldn't find her car keys inside her purse, and that chances were she had once again left them in her car, something that drove Darrel nuts when she'd done that before.

I waited patiently and then felt the phone vibrate alerting me to the fact that mom was calling me back.


"He should be coming outside any moment now," she told me.

"There he is!" I whispered into the phone and watched as Darrel exited the back door walking around the side of the house heading towards the parked cars. Now came the luck part, hoping that Darrel would notice the single solitary light on, coming from Karen's room. I knew from past experience that all Darrel had to do was be curious enough to look, and he would immediately discover that he could and would indeed see very clearly into her room.

"He's stopping!" Mom spoke into the phone as she monitored his movements and actions through the video cameras.

"Shh," I whispered back to her. "It looks like he's taking the bait. Time to hang up now until afterwards," I said hanging up, picking up my camera with the hopes of getting some very revealing pictures.

Much to my delight, I watched as Darrel indeed stopped, glancing quickly about before walking over, and then bending over, peering over the top of the window looking in just as I had hoped that he would. It didn't take long for Darrel to discover what Karen was doing inside her own room, soon after positioning himself for a much better look while she was. But even more importantly, I now watched as Darrel unzipped his pants, soon after releasing his prick, and began stroking it. I smiled, zooming in on him with my telephoto lens and began taking picture after picture of him as the man sat there, watching his daughter masturbate while doing so himself.

The pictures I took couldn't have been any clearer. I'd even gotten one with Darrel's spunk flying out, hitting the window as he sat there jerking himself off. I also hoped that the videotape we'd eventually edit and put together would be as equally clear and revealing as I knew the photos would turn out to be.

Soon after that Darrel headed back inside the house after first checking Shirley's car, locating the keys she had purposely left inside before returning back into the house.

I quickly scampered down off the roof, then back out to the street to my car where mom sat waiting for me.

"If the video is even half as good as the pictures turned out, then I think we've got everything we're going to need," I told her after slipping back inside my car.

"Well from what I was able to see, we did. Though until we've actually had a chance to review the recordings..." she left off saying, and then noticed as she glanced down at the monitor that was still focused on Karen's bedroom where she still continued to lay there pleasuring herself. "Oh my God!" She announced suddenly.

"What?" I asked excitedly.

"Unless I'm mistaken, that idiot just cracked open the door to Karen's room!"

I couldn't help but laugh, "Good, and we're still recording all this too," I said zooming in on the door that was indeed partially open. "He must have picked the lock too, though it doesn't take a scientist to be able to do it either. But he's taking a real chance here in being discovered, especially if Karen glances back behind her, though at the moment, she appears obviously too busy to do that."

"You wanna hear something strange? Especially under the circumstances?"

"What?" I asked.

"Doing this, doing what we're doing is actually exciting, arousing me? Not seeing what Darrel's doing of course, certainly not that...but this, you and I sitting here in the car together recording all this."

"That's not so strange," I said agreeing with her, smiling. "I was just thinking the same thing, so yeah...I'm a little horny myself."

"Just a little?" Mom giggled reaching over to begin unzipping my pants.

"Well, a whole lot more now that you've said that," I told her, feeling the coolness of the night air suddenly envelope my exposed prick just before my mother's mouth did.

She had worn a simple pull over sweater, so lifting it up and over her breasts along with her bra, soon freeing them was relatively easy. I sighed with pure pleasure, molding her soft pliant breasts in my hands as she continued licking and sucking my very hard cock.

"Oh fuck, you'll never believe this."

"Now what?"

"Look, see for yourself," I told her.

Mom did so, now gazing into the small monitor that I held in my hand, still controlling it remotely as I now zoomed in towards the door.

"Is that what I think that it is?" Mom gasped in astonishment.

"Sure looks like it to me!" I mused laughing. "Too bad Karen doesn't see it, she's got the perfect opportunity to slam his prick in the door!"

