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My foster b*****r

I can't even tell you when he did it. But suddenly my little b*****r of 10 years was way more than grown up.
He came out of the shower one day into the livingroom and I couldn't help but notice his rock hard sixpac and the water glistening on his brown skin.
I was home on leave for a couple of weeks and somewhere in between me going to bootcamp and being gone for a year and a half. He'd developed a lott!

He didn't know I was home yet, or if he did, he planned it pretty well. Either way, he walked out of the downstairs bathroom with nothing on and got almost past me, before he stopped.
I gasped(not a better way to describe what I did) because his cock was right there in my face as he turned to look down at me.
I really don't know what I was thinking when I reached up and grabbed him and tugged on what had to be the biggest dick I'd ever seen. But I did and said what the hell are you doing? Waiving this in my face???
He pulled his hips back and said nothin s*s. Why? Oh shit! I didn't even realize you were home..

That was when I realized I hadn't let go of him and he was getting even harder in my hand.
That bratty son of a bitch didn't miss a beat when he put his hands behind his head and shoved his hips towards my face, with me holding his cock. Then pulled away and then repeated it a few more times in close succession. Before I even knew what he was doing he said, oh yeah, that feels good. I always imagined you strokin my cock. I just wish it was in your mouth, but I know your too shy to ever give a guy head, let alone a black guy with as big a cock as mine.

Maybe that was it or maybe I just felt intimidated and wanted to regain control. I'm not sure.
All I know is that I squeezed tighter and told him that if he wanted to keep his lil thang, he'd better know how to use it.

Holy Shit! Why the hell did I say that to him and what was I even thinking?
This was my little b*****r. I couldn't even think that way about him.
He must have been thinking that way of me though. Cause, his cock was still in my hand and it was near my face and before I could stop him he'd f***ed his hips near my face so that his cock was brushing against my lips and cheeks and across my nose and forehead.
How do you tell when your turned on as opposed to grossed out to the point of being turned on?

All I remember about that moment is smelling his musky scent and then I remember his balls in my mouth and his really big cock across my face.
I was sucking on my lil b*****rs balls for almost a minute till he grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and f***ed that monster of a cock down my throat!
No, there was no way I could swallow all of him and my gagg reflex took over. I, didn't puke or anything. I did gagg and cough and stuff, but that was all.

What suprized me was the fact that he not only didn't stop, he got even bigger!

I remembered him as a 14 year old lil boy and suddenly this young black man was forcing me to suck his cock!
I should have stopped him and told him how wrong it was and all the other implications there were.
For him fucking his white s****r or at the least making her suck his cock the way he was doing.
That was an after affect. All I could think when he was shoving his huge black cock into my mouth, was... Oh!!! he tastes soooooo good. Does he cum yet? What does that taste like.

I actually foregot how very young he was and just wanted to taste him.
Yeah, not to bright on my part. I know, but he succumbed to my toungue and after about 3 minutes of me sucking and licking that long beautiful shaft of his, he, actually came.

He looked at me surprized and said, What was that?
I laughed, and said what was what?
He was shocked and suprized that he'd cum all over my face and neck and even my breasts
He had absolutely No idea that that was what he was supposed to do to me. He seemed to just be doing the first part of any porn.

I really feel like a perv, cause, I can't get enough of that really big black cock. I measured it once and... another story, but he's almost 11 inches long. and my hands don't cum around him together

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