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Me, my Dad and the Real Estate guy

was staying at my Dad’s after college and helping him get the house ready for selling. Matt, the real estate agent was coming over for an assessment for public inspections. It was late afternoon when he knocked on the door.

I don’t know who or what I expected but I didn’t expect the fucking gorgeous hunk that walked through the door! His suit was crisp and his athletic body was highlighted by the cut of the jacket, his trousers were tight and I could see his bulge as soon as he walked inside. He had beautiful coffee coloured skin with a 2 day stubble that had me on edge the moment I saw him. The contrast of his neck skin, white shirt and black stubble was intensely arousing.

He looked around the house and made a few comments before we ended up in the kitchen. I’d just opened a bottle red wine and offered him a glass, which he accepted as it was the end of the day. I don’t know how, and I know you will think it was deliberate, but I swear it was accidental, in the course of discussion and telling him a story too enthusiastically, I knocked his glass straight out of his hand and all down his white shirt. Red wine all over him!!!

I quickly motioned him to take his shirt off and offered to wash it and his trousers otherwise they’d stain. Fortunately he’d removed his jacket already. He reluctantly agreed and stripped down to his underwear as I put his clothes in the wash. You cannot believe what a God this guy was. His skin was like caramel ready to be sucked, he was fit, firm, taught and muscular in all the right places with a light mist of chest hair. His tight underwear held his bulging cock which looked mightily impressive behind the material. His eyes sparkled as we continued to chat. After a couple of minutes he said he felt a little uncomfortable and I thought was going to ask to borrow some clothes or leave, when instead he asked If I’d remove my clothes also to even the score!

Matt stripped down - he asks if I can remove my clothes also!

My heart was pounding.

I said ‘Yeah, I guess that’s fair!” and proceeded to strip down, first removing my shirt before taking off my jeans. I could see him watching me in the reflection from the oven and felt my cock getting a head start! The pulse of adrenalin had my senses on fire. As soon as I was done he placed his glass on the counter and reached down and fondled my cock just like that! I stared into his eyes before he leaned in and our mouths locked in a ravishing embrace, tongues dancing to the tune of our own making. I could feel my cock expanding as the electricity radiated around my body and his hand gently got inside my briefs, gently stimulating my cock even more. Our mouths parted and he knelt down to remove my underwear, taking the opportunity to wrap his mouth around my now hard skyward pointing manhood. He slurped up and down, sideways and back, sending impulses around me that were pure pleasure. He moaned with delight as the first pulses of precum oozed from my cockhead into his mouth.

I was still desperate to see his cock, it was still a massive tent pole cradled in his underwear. I rubbed my hand down his face to his chin and pulled him up, latching my fingers onto his enormous bulging cock and briefs. He kissed and nuzzled my neck as I slid his briefs down to reveal his perfect piece of meat. A beautiful coffee coloured shaft with perfect mushroom head, succulent and ready for my mouth. I kissed his chest and ran my hands down his shoulders and then under his arm pits, pushing his arms above his head so that his sexy pits were on display. His natural scent and deoderant were intoxicating as I licked my way south, spending a good couple of minutes on his nipples and chest hair. His moaning just made me harder and more desperate to get to his cock. Finally I reached his shaft and savoured the taste of precum dripping from his slit. It was like sweet nectar and was then one slow manouvre to take him all the way down my throat. The heat from his cock and balls on my face was like a summer night, as he began to thrust in and out, face fucking me with his rod of pleasure. He ran his fingers through my hair sending shivers through me. It felt just like when my Dad did the same thing and the thought of it was making me as hard as steel. I wished my Dad could be here to join in.

I worked my way back up his tight abs and savoured sucking out his belly-button before standing again. It was his turn for mouth action and he was hungry, like a vegetarian turned, he wanted meat and only meat. My cock rammed straight down his throat as it was so fucking hot and hard. He clasped my butt cheeks as I fucked his face and enjoyed listening to him moan in delight. The pleasure irradiating around my body as his fingers nuzzled into my crack to find my waiting puckered hole. His other hand grabbed my nuts and pulled down hard on my sack as his face pummelled my engorged man meat to perfection. I could feel I was about to blow and yelled out I was about to cum. He sucked harder and penetrated my sphincter with finger to unleash a frenzy of pulsations that didn’t seem to end as I sprayed gob after gob of cum down his gorgeously moist throat. Contraction after contraction f***ed electrical pulses around my body, I was delirious with pleasure as I re-focused on Matt sucking me dry.

After he’d sucked every last drop of cum from my withdrawing cock he removed himself, licking his lips and collecting any stray cum off his face. Now it was my turn and he stood up and allowed me to drop to my knees. His caramel shaft slid into my mouth like it was part of my being. Every in and out building the sensation for him and getting me aroused for a second time. I was in heaven with this God’s man meat feeding me, first its sweet treacle and then awaiting its creamy delights.

I thought I heard a door but continued as the taste was too delicious and the frenzy of thrusting too hypnotic. It was then that I saw the shadow on the floor behind him. My dad had arrived, heard us and stripped naked to join the fun. He nuzzled in behind Matt and I could hear him moaning louder as I could feel my Dad pushing his hard cock between his crack and under Matt’s balls. I licked my hand quickly and lubed the top of my Dad’s cock that was now pushing beneath Matts balls and protruding as I was sucking Matt’s cock. I looked up and saw my Dad had Matt embraced and they began kissing. I corkscrewed my Dad’s cock with my hand, just how he liked it, then did the same with Matts cock with my other hand and focussed on his balls, sucking his tight sack into my mouth, rolling each ball in my mouth. My Dad pulled his cock away from me and I could feel Matts body being pressed forward as my Dad’s beautiful meat penetrated Matt’s ass. He started moaning uncontrollably, as my Dad began rhythmically fucking him as I allowed the motion to allow Matts cock to fuck my mouth. The unison of the energy was sublime as I could tell from the motion that my Dad was about to blow. First my Dad heaved as he thrust hard and shot his load deep within Matt’s ass, clasping him around the chest with his big muscular arms. It was only seconds later that I was rewarded with a face full of cream, pulsing in thick ropes down my throat as I hungrily swallowed every bit. I was hard again and so turned on I began stroking myself with my free hand. As Matt pulled out of my mouth my Dad motioned for me to stand up and the two of them dropped to their knees and began passionately worshipping my cock and balls with their mouths. My cock was slick with cum, saliva and their interlocking mouths and tongues. The graze of Matt’s stubble against my upper thigh sending me over the edge as I blew my second load into my Dad’s waiting mouth as Matt engulfed my scrotum and balls completely into his mouth. The pulses of pleasure were like an earthquake and I collapsed to me knees. The three of us clung together swapping the taste of my cum between our 3 united mouths.

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