We sat there watching with amused surprise at Darrel's boldness. As he had in fact stuck his prick through the small opening, pointing it towards the bed where his daughter continued to lay, pleasuring herself. Karen was in fact nearing the throes of her own orgasm in fact, the vibrating toy she was using, a rather expensive one with a rotating beaded shaft along with the various vibrations, including a clit stimulator was fully embedded deep inside her own cunt at the moment as she tossed her head from side to side wildly, just then tumbling over the edge of ecstasy, climaxing.

As we both sat there continuing to watch this, suddenly the prick, which was pointed through the small door opening, began to spew its load, most of it landing on the carpeting far short of the bed.

Shortly after the door closed again, with Karen being none the wiser concerning it, still basking in her own pleasured afterglow.

"Fuck me!" Mom said quite excitedly. "Fuck me hard and fast, right here in the car." She quickly slid out of her pants, tossing aside her well soaked panties as well, and then climbed on top of my stiff hard prick and began doing exactly that. Even the occasional passing car only enhanced the dangerous feel of excitement, the thrill of sitting just off the side of the house, fucking away like we were, the feeling wickedly decadent until we both soon after exploded simultaneously sharing one of the more intensely satisfying climaxes we'd ever had together.


I stayed up most of the following night editing the footage we had, more than pleased with the results as I watched it. In addition to that, the still photos, many of which I had blown up where even more revealing. After showing everything I had to mom, we decided not to approach Darrel with what we did have until after the holiday was over, and also only when Karen had left going back to her own dorm on campus.

For myself, I had enjoyed one quick very brief encounter with Karen just before she'd left, frustrated at never having any time alone with me, she had cornered me in the downstairs bathroom when I'd gone in to take a shower, even though Darrel and mom were upstairs at the time. I had just stepped out of the tub enclosure, spotting her there as she sat entirely naked on the toilet seat waiting for me to get out.

"I'll be heading back within the hour," she informed me. "But not before you give me a nice hard fuck before I leave."

I smiled, admitting to myself that there was a bit of irony in that. It may very well be the last time I was ever with her as mom would soon be informing Darrel she was indeed divorcing him, and with cause, which we would then show him and enjoy watching him squirm when doing so. And to be honest about it, I was really looking forward to that too.

I did feel a little guilty as I stepped behind my steps****r, slipping my cock deeply into her warm welcoming cunt. But only for a moment, and then the guilt became lust, pleasure and joy as I fucked her furiously, while she fucked me back just as furiously taking advantage of what would very possibly be our last time together, though she had no way of actually knowing that at the time.


Things went pretty much the way we'd expected them to. At first, Darrel was of course shocked, angry, and wildly erratic as he threatened the two of us, constantly reminding mom about the prenuptial agreement, until I finally got it through to him that what we had, we would thus use in court, breaking the prenuptial the way it was written, something we had also both discussed with mom's attorney. But in addition to that, I had also let it be known, that if I had to, if Darrel was still foolish enough to want to try and fight this without ensuring mom's financial stability and equal entitlements to their holdings and assets, that Darrel could expect each one of his clients to receive an interesting little DVD in the mail.

Not too surprisingly, mom soon after was granted her divorce along with a very reasonable settlement. But more importantly, Darrel was now and finally out of her life for good.

Several weeks went by, and then on a Friday evening as we sat down to watch a little TV together, I heard someone pulling into the drive. Peering out the window I realized it was Karen who had pulled in, though the car she was in wasn't the BMW she'd been given by her father.

"Who is it?" Mom asked.

"You'll never believe it, but it's Karen!" I told her already heading towards the door. She obviously was aware of the divorce of course, though not necessarily how it had all come about, or the real reasons behind it, or how my mother had finally obtained one so easily.

"Hey, what a surprise!" I said greeting her at the door. "Didn't expect to see you again anytime soon," I added, wondering at her reason for actually being here.

"Can I come in?" she asked somewhat meekly. "I need to ask you something," she said as I showed her in.

