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My stsier and her friend

My story starts no Tuesday february 28 when I got home from a friends house. We were having some drinks and alittle smoke shooting the shit. I'm 25 male and horny like most men when drinking.I got home around 9:00 pm, my parents were out at bingo and and I wasent sure where my s****r was. The lady that lives right behind my house was very hot and about 35 so I went in my backyard to see if I could get a peek in her bedroon window. I waited about 20 min but I had no luck no lights came on in her house.
Then all of a sudden my s****rs light came on right behine me so I ducked behind our pool. My s****r is 20 thin and has a smoking hot body. I got clooser to see what she was doing so she woulden't catch me peeking in oun nabours window and she undoing her shirt. Well it was unexpected but I liked it alot so I watched her. She took her shirt off then started to undo her jeans and I got hard in an instint. She then walked around her room looking for something for like 3 min. Then she left her room so I thought about running in the house to catch her but 1 min later she came back in with her nightgown. She then took her braw and panties off and was brushing her hair in the dresser mirror when she spun around fast so I ducked and hope she never saw me in the mirror.She never came to the window so I peeked again slow and she was brushing her hair again.She then put her nightgown on and left her room.
I diden;t want her comming out back so I ran out front and knocked on the door like I forgot my keys.she let me in and I went in my room and jerked off. I think she was listening to me because I could see her shadow under my door.I tell you I came pritty quick.
That friday I came home from drinking so I went out back to see if any lights were on but both houses were black so I went to the front door and opened it and my s****r and her friend were watching a movie in the livingroon. I went into my room and my s****r cane and knocked on my door and asked if I wanted anything from the store they were going to get munchies but I said no I was going to bed. They leftso I turned my tv on and went to lie on my bed when I noticed my blinds were lifted about 2 inches so I knew she was in my room. Then I herd the back gate open so I knew what they were up to so I got undressed put on a porn and gave them a show.It took me about 8 min then went into the bathroom to clean up.I herd themcome back in so I went to the kitchen to get a drink and they were smileing and watching ther movie again.She said that her friend was staying over and my first thought was jackpot! I went in my room but left my door open about a foot, striped down nude and lied in bedwith a thin sheet over my stomach exposing my cock.I left my tv on so there was alittle light for when they walked past my room to get to hers.About 45 min later I herd them turn ther tv off so I pretended to be asl**p and I herd "look, look". My s****rs friend noticed me the first pass and then they passed by my room like 4 more times. The last time they were very quiet and my heart was now raceing,I herd wispering and then beep...beep...beep.Well I know that sound they were takeing pictures of me.they must have taken about 20 pics before they left but as soon as they left I jerked off again. I cant wait for my next incounter I'll let you know when I do.

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