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New Beginings

Mike hadn’t seen Linda in years well sence they both graduated high school, But today he was going to see her. She had messaged him on Facetalk and said she would love to reconnect. He was so excited he had loved her so back in school, but she had acted like he didn’t exist. Mike hoped Linda had changed and now had time for neerds like him and not just looking for help with her husband or looking for a one nighter just to say she had. He was nervice about meeting her so they decided to meet at a local café for a coffee.
Linda had left her husband 2 years ago and had been on meny a date that just hadn’t turned out when she had seen Mike’s name pop up as someone you might know and had clicked it. Mike had been a real nerd back in school but he had always been nice to her and man had he changed now secesfull and not bad on the eyes she thought hey maybe it was worth a shoot to catch up so she had messaged him. She didn’t think he would respond but he did and they began to talk nightly. It had started with small talk about there work and there c***dren and worked up to the fact they were both divorced and what had leas to each others devorce. Then had become a little more intament so now they were at the lets meet stage and this for her was a big step one that had been thought over meny a nights. She asked her mom to look after the c***dren this night so she could go out, but was scared he wouldn’t show. She walked into the café and looked around studying each face and almost walked out again then she saw him wave he was sitting in a both near the back looking as nervice as she felt. My he had changed no more braces or nerdy glasses, his hair that had been long and untidy in high school was now neatly trimed and tied back from his face with an elastic, he had grown out a small goatee and it suited him well. He was dressed in what looked like a expencive designer suit and tie, she felt under dressed now in her jeans and sweeter. She aproched the table.
Mike looked up from his paper just in time as Linda was about to turn around and walk out he caught her eye and waved her over. As she aproched he wished he had changed out of his work clothes he felt foolish in his suit as she aproced in her jeans and sweeter, he hoped she didn’t read to much into his attire as his meeting had run late and he hadn’t had time to change. He regretted this now.
Linda sat down and orderd a coffee. She hadn’t eaten all day but was to nervice to eat. She was scared she would say the wrong thing or this gorguse man sitting infront of her might think her unattractive in her soccer mom clothes, had she known he was going to dress up she would have stoped at home and changed after picking the k**s up from school, but she thought just coffee I look ok for that. Would he think less of her because she hadn’t put more thought into her clothing choice, She hoped not. He did say anything and she was beginning to think it was a mistake to meet they were getting on so well over the phone and net maybe that’s all they were ment to do maybe this face to face was a bad idea. Then he smiled at her and her fears melted as he said wow you shore look good just like you did in school I can’t believe you haven’t changed much at all. From there the ice was broken and they talked for hours like old friends. The next thing they know the café was closing it was already 9pm. So they decided to go for a drive and keep on this great conversation they have been having.
They headed out of town and down a dirt road so they could be alone and talk. As the night wore on the conversation hit a breaking point, not shour what to do he leaned over and gave her a quick kiss.
This startled her for a moment but she found she liked it and even returned it. He leaned back and looked at her but could think of nothing but how good her lips tasted on his and he wanted to taste them again. He leaned twords her again and this time she moved fowared to meet him and they kissed again lightly growing in passion there lips slowly parting to alow there tongs to meet. Slowly and pasioetly they kissed for a few more minet before she gently pushed him away and breathlessly told him that she was scared. He asked her of what and she replyed of falling for you. He replyed I am scared as well but don’t think I can stop as I have loved you sence we were in school together and fell even harder when we talked over the net. Now that you are sitting here I see the most buetiful smart and charming woman I have ever ment and I wish to keep you as my own. She sighed and replyed she felt the same way but was scared that he would be like all the other men in her life and the friendship they now have would be lost if they went any ferther. He agreed but also said that he felt that there was more then friends between them and that he would love to explore that felling with her.
She could hold out no longer and reached over and kissed him again mubling that she to felt it and wanted to explore it. They kissed for a few more moments. He pulled away from her and moved closer to her on the seat. He brought his hand up to her cheek and cressed it loving ly before bringing his lips back to hers, slowly he parted her lips with his tong and let it slip between them to find hers again. His hand moved from her cheek and slid down her neak to her shoulders then to her back as he lifted her closer to him. He moved his mouth from her lips to her cheek then to her ear and wisppered his need for her into it. She moaned and said she needed him too. He kissed her neak then slipped his hand from her back and lifted the sweeter over her head kissing her skin as I became visable in the moon light. He let his kisses play over the skin of her cleavage tracing the out line of her bra. He slowly lowered the straps of her bra down her shoulders and lifted her breasts out of the cups gently messaging them and sucking on her nipples tell they were hard and she was moaning. He slowly undid her jeans wiggling them down her hips and over her knees. She reached out and slid her hand under his dress coat and let it fall to the floor of the car, then yanked lose his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Her hands were stedy and worked the battens with ease until she cold see his well formed chest under it. She lowered her head and placed little kisses all along his chest as she worked her fingers to undue his belt and paints and helped him to slide out of his paints. He held her in his arms pressing his man hood against her and kissing her with a deep passion. Her arms were around his neek and he lowered her further onto the seat. He slowly sliped her painties off and slid his fingers to her woman hood touching teasing until he could take no more he sliped out of his underware and sliped his manhood inside her. She moaned and thrust against him as he thrust against her. They moves as one becoming more frantic until they both came clapsing against each other. He touched her cheek again and kissed her softly over and over. That was all that was needed both knew that they were ment to be and married 4 months later.

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