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The Garment

She had taken a long, hot bath, performing the ageless female ritual of
cleansing, perfuming and preparing. Her bathrobe fell to the floor, and
she pulled on the swatch of black lace, barely identifiable as an
undergarment. Next came the stockings, black with a band of soft black
lace to match her panties. The shoes were patent leather heels... cliché?
Maybe, but they worked quite well. The corset, oh the corset. It was an
indulgent creation of hunter green silk trimmed in black. Each hook she
fastened constricted her a little more, each one heightening her
sensations. She grabbed the black ribbon laces and tightened, a little at a
time, the anticipation racing through her bl**d.

She stepped back, looking into the mirror, seeing there a voluptuous,
feminine figure with a waist small enough for a man to put his hands
around, and pale breasts straining to spill out of the garment, a deep V of
cleavage waiting to be explored. She added a long velvet skirt, the slit
up to mid-thigh, and a black velvet choker to complete her ensemble.

Only a few moments she waited, and she felt his presence before she
heard the knock on her door. Face to face with him, she could only hold
her breath and wait for a sign of approval as his eyes roamed over her. A
grin, almost devilish on his handsome face, and her hand is grasped in his
as they leave.

As the waiter shows them to their table, his hand slides to the small of
her back, his lips near her ear enshroud her mind with words only she can
hear from him.

"They're all looking at you, wanting you, and only I can have you."

All evening he instructs her. He wants to show her off, to tease the
other men in the restaurant. Their conversation is varied and intelligent,
punctuated by laughter and light touches. When the dinner is over and the
check is paid they stand, and his hand squeezes her waist possessively,
again his words only for her.

"Every man in this room is looking at you, knowing you're more
attractive and probably better behaved in the bedroom than their dates.
They're all fantasizing about you, wondering what I do to keep you, and
wishing they were me."

They rode to her home in silence, his hand resting on her thigh as he
drove. When they arrived, he stopped her with her key in the door, pressed
her against the wall and kissed her mindless, grinning to himself as one of
her neighbors walked by.

He led her by the hand into the bedroom, lighting a few candles and
turning on some soft melody or other. After taking off his jacket, tie and
shirt, he sat on the edge of the bed, motioning her over.

"Come here darling. Step out of those shoes, and take that skirt off.
Good. Now turn around."

As she presented her back to him, he removed her choker, replacing it
with a black leather collar, one shiny silver ring in the front center. He
then untied the laces of her corset, pulling them tighter before tying them

"Can you breathe, my pet?" With the corset hugging her so tightly she
could feel each shallow breath pushing her breasts against their
constraints. "Yes, I can breathe." "Yes what?" "Yes, sir."

With her back to him he couldn't see the slight blush of pleasure on her
face, or the heated look in her eyes as her mind screamed 'yes! Make me
your slave! Command me!' But command her, he did.

Following his instruction, she finished undressing him slowly, then
retrieved his favorite toys from the night stand, laying them out on the
foot of the bed side by side. She felt him watching her as she laid out
one long silk scarf, a smooth silver vibrator and a cat 'o nine tails. His
eyes nearly left scorch marks as she smoothed the leather strips of the
wicked looking flogger, and she wondered if he could hear all the naughty
thoughts moving through her brain.

Walking to her, he grinned, a wicked twinkle in his eye as he moved her
to the edge of the bed, bending her at the waist, moving her legs slightly
apart. Her heart beat faster as she waited for his touch, every sense
heightened in anticipation.

She jumped just slightly as his hand landed against her rear, and then
nearly purrs as he rubs away the sting. She waits for the next smack, and
the seconds seem to stretch on into hours before once again he spanks her,
the loud "thwack" echoing against the walls of her bedroom. Her hips
wiggle involuntarily, every time his hand connects with her bare bottom a
new whimper or moan slipping past her lips. "Oh, I don't think this is
quite enough for my pet. I think you need something... more"

He steps away from her, and she wants desperately to turn and look at
him, but she doesn't dare. She fidgets, just a little, as she hears a low
buzzing sound, and for that gets a very firm smack on her left buttock.

"I see you're already open for me, love... so sweet, so warm." She can
feel his fingers against her pussy lips, very softly spreading them a
moment before the vibrator slips in. It slides deep, and his thumb holds
it in place. "When I let go, you will NOT let it fall out, do you
understand?" "Yes, sir." "And what will happen if it does?" "I'll be
punished, sir."

With one hand firmly on her waist, he grabs the paddle, letting it fall
randomly against her skin. Unable to anticipate him, she could only moan
and tremble as she squeezed her wet thighs together, trying to keep the
vibrating intrusion from falling to the floor. Just as she feels it start
to slip, he takes it from her. She sees him as he settles, naked and
aroused, in the middle of the bed, against the pillows. He merely crooks a
finger and she climbs over to him, but he stops her before she can settle
on his lap. She kneels astride him, and his hand guides his cock to her
pussy lips, sliding up and down her slit. Her juices slide down his shaft,
and as the head of his cock bumps against her clit over and over, she moans
and shudders. The head of his cock dips into her, and she craves him. She
starts to slide down, and he grabs her firmly by the hips, preventing her
descent. "Oh no you don't. Not yet."

She whimpers a little, but obeys. Every muscle in her body tense, her
breath hitching as it shudders in and out of her lungs. Her eyes stay
locked on his, and his lips curve into a devilish grin as he slowly pulls
her down onto him. Her body erupts into a million points of pleasure,
clamping down on him in a torturously sweet vise. Her body arches back in
triumphant glory, and as she floats back down to Earth his hands wrap
around her waist, guiding her up and down on his thick cock. Pulling her
down, close against his body, he rolls over, pinning her under him. His
hands roam over her, gliding against the silk of her corset, the warm satin
of her skin. They kiss deeply, making love with their mouths as he slowly
and teasingly thrusts into her body. Each time he enters her, she grinds
against him, but he pulls away, leaving her nearly sobbing at the
emptiness. He lifts one of her legs into the air, nibbling on an ankle as
his fingers skim down the back of her knee. He pushes her legs back, knees
nearly to her breasts, and slides back into her dripping pussy. Over and
over he hammers into her, then stops and pulls her to him, wrapping her
legs around his waist. His hands are firm, almost bruising on her hips as
he grinds deep into her, groaning while his cock is filling her with his
cum. She can feel him pulsing inside of her, and she looks into his eyes,
moaning loudly, and she erupts around him like a velvet volcano, the
pleasure making her mindless.

Slowly he moves off of her, pulling her to her knees. His lips fall on
hers, and he unlaces her, pulling the garment off over her head, tossing it
to the floor. Lying on his back, she nestles against his side, resting her
head on his shoulder and listening to his heartbeat. With his hands
stroking her hair, they both fall into a contented sl**p, each wondering
what new delights tomorrow's apparel choice will bring.

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