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Club initiation

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My wife Gwen and I sat nervously in our car, anxious to go inside, but with butterflies in our stomachs. We had been with another couple one other time, and that had been on vacation on an island and we had quite a few drinks beforehand. Obviously, we had greatly enjoyed it, thus leading to our current endeavor.

A friend had sponsored us for this private swing club, and we understood that the first night we would be at everyone's disposal, sort of an initiation to get in. It was to be us and three other couples, and the meeting place was one of the couple's houses. We both knew it was going to be extremely erotic, and very nasty also. When we were told about the activities that might happen I got an instant erection and Gwen's smile told me that she readily agreed with me. We were going to try it, and probably going to get off like never before.

"Are you ready Babe?" I asked Gwen as I rubbed her leg. She was dressed to kill, spike heels and fishnets, little mini-skirt, a cute halter top with her long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was beautiful.

"I am if you are Tom," was her reply.

We got out of the car and walked up to the door hand in hand. A gorgeous woman of about 30, who ushered us inside and thanked us for coming, opened it. She led us downstairs to the "playroom", where the others were waiting.

Looking around we saw a small bar at one end, some video equipment, and some interesting looking bondage devices. Gwen had a big smile, she liked to be tied up and really liked to tie me up.

We were introduced around, and everyone got fresh drinks. Gwen and I were both given double iced vodka's, and we drank them quickly to relax. We sat around for a few minutes making small talk, and then Carol, the woman who showed us in announced that she was quite horny and would like to get started.

Her husband, Jim, suggested that Gwen and I should get everyone in the mood by giving them a sex show. Another couple, Steve and Sharon told us to strip down and perform 69 on each other, but for Gwen to leave her stockings and heels on.

The last couple, John and Janice got up and set up the video camera.

"It's for our own protection," John said. "We can't have anyone going around telling people what we do, so we record everything so that everyone stays quiet. It's also a lot of fun to watch later," he added with a grin.

So Gwen and I took to the middle of the room, and quickly removed our clothes, except for Gwen's stockings and heels. I lay down and Gwen positioned herself over me, her pussy directly above my face. I was incredibly aroused at being naked in front of these strangers, and I could see and smell that Gwen was very moist. I love it when she sits on my face, and I was reaching my tongue up to taste her as she gently licked the length of my cock.

Carol called out "It looks like he really wants it, grind it down on him and make him happy!"

Gwen obeyed and dropped her hips so that her cunt was squarely pressed against my face. I lovingly licked and sucked, taking her lips into my mouth and sucking them, and shoving my tongue deep into her twat. She was sucking like a pro, and I felt both my balls pop into her mouth, and she sucked hard making me groan.

I was getting close to cumming, which apparently no one wanted me to do yet. Carol called out to Gwen, "Easy there honey, save some for the rest of us. Tom, why don't you get up and come with us girls for a minute, we have a little job for you."

I got up and Carol, Sharon, and Janice led me into an adjacent room as I looked over my shoulder at Gwen. She was licking her lips and gave me a wink. I was wondering what my "job" was.

Off of that room was a bathroom, and Carol took me into it and closed the door. I felt strange being completely naked alone with her, but my cock was still at full staff.

Carol lowered her skirt and panties, and exposed her pussy to me. She sat down on the toilet and said "Those drinks run right through me, I can never hold it in long." She had her legs spread as she sat with her skirt and panties around her ankles, and I could see a thick stream of pee shoot out of her. I was a little embarrassed, but also fascinated. Gwen was a private bathroom person and I had never seen a woman pee before.

"There, that's better," she said. "Could you just hand me a bit of toilet paper?"

I looked around, but I didn't see any.

"Oh dear," she said, "I guess we're out. I'll tell you what, why don't you lick my pussy clean for me?"

I couldn't believe what she said. I think my eyes bugged out because she looked at me and laughed and said "Come on, a little pee pee never hurt anyone." She stood up and pressed me down to my knees, and pulled my face to her pussy, golden nectar clinging to her pubic hair. "Tongue out, clean me good!" she snapped. I licked at the droplets, and tasted her excitement as well. She must have gotten off at being in charge.

When I was done she told me to wait where I was, she was going to see if the other girls needed to pee also. They of course did, and I got cleaning detail for both of them. My cock was positively dripping when I finished up with Janet who was last, and she caught a drop and then rubbed my cock until it was slick with pre-cum.

"Look, you got my hand all slippery with your nasty cock juices. I think you better clean that off for me." She held her hand to my face and had me lick her palm and clean between her fingers. She told me to suck on each one of her fingers, like it was a cock that I was sucking. When I was done she laughed and we stepped out into the room where she promptly told Carol and Sharon what she had me do.

"He sucked my fingers like a little whore, pretending that it was cock. We might have to get him some real cock later; he did such a good job! Let's go see what the boys are up to."

