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Kelly and Beckys weekend - Part 2

I told Becky to lay back on the bed and I was on my knees walking between her legs. I started playing with her cunt and stuck my finger in and started sliding it in and out of her. I leaned over and grabbed the warming oil and squirted it all over her cunt and just below her belly button. I sat it down and started rubbing it into her and really all over her cunt. I was rolling my finger in it and would slide it inside of her cunt and was sliding it in and out. Becky had her eyes closed and her head was moving from side to side. I pulled her legs so her knees were on my shoulder and was holding her up and I started kissing from her belly to her cunt. When I reached her cunt, I took it in my mouth and begin sucking on it gently. She started arching her back against me and when she did, I sent my tongue so deep inside of her and she wrapped her legs around my neck to hold me there.

Becky was moaning and getting louder as I kept sending my tongue deep into her cunt. Her back was arched and I had her tight little ass in my hands and was holding her tight against my mouth! I started twirling my tongue deep inside of her and she started moaning very loud! Just when I thought she was getting ready to cum, I stopped and felt her cunt thrusting up for me to keep it up. She said “Are you okay?” I told her I was fine, but I wasn’t ready to make her cum just yet. I said “When you do, I want it to be the best you have ever had!” She told me that Steve never got her off like I did last night and I told her “Then, I want it better then last night!” I started sucking on her cunt again and sent my tongue deep into her. I was darting my tongue in and out of her cunt and she was shoving her cunt into my face with her legs squeezing my neck! I sent my tongue so deep inside of her cunt and begin swirling it around again. Becky said “You are about to get me off!” and I stopped again and said “Not yet.” I started kissing her stomach again until I felt her ass relax and then moved back to her cunt. I kept working her tight little cunt over and would send my tongue deep and swirl around until I felt her thrusting again and just when I would feel her thrusting get stronger, I would stop and start kissing her belly.

Becky said “Damn! You are so fucking great! Eat me damnit! Eat that cunt damnit!” I stopped kissing her stomach and sent my tongue straight into her cunt and started swirling around and her ass was bouncing against my mouth and her legs were so tight around my neck, it was almost cutting off my air! For about the next thirty minutes, I brought her to the edge of cumming and would stop. The last time, I said “How bad do you want to cum?” Becky said “Oh God, I want it so bad right now! Eat me!” I sent my tongue so deep inside of her cunt and started swirling it as deep as I could. I was holding her ass tight and she was arched against me with her legs around my neck. Finally Becky said “Oh fuck! I’m there! God, get me off! Give me that fucking tongue! I want to fuck that tongue so hard! Oh YYeeeessssss! Fuck!” As Becky started cumming, she was screaming almost at the top of her lungs. I was darting my tongue inside of her cunt and she was holding my mouth against her with her legs. She was almost folded in half against my mouth and I just kept going and I was feeling her cum hard on my mouth and tongue. She kept up for about two minutes and was screaming and having a hard time catching her breath! She was screaming that she was getting off so fucking hard and was screeching it out!

Neither of us noticed that Marcus and Kelly had come up and were at the doorway. Kelly thought it sounded like I was hurting her and raced up to make sure she was okay. Becky collapsed on the bed and sprawled out. From behind me, I heard “Good job babe! I rushed up here thinking she was in pain, but she was just exploding! Good thing you were holding her down with your face!” Becky was shaking and was trying to stop the shaking and Kelly walked up next to the bed and asked Becky if she was seeing bright white lights! Becky just nodded yes and was still trying to catch her breath. Marcus looked at me and said “Damn man! I thought she was trying to get your head inside of her too!” Becky was having a hard time trying to speak and breathe and panting heavily in between words, said “I was! I was trying to! Oh fuck! I feel light headed! Fuck, my head is spinning around!” Kelly leaned over the bed and in Beckys ear and whispered “I told you that he could put you in orbit! In about 20 minutes okay?” Beckys head was wobbling around and she nodded yes. I said “I heard you. 20 minutes for what? Kelly said “Nothing. You’ll see.” Kelly turned to grab Marcus and said “Come on Marcus. Let’s give them some privacy so they can get some air! It’s your turn in a few minutes!” When Kelly and Marcus left the room, Becky looked up at me and said “Fuck! Look at me! I’m still shaking so bad! Damn, I almost passed out!” I smiled and asked why she didn’t change the light bulb while she was up there. Becky looked up at the ceiling light and said “I could have!” My chin was soaked with some of Beckys cum. She reached up and wiped it off and was looking for a towel or something to wipe her hand on. I grabbed her wrist and licked her hand like a popsicle. Becky smiled at me.