Mom stood in the living room. "Good, I'm glad you're here too," Karen said, though she walked over giving mom a friendly hug and a kiss upon seeing her.

"So, what's this all about?" I asked curiously.

"I think you already know, or at least I think you do," she began. "I already know that you must have had something on my father in order to be granted the divorce, and be given what you were in the settlement. One of the reasons dad had to take back the lease on my car, because he could no longer afford it. But that's not the reason why I'm even here, I need to confirm something, something I think I'm already aware of, but I need to know the truth of it, and I think you know just exactly what that truth really is."

The three of us soon after settled down on the couch. "Ever since just before Thanksgiving, dad had been acting really weird around me. He had even barged into the bathroom once when I was taking a shower, acting like he had every reason in the world to have done so, looking for his razor, acting like he was late for some damn meeting or something, and needing it, when I knew without any doubt that he'd gotten up much earlier than that, and had done so then as I'd heard him using it. So there was that just for one thing. But...there was another."

Mom and I looked over at one another expectantly as she continued.

"That night when you asked me to try out a few of those toys you were thinking about purchasing?"

She was blushing a little as she said it, glancing over towards me, but well aware that I now must have known about it as mom and I quite obviously didn't hold any secrets.

Mom acknowledged the evening of course, as did I.

"Well anyway, shortly after that I got up to take a shower and get ready for bed, which is when I reached for the door, and realized it was no longer locked."

"Stupid fuck," I thought to myself silently, realizing Darrel had forgotten to relock it before closing it.

"I know for a fact I had locked the door, especially since I'd be doing what I began doing shortly after that. But when I stepped back, thinking about it, I stepped in something, and looking down, examining my foot, I realized what it was that I had stepped in. At first, I wondered if you hadn't come into my room, intending to surprise me or something," she said admitting with a small smile on her face, though mom knew as I had certainly told her about the few experiences I had had with Karen, and not at all surprised by that either.
"But then I remembered and realized it couldn't have been you, especially with dad just being upstairs at the time, which is when I suddenly realized, that it had to be him! When I thought about that, along with a few other things he'd been doing lately, it suddenly made sense to me. And then after the divorce, when he informed me that because of it I'd have to give up the car, as well as his paying for school, thus forcing me to move back home, I did...though at the time I still wasn't entirely sure about anything. But then night before last, I came home unexpectedly..." she faltered for a moment as mom reached over hugging her closely to her.

"Go on sweetie...tell us what happened."

"Well, I came in through the back door, but he obviously didn't hear me," she said. "And there he was, watching the TV, which was a video of me masturbating on the bed. I watched him as he walked over to it, actually licking the TV screen where my pussy was, as though he was actually licking me. Can you imagine that?" She said with an edge of pure disgust in her voice. "But then...but then he stood up, jacking himself off and came all over the picture of me on the TV which he'd paused, my mouth wide open as though I was expecting, wanting him to cum in my mouth."

The cat was certainly out of the bag at the moment, and I was entirely unsure of what I could even say.

Karen turned towards me. "Yes Jake, at first I was a little angry with you too, realizing that you must have made that recording, but after I watched it, saw it again, and realized what was really going on, I then realized why you did it, and the reason you had for doing it, and though you used me a little in doing it, I understood why. Anyway, it was at that moment that he turned, saw me standing there, his cum still running down the TV screen, he held out his hands towards me, begging me to forgive him for what I'd just witnessed, but then in the very same breath, telling me that he and I could have an intimate relationship together, only if I was willing to listen to him and try to understand how he'd now come to feel about me. Needless to say, I left. I took a day to myself to think about things, and then decided to come here and ask if I could live here with the two of you for a while until I could at least get back on my own two feet again."


I can tell you that it's been a few weeks since Karen moved back in with us now. And I have to admit, life's been good, really, really good. And though I still haven't managed to figure out how to bring the two of them together quite yet, I'm working on it.

Oh yeah, I'm working on it.

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