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After school fun 2

I woke in the morning to the soft and gentle feeling on my pussy and as I looked down I saw Sir between my legs gently licking my pussy as he rubbed his fingers over my nipples making them harden. Every part of me wanted to hate what he was doing to me and my mind was telling me to stop him but my body was begging me to let him continue and as he kept licking me I felt sensations that I had never felt before and I could not help myself as I began to moan with pleasure and this seemed to please him and he upped his speed that he was licking me and my body started going crazy and I could not control it. My arms and legs were tied to each corner of the bed so all I could do was lift and lower my body and as his tongue explored my pussy my body was lifting and stretching into the air and then it happened, something that had never happened to me before. I felt this sensation shooting through my body starting from my pussy and shooting up through me and then back down and then my pussy just started squirting out cum into Sir's mouth and I collapsed on to the bed and I was breathing heavily as my heart pumped harder than it ever had before.
Sir let me relax for a short while before he worked his way up my body kissing me all the way up until his lips met with mine and I kissed him back and as his tongue entered my mouth I realised what I was doing and just as I went to stop him I felt the head of his cock starting to penetrate my Virgin pussy and I screamed out teling him I was a Virgin and he moved his head down beside mine and wispered into my ear that he new I was a Virgin and that he was going to be gentle with me.
I begged him to stop but it was no use he was determined to take my Virginity there and then and he continued to kiss me round my neck at first and then back to my lips as he slowly and gently eased his cock through my Virgin walls. I gripped the bed post in my hands digging my nails into the soft wood as more and more of his cock went inside my with him only pulling back a little at times before easing more inside me. It took him about 20 minutes to get his full lengh inside me and once there he held it all the way inside me for a short while letting my body get used to it before he started easing it back and forth and as much as it hirt I soon started to enjoy the feeling I was getting From Sir's big cock fucking my pussy and as I started to moan out loud he started to up the pace like he did when he was licking me.
He started pulling his cock all the way out and then forcing his full lengh inside me and wow did it feel good even though it hirt like hell my pussy was loving it. He slowed down for a few seconds as he leaned back and undid the rope that was tied round my ankles and he f***ed my legs up towards my head and layed down on then so my knees were near his shoulders and he continued to f***e his cock deeper inside my pussy until a he did one last thrust holding his full lengh inside me and I felt his warm cum shooting deep inside me and I loved it.
The sensation of his cum shooting inside me made me cum hard and although I new I was going to be pregnant as I was not on the pill or anything I found myself not caring as it just felt so good and after a few minutes he pulled his cock out of my well used pussy and layed down beside me letting my legs drop flat on the bed and soon after he untied my hands and said I could go but I rolled on to my side and asked if I could stay and going by the smile on his face I knew he wanted me to so I rapped my arm and legs over his body and he did the same to me and we kissed each other softly until we dozed off.

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