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Step s****r

My name is David and I am 20 years old and not too bad looking or that is what people have told me.

Elizabeth and I had become step-siblings when our parents married 3 years ago. Beth, as we call her, is close to my age and we are both sophomores at a local college. It was hard for her and I to get along at first, because neither one of us wanted our parent to remarry.

Beth and I had attended the same schools after we became a f****y, and when she struggled with math and her techie toys, I would help her and she would help me with English and literature which I hate. So even though Beth and I were step siblings, we had become close friends.

s*s, another nickname I call her, share our troubles and sometimes our troubles are very personal. We will occasionally spend hours just talking to each other and seek comfort in a life event that did not go well. We have established a trusting relationship and we have conversations that others might find a little strange.

Our parents are executives and travel for their companies, so sometimes our parents are gone at different times and sometimes they are gone the same week. Beth and I have come to rely on each other to keep the house going and make sure we take care of each other.

Elizabeth and I spend a lot of time just hanging out, maybe watching a sporting event on TV or a movie; just quiet time after school and in the evening.

Beth has a good friend Stacey who comes over and hangs with us and occasionally spends the night, especially the nights they go out clubbing. They do drink a little too much and both come back in the early morning a little out of control.

Beth and Stacey are smoking hot girls and I have to be careful not to let them see me checking them out. When mom and dad are gone and they go clubbing, let's say the girls do not leave a lot to the imagination when they go out. They don't dress trashy, they would look good in a potato sack, but they love their short dresses and skirts.

My s****r Beth has a string of boyfriends but recently she sees a nice good liking guy named Mike. Beth is a very centered person, easy to talk with and very calming in an intense conversation. Stacey on the other hand is edgy, while not impolite, she does push the envelope. She has a steady boyfriend named Tom. Sometimes when Stacey spends the weekend, Tom and sometimes Mike come over and we all just hang out drink a bit and watch TV. We all get along together, but it isn't the same as when Beth is here alone with me.

Our parents are heading out to a 5 day weekend conference together and Beth asked if it was okay for Stacey to spend the weekend. Our parents said it was okay if it did not bother me. I was between girl friends and had no big plans so I was okay with it. Stacey and Beth would be gone every night anyhow, so no big deal.

Mom and dad had left as planned and I got home from school before Beth so I began to get the house in order. I was a regular home maker. School was over at noon on Wednesday as we had a long holiday ahead of us.

Beth came in shortly after me and said let's shower and run some errands then go out for lunch and maybe some bumming around for the afternoon. I was good with that, so I got cleaned up when Beth hollered to me, David I have some panties in the dryer downstairs would you get them for me please?

An unusual request I thought, she had never asked that before, but I went downstairs to the laundry room, opened the dryer and found all of her panties, bras and other dainties. I grabbed them all and took them to her room, knocked on the door and she opened it slightly and took them from me. I could not see her body except for her shoulders and she then turned and walked back into her bedroom. The door opened a little more and I could see the back of her body. I had not seen her nude before, in a perverted way I always wanted to and I was not disappointed. I keep peaking in the door opening when she dropped a pair of panties on the floor; they were sheer pink ones and she bent over to pick them up.

It was then I got to see her pussy from the back and her full breasts hanging down and I began getting hard as my step s****r put her legs into her panties and pulled them in place. She started to look over her shoulder at the door and I quickly moved into the hallway and back to my room. I never did hear her close the door, but my heart was racing at the thought of being caught.

Beth hollered as I heard her go down the stairs, let's go David. I quickly followed her out and she was already in her car. Off we raced, where I did not know, it was always fun going out with her. Today she had another short skirt on and I had to work really hard not to try and see if I could see her panties. She has a stick shift so her skirt would ride up, but I kept my eyes straight ahead.

In about 5 minutes we pulled into the parking lot of her favorite mall. She then grabbed my hand and quickly pulled me into a Salon and said, come on we are going to be here a while. Being a stupid naïve guy I followed her in. We were met by two very attractive girls, Nancy & Jessica. Jessica firmly took my hand and looked at Beth and said it will be okay. Jessica then led me back to where I thought I was going to a TV waiting room for guys. It was a treatment room and Jessica closed the door behind us.

