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Loved it

He slowly stopped kissing me and turned me around. Using his teeth to claw off my white, lacy bra. He went lower and tugged my thong down to my ankles. He then spread my buttcheeks and dug in. He tounge fucked me in the ass and it felt very good. My pussy was getting wetter and i started rubbing my clit. I turned around and started to stroke his dick, feeling him harden in my hands. I went onto my knees and slowly teased him by licking his cock softly. I then went hardcore and he deep-throated me. After a while, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and shoved it into my already wet pussy. I yelped in surprise and pleasure. He shoved it in deeper and deeper and went faster and faster, my titties bouncing up and down. He told me he was cumming and I asked him to get out but he wouldn't stop. He cummed in me and his sperm gushed through my pussy. It felt great but i knew this wasn't safe. He pulled out and kissed my forehead. Whispering in my ear: ''I know you loved it''. And with that he put on his clothes and walked away.

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