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Helenes Daughters

Helene woke early and began to get ready for her day. Shrugging of her
satin robe she caught a look at herself in the mirror. She was pretty
pleased with how her 34 year old body was holding up, despite giving birth
to two daughters. She took a shower thinking about her charmed life. She
had two beautiful girls Lily 9 and the Vicky 13, both on the second week of
their summer school break. Which had its own challenges as the girls were
hardly quiet around the house. Helene was used to her own space and peace
and quiet while the girls were at school. Now the girls were at home the
place was becoming a mess. Thankfully Helene had a maid who came to clean
for her. But on reflection she was glad that she had the girls.

Helene was blessed that she had a large luxurious home and plenty of money
in the bank. Her circumstances for this was her divorcing her husband
after working him to the bone to get her set up in the style she aspired
to, and then arranging a blackmail to get her divorce, all his money, and
the home. She smiled at how ruthless she could be. And of the memory of the
video she still had of him still, tied to a hotel bed being ****d by a gang
of blackmen.

Helene walked back into her bedroom ready to dress, she slipped on a red
satin camisole set and sheer black nylon blouse. It was now for her daily
treat she took a long menthol cigarette from her packet and opened her
bedroom window. At this time everyday, a local woman in her early 40`s
Helene guessed, walked her dog past her home. There was something about
this woman Helene liked. The woman in question always dressed and looked
sexy to Helene. But she had never had chance to meet her in any of the
local shops or bars,or to have any meaningful conversation.

Soon Helene heard the woman talking to her dog as she pulled it up towards
Helenes home. As she took a pull from her cigarette, Helene could see that
today the blonde woman had on a black nylon puffer body warmer, and
underneath that a fishnet top was showing. Her legs were incased in shiny
black leggings ending with a black lacy trim around the ankles, and her
feet were in a sexy pair of black ankle boots. This womans daily attire
seemed to Helene to be just a little to sexy for just a dog walk. Many sexy
fantasies were given to Helene about this woman and why she dressed as she
did. Yes this was Helenes daily treat the woman always started Helenes day
on a sexy buzz. Pulling on a pencil skirt Helene went to have a small
croissant breakfast, a throwback to her french heritage.

Soon Helene was in her home office ready to begin work. First she checked
her personal emails to see if any of her friends had sent her any
interesting messages. She and her friends had a little club going where
they often met for some sexy fun and games. Not that she would be able to
join in with the k**s being at home she thought to herself bitterly.

One of her friends had sent her a couple of links, one a short video clip
and another to a story. Helene opened the story first, it was one of her
favourite fantasies and scenarios a lesbian i****t story. she began to read
it promising herself she would start work as soon as she had finished it.

Helenes concentration was fully on the story, it was well written and
Helene was enjoying reading it. She began to get turned on as the story got
to some of the hotter parts. Helene began to rub her breasts through her
blouse and hitched up her skirt. As she read she began to rub her pussy and
to twist her nipples. She was reading the story faster and faster and toyed
with self with increasing passion.

Just as she was starting to lose herself in the story she heard a load of
banging and crashing."fuck it" she thought to herself "Those bl**dy k**s
are up already". Fuming she tidied her clothing and exited her email.
She started to work unimpressed still with her lack of sex lately because
the girls were home, and the cruel interruption from her daughters. She
decided that they were old enough to get their own breakfast and given her
mood at that time, that they would be better off out of her way.

Lily struggled with the toaster, making a mess as she got more jam over
the kitchen than on her toast. Vicky followed her into the room spilling
milk over the table as she attempted a bowl of cereal. Before they could
scold themselves with tea or coffee Helene finally cooled down enough to
enter the war zone that was formally her custom made pride and joy kitchen.

Helene hit the ceiling as she took in the scene. "What the hell has been
going on here" she demanded. The two girls looked at each other guiltily,
but as they looked at each other they couldn't stop giggling. Not
surprisingly this did nothing to calm Helene and her temper got the worst
of her.
"Clean this mess up and then go to your room until I come and get you"

Helene went back to her office and threw herself into her work, hoping
that would help her calm down. Helenes business was kept a big secret from
most people especially her c***dren. She sold sex toys, costumes and
lingerie and to a select few. There was a hidden link for the same things
aimed at a younger market. The most pleasure she had with this work was
chatting to other women about the fun and games her customers had with her

After a few hours Helene needed the toilet and a cigarette, which she had
left in her bedroom. Helene decided to creep silently up the stairs aiming
to catch the girls in any mischief they may be up to. Helene was in for
such a shock Instead of the expected fighting or messy room, Helene found
Vicky with her shorts around her ankles and Lily between her older s****rs

Helene watched mesmerized through the gap in the door, to her experienced
eye it looked like Lily knew exactly what she was doing. Helene unzipped
her skirt and let it drop to the floor, and slipped her hand into her
panties. Helene knew it was wrong to be turned on by watching her
daughters, but lesbian sex and especially when younger girls were involved
was one of her greatest vices.