After what seemed like an eternity I was led back to the lobby where Beth was sitting talking with Nancy. Jessica told Beth I was ready and then I watched as Beth took her time and gave both girls a full mouth kiss in front of everyone including me.

Come on David you must be starved. I was very quiet and subdued as I followed her out of the Salon and down the walkway to one of our favorite restaurants. You're very quiet David. It was cooler today so I was wearing long pants and a sweatshirt. Beth had a sweatshirt on as well and her short skirt with killer legs.

Beth asked that we be seated in an open area and she began talking about school when the waiter came over. We will both have a glass of Pinot Grigio and the salmon salad. Beth never ordered for me before and I did not say a word. We have to watch our figures David, so I ordered she said.

Beth looked at me and said she loved me as a b*****r and as her best friend and she never wanted to see me hurt. She went on that she wanted me to have a very happy open life. Then she made an odd statement and said, that our relationship is hopefully going to take another big change for the good.

Then the words came, she asked in a discreet way how it felt to be sitting here dressed as a girl under my boy clothes. I turned a little red and she said relax it is okay. I'll try not to embarrass you, I don't want to do that, but we are sitting in the open for a reason, you can't run away without making a scene. Do you like the panties pulled into your ass? You know David those are the ones that I put on while you watched me today. I wish you would have waited, I was going to let you see how I how I put on the bra you are wearing now. It's pretty isn't it?

She did not let me answer and she continued the dialogue. I sat humbly listening to her. David if we are going to share panties and bras, you needed to lose all of your body hair and be as smooth as me. It will get easier the more we go to the Salon. Jess said you behaved well and you look great in my panties, bra and nylons. I can't wait to see for myself. You can tell me the Salon story later when we get home.

So we know you like to wear my panties and bras and mom's baby dolls, but we need you to get your own so we don't have three girls looking for two sets of clothes. We will work on that.

I did manage to finish the wine as I listened and when the waiter came, I asked for another glass. It was not a relaxed moment for me and I needed to be relaxed.

I did not know what to do or say to Beth. Yes, I was dressed in panties and a bra and nylons with a garter belt and I just knew everyone in the place could tell. Beth then said; don't worry, if I did not know I cannot tell at all. She seemed to know what I was thinking.

The food came and I did not have much of an appetite but picked at the lunch. I did not know if I felt betrayed but I wanted to know how she knew I used her panties and how she knew I use mom's baby doll nighties. And what did she mean by we know?

Beth then f***ed the conversation or I should say the start of one. Are you angry with me David? I didn't know how to respond. I said Beth, how do you know I like dressing as a girl? Then I was frightened thinking everyone heard me. Apparently the table next to us did when I caught a slight smile from the girls having lunch there. I then just sat and enjoyed lunch as best I could and had to admit to myself the panties felt good as they pushed up against my ass. I also could feel the front of the panties were wet. I was worried it would show on the front of my jeans.

I looked at Beth as she took my hand and gave me a confident smile, lets pay the bill and then go somewhere to talk We are not going home because we are buying new panties today, so get ready.

I followed her into a bar, were she picked a quiet corner and ordered us a couple glasses of wine. She then asked again, David are you angry, I don't want you to be. We are always able to say what we were thinking to each other and after looking around, I replied, I don't know what to think. I was just seduced by a very attractive girl in the salon, I only have girlie underwear on, my boy underwear are nowhere to be found, I saw you kiss a couple of girls in a very affectionate way, you caught me spying on you as you bent over, you say I love dressing in your panties and mom's nighties and the day isn't half over. How am I to feel and think?

Beth smiled and in her calm voice asked is any of this is was not true? After a long pause I replied, it is all true Beth, maybe I am a mentally ill person. David you are not mentally ill and I love you even more for it. It will be fun so let's both of us be honest and give our inner selves away to each other, are you okay with that David?

