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Dady and me first time

my bf is alot older then me. hes 48. oh this is a true story btw.
we met on line, i wanted to meet olderguys, cuz guys my own age are kinds imature. all the videos I like to watch on this site are all older guys with yunger guys (twinks) so I knew i wanted my first tiem to be with a guy that knew what he was doing. I also like older guys cuz they last longer when they fuck! I met Tom (thats his name) after we talked for like two months, i was nervous, but he was so cool and understanding in emails and then finally on the phone, that I wanted to meet him. (he is really smart and well spoken and has the sexiest deep voice!!!)

anyway. he drove the two hours to my house to pick me up, and he got a hotel to stay for the weekend. he took me to his room (it was really nice at the beach!) he got room service - it was really good! we sat and talked cuz he new I was nervus.

anyway, he finaly kissed me, and it was on! he is so sexy! I was yanking his clothes off and he was mine too! he is hairy and strong built! a little gray in his beard and hair... (I really like that he is not balding - he has a full head of hair!) soorry! its just that he turns me on so much! I can't stop telling you haow sexy he is!!!
we were kissing and striping our clothes off and i finaly got to see and hold his dady cock! ( he LOVES me calling him dady!!!) it is so nice!

I wanted to get it in my mouth! it taste so good!! i want to make him happy cuz i want to do this again and again with him, so i tried real hard. but after a while my jaw was hurting and dady said he wanted to do things to me... (I love when dady says he wants to do thingss to me!!! he is always surprizing me!)

he turned me around and started kissing me on my butt and then rimming me. omg rimming feels SOOOO good! i came from him doing it to me... (he was jacking my cock a little too, but still, it was mostly the rimming that made me cum!) when i came he catched some in his hand and told me to eat it... i had never tasted my own cum - i do it every time now!
anyway i loved his tunge up my ass so much i wanted more!
I wanted him to FUCK me!!!

he asked if i was sure, and said he would go slow, and its a good thing! he was very pacient. he had me sit on it, he was in a chair we were facing each other so he culd look in my eyes as i slowly sat on it... it going in me real slow. strchin me.
i finally got it all in me. and we just sat there... his dady ddick deep in me. he was so nice. he asked how i was. and then he kissed me. it was the best kiss ever. and he said look at the moon and the waves... it was real romantic. fianlly he started lifting me up and down. he was fucking me. we did it like this for a long time, but then he said he wanted to do it with me laying down and him on top. he likes to be in control! he said. without pulling out he picked me up and carried me to the bed. he layed me down him on top and lifted my legs up high... it went in deeper then before. he started really pumping it!

I loved looking up at him and him sweat dripping on me.

i was so turned on with him hammering away at my tite boi fanny it was soooo good! i knew i wanted him to do it to me again and again. i am hooked! haha.

when he finally cummed in me,,, i watched his face as he dumped his huge load up in me! we were fucking raw (don't judge - he got tested before we did it and now we are monogamus!) he kept fucking me and cumming! he has such stamina! he was done and he just laid on me, his hard didck still in me. we layed there like that for a long time kissing and he would like make his dick throb like he was still pumping cum in me... and i would tite up my ass to let him feel that. he didnt go soft. so he start to fuck me again. but i was kinda sore.
he made me turn over and he laid his dick in my ass checks and rubbed in in them till he came again!

That first time we both had such a good time that now we fuck whenever we can... and i let him leave it in me now, so he can cum in me as much as he wants!
i luv my dady!

hope u like my story!

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