Helene had grown up thinking of herself as bisexual, but the more times
she had been out with men she had found it lacking and turned more towards
women as a source of sexual release. Her marriage to her ex husband had
been a means to an end for her, as she wanted to have c***dren, once she
had the two daughters she required, she had put her plan into action to be
rid of him.

Now she was so turned on to be seeing her ultimate taboo, and one of her
favourite fantasies with her own daughters involved. She was so tempted to
walk in the room and join in there and then. But she knew she had to play
things cool and think things through. She felt that a softer approach may
be better in the long term.

Vicky pulled her top off and began to play with her budding small breasts
as she pushed her s****rs head harder into her lap.

" Fuck me Lils your a natural cunt licker, must be from watching all that
lesbo porn on mums computer. Go on put your finger up my ass. I don't think
any one could turn me on more than you, even mum. You know just what to do
to me Lils".
Helene was flattered by her daughters comments and a little excited.

Helene was so turned on now she knew that she would have to move away as
she didn't trust herself not to lose control and make a noise. She went to
her bedroom and took out her ball gag from her secret box of toys. Helene
put the ball in her mouth and fastened the strap around her head. She hoped
that when she came that this would muffle any sound she may make. Her
fingers found her pussy which was at its wettest that she could remember
for a long time. The vision of two of her favourite fantasies playing out
in front of her, i****t and young lesbian girls was just to much. The fact
that the participants were her own daughters was just so mind blowing.

Helene pinched at her nipples and had to bite into her gag as she rubbed
her pussy hard. First she rubbed clockwise then alternated to rub
anticlockwise. Faster and faster she rubbed thinking back on what the girls
had been doing just a few metres away from where she now lay, and what they
may be doing right at that moment. She pulled a dildo from her toy box and
rubbed her juices over it before gliding it into her open wanting hole. She
turned around facing her bedspread and with her ass in the air. Still with
the dildo going in and out of her pussy Helene reached behind her and began
to toy with her ass hole.

Helene had always been a very anal woman, and the only times she had
enjoyed sex with men was when they were taking her anally, sometimes the
rougher the better. Now as she played in her bedroom and touched her anal
opening, sparks flew inside her mind. This was the final piece in the
jigsaw of the massive orgasm beginning to course through her body. Her
whole body shook and she sweated profusely, her breathing was reduced to
short sharp breaths.

Helene lay on the bed and recovered smoking a cigarette, she watched the
swirls of smoke circle over her. She thought about the afternoons
surprising events and pondered over the future. Helene really didn't know
what to do. Should she confront the girls? Should she put a stop to it? or
should she encourage them and maybe live out her biggest fantasy? Yes that
would be so hot she thought to herself but not without massive risks. She
could be rejected and hated by the girls, or she could be outed by a loose
tongue and put in prison.

After some soul searching and deliberation she decided she needed to talk
to someone she trusted, and who lived the life that she was
contemplating. Helene went back to her office, noting as she walked past
the girls room that they were watching tv. She logged into her messenger
system and left a note with Faye that she needed to chat with her asap. She
continued to work as she waited for her friend to log in.

Finally after a couple of hours the messenger pinged and her friend was

Helene: Hello Faye how are things Faye: Hi good thanks, whats up you said
you needed to talk? Helene: Well it's been a strange but exciting day here
Faye: Why whats happened, you have me intrigued? Helene: Well I got to
watch through a bedroom door, Lily licking Vickys pussy it was so hot Faye:
Wow, so cool, I bet that got you a little hot lol Helene: Just a little
hun. I had to sort myself out in my room Faye: So am I right in thinking
that your beating yourself up about whether you should have joined them?
Helene: Yes exactly that. I know you have such a relationship with your
girl but it's such a big step isn't it Faye: Of course it is hunni, but if
the mutual attraction is there whats so wrong? Helene: I know in my heart
your right, but my mind tells me its still so wrong, no offence and such a
big risk. I'm not sure I have the nerves for it Faye: How about we meet up
for a drink and a chat? Helene: Sounds good to me, I think I need to be
out of here to think straight or not lol. Give me a minute to see if I can
get a baby sitter Faye: ok