I wasn't sure where the conversation was going but I always trusted her. Okay I replied.

Okay I will start Beth said, I am bisexual and I love licking Stacey's pussy and I have been naked with both Nancy and Jessica from the Salon. Sometimes we let Mike and Tom watch. My eyes got wide with the thought and I could feel my dick expanding. Beth slid close to me and she took my hand and placed it under her skirt and whispered go and ahead and touch me. She opened her legs and as I was shaking I placed my finger on her panties. She was soaked and I pushed the panty to the side and felt her wet clit. She jumped a little and moaned slightly. Be careful she whispered, I don't want to have an orgasm here. I rubbed her pussy a couple of times to enjoy her clit and her wetness then removed my hand. I did something nasty and placed my finger on her lips, and was caught off guard when she opened her mouth and sucked my finger. Oh I moaned, quiet she said as she laughed.

Remember Beth said we are not biological siblings, just really good friends. I then asked what she meant by "we" in her comments earlier. Beth told me that mom and her were cleaning the bedrooms a couple of months ago and when they removed my bedding Beth's soiled panties and bra feel out along with mom's babydoll. They then began watching the laundry basket watching for missing undies and when the underwear disappeared they would check my room and find them. On laundry day, the missing items would then show up back in the laundry basket. I am sorry Beth said, but we were only thinking of you. So after we found them in your room we pretty much knew what you were doing. I know it was kind of sneaky, but not much more than you watching me as I bend over this morning. Beth went on with I don't have a problem with you wearing my soiled panties, actually I love the idea like a lot of girls do, but you had to lose the body hair. A guy in body hair does not look feminine, but a guy without hair can. By the way she added, I like you watching me put on my panties.

So David, do you love sitting next to me in a bra, panties and nylons. I took a long breath and admitted I enjoyed it. I lot? She asked. Yes I replied. Good David and she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I realize that you do not know this, but a lot of girls, I mean a lot of girls prefer a bisexual guy over a pure heterosexual guy and there is a high percentage of girls that get wet thinking about being with a crossdressing guy. And David I love the idea of you in panties, I can't wait for us to explore your femininity, I hope that is okay. I was relaxing after the conversation and shook my head yes. I had always wanted someone to know, maybe not to play around sexually but I wanted to sit while dressed and talk about it. I told Beth that and she smiled.

Okay David here is the plan, we are going to Victoria's Secret so do you want to tell me when you want something for yourself or just give me a sign. We are going to buy some panties, bras and sl**pwear, okay? I took a heavy sigh and said I am going to try and tell you I like it. Great Beth said, but I will watch to be sure you are not going to be embarrassed. She paid the bill, grabbed me by the hand and said let's go have fun.

We spent an hour in VS and a couple of other lingerie stores. I had to work really hard to hide my occasional hard-on especially knowing some of the sheerest dainties were for me. The top of my dick had already popped out of the top of my panties and did not go back in, so I had this bump in the front of my jeans everywhere we went.

We left the mall laughing as I let Beth carry my things, still too frightened to carry them myself.

She then looked at me as we got into the car, David we have one more stop and be brave for me please? That made me nervous, but I said okay.

We drove for a bit and she pulled in front of a store known to help crossdressers. Come on David, one last stop. I did not want to, but got out and followed her into the store. We were waited on by a young lady who helped pick out a couple of wigs for me and a pair of silicone breast forms. The whole time they discussed options about making me look more feminine. I was embarrassed but at the same time sexually aroused by the shopping spree and talk.

As we left, Beth said that she knew we could buy the crossdressing products on line, but we were both going to be better for the experience. David we are going to have so much fun.

Now it was my turn to be a little aggressive, Beth I began, can I smell your panties when we get home? She smiled and said sure, but you are promising me something in return. Sure I said confidently, David I want to watch you masturbate for me, promise? That caught me off guard. Let me think about I said, No cum, no panties she said, and off we drove.
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