I crawled up next to her and laid my head on her arm and stared at her. She turned her head to me and said “I never knew I could do that. Hell, I never knew anyone could even make me do that! Now, when I am at home and going to bed, I will always be picturing you with Kelly and wishing I was here too!” I told her she could always come over. I asked Becky what Kelly was talking about in 20 minutes and Becky said “It’s a surprise for you. Marcus already knows.” I told her she could tell me too and we all will know. Becky said I would see soon enough. I leaned up and said “Do I have to get my tongue back inside you to make you talk?” Becky smiled really big and said “Well, you are always welcome to keep trying!” I started kissing her and she grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me to her and we were trying to tie our tongues in a knot in each others mouths. When we stopped, Becky put her head against my chest and had her arms around me holding me close to her. She said she was listening to my heartbeat. Then, she looked at the clock and sat up and said “Let’s go downstairs.” She started putting on her white babydoll with the white stockings and I told her that we already seen her and she didn’t need those. Becky said “You’ll see!”

We walked down the stairs and as we got to the kitchen, I seen Kelly by the Jacuzzi and Marcus was over by the pool talking with two other black guys. I looked at Becky and said “I wonder who they are?” Becky said “It’s your surprise!” I said “Okay. So what’s up? Becky said she would let Kelly tell me. My thought was Kelly set it up for them to fuck Becky, but I wanted her tonight and was ready to tell Kelly no. We both walked out and Marcus waved to us and Becky and I walked over to Kelly. I still had Becky at my side with my arm around her and Kelly walked to the other side and put her arm around me too and said “I talked to Becky and then I talked to Marcus earlier because I wanted to surprise you. And before you say anything babe, you’re the only one fucking Becky in this house tonight. But Becky is going to give one guy head while you are fucking her and the other is going to be fucking me while I am giving Marcus head. When I am done fucking the one guy, Becky will take him over and give him head and I am going to fuck the other guy. When we were at the mall, Becky said she would like to see it and said she would give them head if we wanted her to. So. Do you want to fuck her and see her give a couple of guys head while I am fucking them and sucking Marcus?” I looked over at Becky and said “Do you want to?” Becky smiled and softly said “Yes!” I told them I was ready if they were. Kelly said Marcus was telling them head only from Becky and hands off her tonight. Anything else and the night is over for them. They were friends of his.

Marcus brought his friends over and introduced Becky and I to them. Edward and Norris. Through their pants, Becky noticed that Norris had a good size bulge and whispered to me “Look at that guy!” I looked at her and said “And you agreed to this before seeing them first?” Becky shrugged her shoulders. Kelly suggested we all go inside and once in there, Kelly said “Okay. Marcus said the two of you are absolutely huge, and that one of you is bigger! Which one of you has the biggest cock?” Marcus said “That’s Norris.” Kelly said that she wanted him after Edward then. Kelly said “Okay guys, let’s see what we get tonight!” and they both started getting undressed. Becky seen Norris limp and whispered to me “Oh my God! I’m not even going to try to get him in my throat!” I told Becky that its okay, because I don’t think even Kelly could do that one. Kelly said “I am hearing you two. Want to see me try?” Marcus said “I dare you!” So Kelly walked up to him and dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock and said “Okay. Let’s get you hard here!” As she stroked Norris, his cock started growing.

Holy fuck was this guy huge! Kelly held his cock against her face and said “Oh my God! This thing could tear a girls throat up! Well. Here goes nothing!” And she parted her lips and took the head of his cock in. Kelly had her mouth opened wider then I have ever seen and Norris was telling Kelly that her mouth was so fucking hot and that just turned Kelly on hearing it. She drove down onto his cock and took a little more of him. She lifted her head and staring at his cock, said “Hopefully, I haven’t met my match, but I also think this is going to split my cunt in two!” She drove down over his cock again and pushed down on him as hard as she could. He was hitting her throat, but wasn’t penetrating her throat yet. She pulled back and took in a breath and said “Fuck! Get in there!” And she slammed down on his cock and grabbed his ass and was trying to get that huge cock into her throat. But it wasn’t going. Kelly lifted up one more time and looked up at Norris and said “Help me out here!” Kelly took a huge breath and with her mouth as wide as she could, she slammed her mouth down over his cock. Kelly was pulling on his ass and Kelly grabbed his hand and put it on the back of her head to let him know she wants him to pull her down on him. Norris grabbed her and pulled her head pretty hard. Kelly came up for air again and said “Fuck! I have to do it! Damn! I know it could fit! More help down here!”

Kelly took in a breath and slammed her mouth over his cock. Norris grabbed her head with both hands and pulled so fucking hard on her head and he was straining at the entrance of her throat. Then suddenly, his cock went down! Farther and farther down his cock went into Kellys throat and her neck bulged out with the huge cock buried inside of it. He pulled harder and Kelly sank his cock all the way down! She held his cock for as long as she could and finally had to come up for air. When she pulled his cock out, she inhaled and said “Fuck yes! Damn! You are fucking huge!” Then she stopped. Norris asked if she would keep going because it felt so fucking hot in her throat and Kelly said “Maybe later. Beckys going to give you head, but don’t you dare pull her head on you!” Marcus climbed on the bed and laid on his back and Kelly straddled the bed and had her head next to his cock and was rubbing him. She reached over and grabbed a bottle of oil that she had and handed it to Edward and told him he should probably use it. Then she looked at Norris and said “And you better use the whole fucking bottle!”

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