Helene picked up her mobile and called a neighbouring woman, known locally
as mrs Roberts. Though nobody had ever seen a mr Roberts. Mrs Roberts who
Helene knew as Margaret was a lady in her late 50's maybe early
60`s. Helene knew that she often looked at her online young girls
clothing catalogue though she never ordered anything. Helene suspected
that Margaret had an interest in the young models but didn't have the nerve
to go any further. Margaret was pleased to be able to help out and said
that she would be over at half past six in the evening.

Helene messaged Faye back and they arranged to get together. Calling the
girls she made a meal and they sat at the table to eat. Helene sneaked
looks at the girls, but they didn't show any signs of embarrasment or
flirting, which told Helene that she hadn't been caught watching, and that
maybe the girls had been playing together for a while.

She told the girls that she was going out for a drink with a friend, and
that Margaret was coming to look after them and that they had better
behave. Did the girls glance at each other then? or was it her imagination
playing tricks?

Helene went to her room and opened her walk in wardrobe. She knew that
this was just a quick drink and conversation, but she still wanted to look
sexy and classy for her friend. She had only met Faye once before, though
they chatted online quite alot, and had become quite friendly. Faye was one
of her best customers who had ordered a considerable amount of clothing in
the smaller sizes. Intrigued Helene had contacted her and delivered the
first order herself. She had met her daughter and found that Faye and her
daughter were closer than most mothers and daughters.

Choosing her clothes carefully Helene felt naughty and opened her door
slightly. If her daughters thought she was sexy why should she deny them a
peek of their mother undressed. She slipped out of her clothing and
redressed in her chosen outfit. Fresh stockings were rolled up her legs and
clipped to her suspender belt. Satin panties and a bra in the same colour
and material were next. Helene slipped on a cream satin blouse noting with
pleasure how the bra faintly showed through. A stylish pencil skirt with a
split up the side and a matching jacket were the last items she put on
before she put on her favourite black heels.

Helene went into the lounge where the girls were watching the
television. She sat in a chair opposite and made small talk, ocassionally
she would cross and uncross her legs, letting the girls get a good look at
her stockinged legs. Helene felt that if her girls were interested in her
sexually that it would be great fun to tease them mercilessly. Every now
and then she would stroke her stockinged legs, letting the girls hear the
hiss as her hand slid up the fully fashioned silky stockings.

The girls watched as secretly as they could, each of them loving every
minute of their mothers show. Vicky the 13 year old especially loved her
mothers clothing, finding it so classy but so sexual too and longed to be
able to wear such clothes. Sometimes both the girls would go in the used
laundry basket and pick out their moms clothes. They would smell their
mothers perfume from her blouses. Getting aroused as they did this, they
would keep the panties until last. They would look for the different stains
noticing how some panties were stained more than others.

On a good day they would they would find a heavily stained pair. Unaware
of the sexual fun and games their mother had gone through to leave such
tell tale signs. To the girls Helen was practically celebate and only went
out for business meets and to see her friends for drinks.

On what they would call a very good day the girls would find lots of sexy
clothing in the basket and a couple of pairs of heavily stained
panties. They never put it together that these days followed school days,
or days when Helene had been to a late running business meeting! The girls
would look at the stains, sniff at them and take their tops off. Then the
girls would hold one of their mothers satin blouses moving it against their
nipples as they sniffed in their mothers musky aroma.

There was a knock on the door and Helene went to open it. Margaret stood
there in a clingy skirt just above her knees and a leather jacket her face
as always made up nicely. "Mmmm quite nice maybe someday I will have to
seduce this old woman" Helene thought to herself. Helene had a
thing about older ladies, having been seduced by an elderly aunt while she
was a c***d. She beckoned the older woman in, telling her that she didn't
expect to be any longer than three hours.

Helene left the house knowing that the girls were safe with Margaret,
although she liked to look at young girls, Helene was sure the old woman
wouldn't have the nerve to touch, and at that moment Helene was only
worried that someone may beat her to her daughters.

