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Pain and A Woman's Pleasure. A true story. (c

That treasured place, a woman's glory, the entrance to her cunt surrounded as it is by the delicate flower of the 'petals' of her moist labia, waiting and waiting for a man's (or even a woman's) attention, is a precious sight to behold. But its demands on the lover are great. I do not believe that I should inflict even pleasurable pain on a woman (especially on this willing one) without being prepared to endure - or, enjoy - the same pain myself. Therefore, on the next occasion we met and the nipple clamps lay waiting on the pristine white cloth of the bedside cabinet, I did not flinch when she took them, clipping one to herself and the other to one of my nipples. We were to bear - and enjoy - the same level of pain and pleasure together.

My reaction on being clamped for the first time in my life was instant. Two fingers were thrust roughly in her as she lay on her back. I worked them relentlessly vigorously, angrily even, on the aroused, ridges that I knew marked her g-spot. Harder and harder, my fingers moved as the nipple clamp bit into me. The palm of my hand pressed tightly against her hard clitoris, stimulating that, too. It was a way of transferring my pain to her - but not as pain, but as pleasure.

And she came.

Yes, all the old cliches about the woman's moanings and cries for "more" are all true. How else does one decribe actuality? But this woman I knew was different and sure enough, as I expected, I felt around my now aching fingers in her cunt an increase in moistness as the warm flow of the now augmented juices that I knew was the sign of her about to ejaculate. I was, for the first time in my long life experiencing what I had read about, a woman gushing - or put more crudely 'squirting'. It is an unforgettable experience: this mark of a woman's joy in sex. I removed the nipple clamp which still bit into me and got my mouth and lips between her legs which she opened wideand I tasted and drank the sex-liquid coming from her. My precious gift from her for me to enjoy.

I could wait no longer. She took my erect penis and guided me in her. slowly, gently, we savoured every moment. She cried out. "Fuck me, darling! Fuck my cunt! I want you!" Oh the wonder of the touch of her gentle fingers, of slowly entering, feeling my foreskin sliding back, then of being inside her, of her cunt enclosing me, drawing me in her as I slid back and forth and her wetness trickled down my balls.

And I came!

Throbbing, pumping, groaning. "Milk me, darling," I cried, lost from the real world for those few seconds of the mystic experience of orgasm together with her, this wonderful woman. The embodiment of sex.

(This true story to be continued.)

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