We went back into the main room, and were greeted with the sight of Gwen on her knees in front of Jim, who had removed his pants and was having Gwen make out with his dick. Steve and John were watching, urging her on and calling her "slut" and "whore". Dirty talk always drove her wild, and we could all see that her juices were running down the tops of her thighs into her stockings.

"Wow," exclaimed Sharon, "look how fucking wet that cunt is! Steve, I think that the slut is so wet even your monstrous cock would slide up her without a problem. Why don't you fuck her from behind while she sucks on Jim?"

Steve stood up and removed his pants and underwear. My God, his cock was huge! Gwen looked over her shoulder to see, and her eyes lit up. She quickly went back to sucking and spread her legs nice and wide, clearly inviting that giant cock up her love canal.

Steve kneeled behind her and grasped her hips, pulling her back until the tip of his cock rubbed against the opening to her musty hole. He leaned forward and slowly entered her, the giant dick stretching her wide and slipping in a little at a time. Gwen let out a moan and pressed back into him, she was hornier than I've ever seen her. She never let Jim's cock out of her mouth, sucking and licking for all she was worth.

Carol was intrigued, "Look at that slut suck! I'm definitely going to have her eat me out, I think I'm going to cum all over her face too!"

When Gwen heard this she started rocking back and forth, and I knew she was giving Steve the fucking of his life. She has very strong pussy muscles, and works them out. She can actually make it feel like a hand job when she is fucking, her pussy grip is so strong. Steve grabbed her waist and started banging her right back, Sharon urging him on.

"Fuck," Steve shouted! "I'm going to cum hard, her fucking cunt feels so fucking tight! I'm going to fucking cum right NOW!" Steve's whole body shook with the f***e of his orgasm, which in turn set off tremors in Gwen.

"Oh God", she cried. "You're filling me with cum! I'm cumming too! OH FUCK I'M CUMMING SO HARD". She leaned back as hard as she could on Steve's spurting member, milking every spasm with voraciousness. Steve pulled out and Gwen was still on her knees, her pussy gaping from the fucking and cum just starting to ooze out of her hole.

John and Jim helped her to her feet, and led her to a low padded table with cuffs on all four corners. I watched as they fastened her wrists down, and then her ankles. The cuffs were positioned so that her knees had to be bent, and they then tied one knee to the other with the strap running under the table so that she lay on her back, with her knees spread wide fully exposing her cum drenched pussy.

Carol pulled off her clothes, and stepped around to the table. "I want a thorough licking from you," she told Gwen as she positioned herself over Gwen's face. She lowered herself so that Gwen could just lick her pussy lips, which were very wet and slick already.

"Your turn," said Jim. I was led to the table next to Gwen, and tied down in similar fashion. The cameras were repositioned to catch all the action. I turned my head to see that Carol had sat down completely on Gwen's face, and was grinding and rubbing her cunt to the pace of Gwen's ministrations.

"She's really eating me out well," said Carol. "Jim, why don't you give her cunt some attention? I know how much you like sloppy seconds, it looks like Steve really left a big load in there, it should be nice and gushy."

Jim didn't need any further encouragement, he stepped right up to Gwen and plunged his cock into her open hole. Gwen grunted and squirmed a little, but couldn't really move much as Carol's twat was still firmly planted on her face.

"And now something for you," Sharon said. I looked over to see she was modeling a strap on dildo, which she had attached with a very sturdy looking harness. She turned sideways so I could see the length, and I must admit she looked very intimidating. She was rubbing lubricant up and down the length, as if she were fisting herself off.

"Open wide honey," she told me as she stepped up and placed the tip against my exposed ass. "Just relax and get ready for a nice fucking. I'm going to end up screwing you quite hard, this strap on has nubs that rub against my clit, and the harder I fuck you the better it feels. You be a good little slut and make it nice for me."

With my legs up and spread like that it was easy for her to slide the entire length right up me. I groaned and she laughed, and started a slow rhythm back and forth, pulling out almost all the way and then plunging back in to the hilt.

Janice laughed at my predicament and said, "I think he likes it! He's like a little whore, all anxious to get her ass fucked!"

Sharon agreed and asked me "Is that what you are? Are you a little fucking slut that likes getting fucked? You like having my cock deep in your ass you bitch? Tell me whore, tell me if you like it! Tell us all what you are!"

"Yes! I love being your whore!" I cried out truthfully. "I'm your slut that wants you to ass fuck me!"

"Well if your such a slut I think you should have a cock in your mouth as well as one in your ass. John, can you help this slut out and put a cock in his mouth?"

I had never done this, but they had made me extremely hot and horny. Even though no one was paying attention to my cock, it was larger than it had ever been and was dripping and making a sticky mess on my stomach.

Janice turned my head to the side, and I was met with John's rock hard dick. "Start by licking it slut. Get it nice and wet before you start sucking on it," she told me.

I reached out with my tongue and ran it up and down his shaft, tasting cock for the first time in my life. Pre cum immediately emerged from the head, and I licked it up, pleasantly surprised by it's slick saltiness.

"Now lick down and suck each one of his balls. That always gets him really excited, you'll be rewarded with a nice big load of cum later."