It didn't take long for Helene to drive to Fayes home, despite calling
into her warehouse on the way. She knocked at the door and was welcomed by
Anna who was Fayes 12 year old daughter. Helene smiled to herself as she
took a good look at the young girl. Anna took Helene through into the
lounge where Faye was waiting.

"Anna why don't you go for a shower and get changed you have been wearing
those clothes all day".

Anna looked glum as if she was going to miss something. She made to leave
the room but Helene called her back, handing the girl a parcel.

"Just a little gift for you, I know your mother has been looking at this
outfit for you for a while now and Iam sure you will look devine in it"

Anna thanked Helene and gave her a peck on the lips before leaving the
room to go for her shower.

Faye came up to Helene and gave her a long kiss and offered her a seat
and a drink. Once they were settled next to each other on Fayes large
comfortable sofa they began to talk.

" Thank you so much for that outfit, you didn't have to you know. I just
know she is going to look stunning in it"

Helene nodded her agreement. "Yes she will, she has become a real looker
that girl of yours. Maybe I should have her model for the website"

Faye took a sip of her drink. "Yes that would be fun. So tell me
what's on your mind after your live sex show" she giggled. Helene
took her time to answer staring into space for a while before also taking a
large drink from her glass.

"Well you know I have had an interest in young girls for a long time, but
when it is your own daughters". She paused, thinking to herself " I suppose
they are all someones daughters but what if I make a move and they hate me
for it"?

Faye put her arm around her friends shoulder,comforting her and holding
her close.

"You know that myself and Anna are in a relationship. And I do know how you
are feeling. But when Anna returned the love I had for her, it was the
happiest day of my life. We are so close now. We can talk about just about
anything you could think of. Do you realise how nice it is to know your
daughter will come to you with any worry or problem she may be
having. Knowing she feels so secure with you. It's such a deeper love than
a normal mother and daughter usually share. And need I say the sex is
fucking awesome."

Helene was quiet for a moment taking in all that her friend had said.
"Yes I guess it must be, the feeling of taboo must give an extra thrill to
it all also. But where do you draw a line, surely there are times you want
a more conventional relationship, perhaps with another woman. You know, to
go to the theatre with, or a restaurant. To be seen in public with,
Wouldn't your daughter become jealous"?

Faye laughed and refreshed their drinks. "No, not at all. Think of it like
any relationship. You simply make the ground rules and make it clear that
you will still date other women and they are free to develop
relationships. Maybe even find a girlfriend their own age".

Helene was coming to a decision in her own mind just as the door opened
and Fayes daughter Anna, came back into the room. Helene and Fayes mouthes
watered as they took in the sight of the young beauty in front of them. She
had put on the outfit that Helene had brought with her. The outfit was a
sleeveless latex dress with a flared skating skirt. Annas small breasts
showed under the skin tight latex that Helene had given a shine to before
driving to Fayes home.

Faye gave a nod to Anna. Helene later found out that what was to follow
had been arranged between the mother and daughter. Anna walked across the
room and knelt in front of Helene, lifting Helenes skirt with one hand she
carressed the older womans stockinged leg. Soon the young teen was stroking
Helenes pussy watching as the satin panties developed a widening wet patch.

Helene leaned back touching her breast as she saw Faye strip off and kneel
behind Anna. Faye reached around her daughter cupping her latex enclosed
breasts, and whispering encouragement to her. Anna slipped a finger under
Helenes panties squirming towards the hot moist pussy opening. Helene
lifted her bottom off the sofa pulling up her skirt as Anna pulled off
Helenes panties.

Faye came and sat close to Helene on the sofa, she whispered in Helenes
ear how Anna had jumped at the chance to tongue Helenes Pussy when she had
been told that Helene was coming and what the chat was to be about. Faye
unbuttoned Helenes blouse and explored Helenes breasts. Helene leaned
forward and removed her Jacket and blouse as Faye undid the bra.

Faye leant across and planted her lips on Helenes, cupping a breast. As
she did, Anna put her lips to Helenes pussy and began to lick up the juices
around the shaven mound. Helene gave a shudder as the young girls tongue
touched her sensitive pussy lips. She clamped her thighs around the girls
head, holding her there.

Faye and Helenes tongues entwined in a sexy dance of passion, Helene
glanced down and noticed that as Anna was licking her pussy she was also
fingering her mother. Helene reached across and began to massage Fayes left
breast, feeling the nipple harden under her touch. Helene knew that if the
teen temptress between her legs carried on much longer she would soon
orgasm, Helene was not ready to come just yet.

