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Suzie My Love ( last night )

My honey Suzie and I have been together since 1983 you have may have my story about our third date and our new house! She is a awesome lady with some awesome tits now they are like 40 dd they were a 36 sexy C when we were going out and such a sexy bum .
Which stills makes me hot and horny I love staring at her wonderful tits and she has not always receiving complements about them from guys and girls she is not into girls but I love the wonderful stories she tells me about when they tell her how she is popping out and how hot her cleavage is looking .

We were having sex last night in the shower I love how hot she makes me still after almost 30 years she has a tat on her back just below her neck I love to kiss it and hold from behind and hold her tits and play with her pussy and bum as we wash and clean up I am always done first so I can rub her down and enjoy the sexy feelings of soaping her body and touching her ! I stroke my cock as I do this and it is always dripping wet with precum as I finish her sexy body she just leans back and I can hear her moan as I rub her ! Now as I remove the soap she is saying now for me to eat her pussy and as I do it is still wet as it is so hot and wet from her rubdown it is dripping and so hot and it taste awesome it is so wonderful and always hot and sticky with its girl juice sweetness!
She has a wonderful big O and now she gets down and gives me a wonderful blow job and I love when she takes it out of her mouth and stuffs it in her cleavage and rubs it in there and makes it all wet and sticky ! I am so hot now just recalling it I will most likely have to stoke it off tonight after I am done here! I love it and now she wants me in her pussy! I get behind her and she leans forward to take my hard cock it is hard and wicked hot as it is sure to explode soon ! I am not only called a minute man because I was in the military .
I do and I pull out and spew it all over her bum or sometimes she rotates and I squirt it on her tits. After that she loves to clean me up after she cleans herself and she strokes my cock with soap on it and cleans my balls to my ass hole and it is so hot I got a hard on right away this time and asking when round two was going to happen.
It was so horny he came right back to life we got out of the shower cause we preach about not wasting water and we are always in there the longest but after that we have to stop and enjoy it somewhere else !

I placed her up on the vanity and started licking her pussy again and enjoying it and licking away till she came all over my face ! I love licking her juices and loving the taste and licking my fingers after. It was awesome I Placed my hard cock again in her pussy and it was awesome wet and so fucking great! I love making her cum and having her have a wonderful sexy time of it !
I have now given her a big O for the 4th time tonight and she was wanting me to cum as it now does not take a minute not at all I am stroking and she is moaning lucky we were along tonight as the k**s were all out . Hy God she was going to cum again and it was getting wetter and my cock was still rock hard. It was awesome and my cock was now ready to blow its top again . I was in heaven and my honey was making it happen

I love her so much it is too bad I get it once maybe twice a month from her!
Thanks and I hope you enjoyed I know I did tonight writing it down .

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