I did as I was told, and John's cock seemed to grow another inch. Janice was still steadily pounding my ass, enjoying the feel of fucking a helpless man.

"Now, take it into your mouth and make him cum. Show us how well you can suck it you dirty slut! Your slutty wife is enjoying a mouthful of pussy, show her how much you enjoy a mouthful of dick!"

I took his shaft into my mouth and sucked and licked at it. He was releasing a lot of pre cum; I could clearly taste it and feel his excitement. This went on for several minutes, and then as he neared orgasm Janice came from behind him and began manipulating his balls.

John cried out as she tweaked them, and I felt his cock shiver and start to spurt. She started to fully and roughly massage his balls, telling him to spurt all the cum he had into her "slut's" mouth. John had no problem with that; it felt like he came about a quart.

As he came, so did Sharon from the nubs rubbing against her clit as she fucked me. She cried out "Yes! God, I'm cumming from fucking this bitch!" She buried the dildo in my ass as hard as she could, rubbing herself against the hilt for maximum sensation.

"Swallow that cum you fucking whore! You've worked hard to get your treat, now swallow it down!" I did as I was told, and John pulled out from my mouth, sated and going limp.

Carol let out a long moan, seems she was cumming on Gwen's face, just as she had promised. Jim had held off cumming, but now that Carol was on the verge he let go and started banging away at Gwen's twat for all he was worth. He yelled and let loose a spray of cum in Gwen's already cummy cunt, adding to the mess that was running out of her and down her ass crack.

Gwen began to shake violently, another orgasm welling up inside of her. She strained against the bonds, crying out as Carol dismounted.

"Oh my God, I'm cumming again! God it feels so good! God, I love being a fucking SLUUUUTTTT!" Her orgasm went on for a good 30 seconds, and then she stopped straining and lay there, exhausted.

"Hey!" said Janice. "I didn't even get to cum yet. I've been too busy making sure this slut stays busy!"

Sharon pulled the dildo from my ass, which almost made me cum right there, but I managed to hold off.

"He looks like he might be ready to fuck," Sharon said to Janice while pointing at my incredibly hard cock. "Why not climb on and go for a ride?"

Janice quickly mounted the table and grasped hold of my cock. She rubbed it against her clit, and then gently slipped it into her remarkably wet snatch. I moaned and said "Easy, easy, I'm close!"

Janice said, "This slut talks too much, what can we plug his mouth with. Hmmm, I know! How about we do it with Gwen? We could put her pussy on his mouth and then he wouldn't make so much noise!"

Jim and Steve agreed and quickly unstrapped Gwen from the table. She was practically limp, and they helped her over to my table and held her so that she was directly over my face.

Looking up I could see what a mess her pussy was. Two loads of cum were dribbling out from her wide open and stretched out cunt. It ran into her pubic hair and matted it down, and was dripping down the inside of her thighs as it soaked into her fishnets. I could smell the damp sex, and a strong mustiness emanated from between her thighs, this woman had been soundly fucked and had added her own cum juices to the men's.

"That's it Gwen, now sit down on his face so that he keeps quiet," said Janice as she rocked on my cock.

Gwen lowered down, Jim and Steve helping her keep her balance. I stuck out my tongue and it slithered right up into her twat as she sat her pussy down on me. I tasted the mixed cum, and licked up and down, in and out, cleaning her as the mess ran down my cheeks.

This went on for several minutes, I could hear comments like "He's such a slut," and "What a whore, he eats cum from cunts," and "That is really nasty, we should sell this movie!"

Finally, I felt Janice start to quiver; I knew she was starting her orgasm. She cried out and leaned forward, grabbing hold of Gwen's hips and pushing her down harder on me.

"God, I'm fucking cumming now. Oh fuck, oh yeah, oh fuck, GOD YES!" She shouted this and began to buck and pound my cock, making me explode my long pent up load into her cunt. Gwen's twat muffled my cries, but then I felt her start to squeeze her thighs.

"I think there's more in me," Gwen said. "Oh God, I think I'm going to cum again."

This was new for Gwen, she had never had three orgasms before, and two was a genuine rarity.


Gwen came like a firehose! She clamped her thighs and rode my face, her strong muscles contracting her pussy pumping out all the cum that was in there, plus a stream of her own cum juices. Her whole body shook and Jim and Steve squeezed and played with her nipples as she spurted. She finally collapsed and the guys helped her down and gently lay her on a bed. Her eyes glinted with happiness, a smile played on her lips as she lay exhausted, unable to move.

I was still tied down and Janice looked at Gwen, looked at me, and looked at Gwen again.

"Hey," she said, "that looked like a lot of fun! I want to try it!"

"No problem," said Carol. "We still have our slut tied down, and you're all full of cum! I think Sharon and I want a turn too, what do you think of that slut?"

I didn't have much of a chance to answer, seeing that Janice was already lowering herself over my face! All in all, I think our first night in the swing club went well!

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