Helene opened her legs and pulled Anna up and kissed her hard on her young
lips. Her hands gripped the firm latex covered ass, pulling the girl
closer. Faye watched the older woman m***** her daughter and began to play
with her own pussy. Helene flipped up the back of Annas skirt feeling for
the matching latex panties hoping the girl had put them on. She was not
disappointed, Helene knew from her own experiences of wearing latex how it
made your body sweat.

Helene slipped off the sofa joining Anna on the floor, again flipping the
skirt up she began to rub Annas pussy. Helenes plan was to get the girls
juices trapped under the latex. She slipped a finger under the latex near
Annas ass, probing towards the sweaty nasty hole. Soon she felt the damp
sweat on her finger as she touched The teens hole.

Anna moaned at the touch and lifted her back as Helene pushed harder
against the hole, vibrating her finger as she did so. Helene pulled out her
sweat coated finger and took a great delight in smelling the damp digit.
Helene got light headed with the tangy aroma and wanted more. sticking her
tongue out so Faye could see, she licked the sweat and juices off her
finger. Then taking hold of the latex panties she pealed them off Anna. She
noted how slick with juices they were before handing them to Faye.

Annas mother looked at them, and smelled the rubber panties before
sticking out her tongue and licking her daughters juices off the panties.
Helene watched Faye tasting the mixed juices whilst rubbing a finger
between her own lips. She was getting so worked up now with the unexpected
play. She moved closer to Annas bottom and lightly kissed the girls sweaty
hole whilst rubbing another finger up and down the girls pussy lips. Anna
was juicing up nicely under Helenes expert toying of the teens pussy, and
it got wetter as Helene began to lick at Annas asshole.Faye watched her
friend devouring her daughter, having finished licking the juices of her
daughters panties. Faye was masturbating watching the hot floor show.

She was feeling pleased with herself for setting up her friend and
daughter, it would be good to have a local friend to share her thoughts and
experiences with about the i****tual relationship she shared with her
daughter. And she hoped that maybe that wouldn't be the only thing she
would share. She had seen Helenes daughters, and often wondered what it
would be like if they all got together.

Helene and Anna had now moved into a 69, both were using their fingers as
well as their tongues on each other to great effect, both were close to
cumming. Helene could hardly believe that she was here in a sexy 69 with an
u******e girl as her mother looked on. She found it so sexy and kinky which
added to her growing orgasm.

Faye was jamming her fingers into her own pussy roughly at the horny
display. She was so proud of how her daughter was handling herself with the
older woman. She was sure that she would not have had the confidence at
that age to have sex with someone watching. She pinched her nipples and
alternated between rubbing her pussy and fingering herself as her frenzied
orgasm built.

On the floor the pussy lashing was building into a crescendo with mostly
hard fingering. Occasionally this was paused when an arm got tired, but the
fingers would be immediately replaced by a mouth. "God this girl is so
good, her mother must have trained her well" Helene thought to herself. She
was so close now, she redoubled her efforts on Annas pussy. Wishing to
orgasm at the same time as the teen. It was a fight now to hold back her
orgasm until the teen weakened and began to cum. But alas for Helene it was
a fight she could not win. The kinkyness of the situation was just to much
and her excitement tipped the balance.

Helene came with a f***e that she not remember having for such a long long
time. It was one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had, and
definately one of the most satisfying of her life. A minute or so later
Anna joined her in her own orgasm and the two collapsed in a sweaty heap on
the floor both panting with the exertion of their sex play.

Helene was offered a shower and gladly accepted knowing she needed to get
home soon, but also knowing what a state she must look. When she came down
the stairs to say her goodbyes she found Anna and her mother kissing on the
sofa. Faye had the top of Annas dress down and was moving to lick the sweat
from her daughters breasts. It was at that moment she decided, as she
watched the sensual display, that she would indeed seduce her daughters.

Helene didn't want to break up the two lovers but needed to get home. She
lightly touched Fayes shoulder and mouthed a "thank you" and "see you
later". Helene took one last look before leaving the home of her friend.

As she drove she became more determined to go through with it all,
especially as she relived the evenings events in her mind. The problem now
was how to arrange the seduction of her own daughters into her lifestyle.

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