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Online seduction with actual meeting

You may find this strange, but I remember my dad telling me, how back in the 60's, he used to buy a soft porn magazine, only showing breasts and bums, and he would have a wank looking through its pages.
He was comparing the changes in attitudes through the decades and from his viewing of the 'Parade' magazine in the 60's, it evolved into 'Full Frontal' and how it was all hairy pussies, that spured his hand action, in the 70's and full fucking after that.
I only mention this little bit of history after reading some stories in the media about women dissapearing with online lovers they apperntly chatted with and finally went that extra step, and met each other.
I keep stressing to my husband to try and have the best technology offers, so we now have a HD webcam, from 'Logitech' a 30" HD screen from 'Apple', and a HD microphone for crystal clear speach.
Having equiped my system with these upgrades, I find surfing and chatting a realistic and fullfilling experience, just like sitting next to dad as he had a wank to his favourite photo in his boyhood magazine.
The point of this story is about that final decision, in deciding to meet and have sexual intercourse, with the big one you have been pleasuring yourself too, in front of your screen.
As you read of my experiences, I know there are people out there wondering, did she really do that, well to answer you honestly, Yes I did and Yes it happened, in fact more things happen than you care to believe, and when you study them, you will be amazed at the lengths some men will go to just to have that experience.
Some examples for you to consider, involving myself and these are true.
The first one was when I sent away for a sex-toy, I wont mention the brand because this guy worked there.
I broused the internet for what people were describing as the best vibrator and found a site, with testimonials from customers who had bought one. Now when you think about a woman using a vibrator and describing what it did for her, you have a piece of script which can be used for a good wank.
Remember this is a real woman having a session with one of your products and then relaying back to you her feelings and how she had an orgasm, the ultimate feeling all men want to give a woman.
I dont know about you guys, but to me it's like me doing it, and phoning you to have you listen-in, as I finish an orgasm.
His website showed an expansive array of merchantdise for the discerning female, with toys, balls, CD's and DVD's of every sexual flavour, whatever tickled you pink, and this is where I was tricked into divulging my innermost turn-ons, leading to this guy being my master and me slavishly serving him at will.
The first misleading task was being asigned to my own personal female expert, with a broad knowledge of all the tools on offer, (This of course was him) and the thrill he must have had, recommending this toy and that toy, depending on my sexual preferences.
In the end I chose the one that had all the bells and whistles, numerous vibrations and thumping motions, and with my body type, which I willing supplied, I received a set of naughty undies with my order.
I sent an email back to the lady and thanked her for the generous offering, and she replied by sending me another mail, asking my to tick all the boxes and add comments whenever I used my vibrator.
I honestly thought this was all to done anonymously for the benifit of other women choosing their models, and in return for my honestly I received small packages with toys and underwear.
Now when you think about it, there was nothing anonymous about it, he knew who I was, where I lived, my telephone number and credit card details, and here was I happily telling him when I used a sex toy, what it did for me, the settings I prefered and my orgasm, fuck how much more did he need to know?
Some time had passed, about nine months, and I received a telephone call from him, so I was taken aback a little, when he confessed to reading my personal ascessments on various products, supplied by his store. 'I thought all this stuff was Anonymous' I blurted, to which he replied it was as far as the rest of the world was concerned, but he took a personal interest in all his lady customers.
I was a tad angry, embarrised, humiliated, and sexually intimidated, so when he extended an offer to come down to his store, and meet face to face, I accepted, thinking I would get answers to my mixed emotions.
When I arrived I was disapointed, as its location was on the dockland at the end of a pier and on entering it was dusky, smelly, and dirty.
He was outside to meet me, in his 50's and as we moved inside to go to his office, I passed many boxes of sex toys, which he pointed out to me, as I also noted, there was not another soul around.
His office consisted of a table, a computer, and a small cupboard with a coffee maker and few chairs, hardly the image that flashed through my mind, prior to leaving.
It was seedy, in fact he was seedy and somehow this appealed to me, there was something of the dirty-sex feel about the whole sordid set-up and I was feeling like the white princess, in the clutches of the dirty old sex b**st, and as I looked at him I could sense he was thinking about whittling me down to his sexual imaginative toy.
I was not too far away from my instinctive assessment. No sooner had we sat down than he pushed a folder containing all my emails, which now read like a woman obsessed with masturbation and satisfying herself with abusive thumping toys in her vagina.
I flushed as I read my accounts, only realising that they were written in the heat of the moment and thinking anonymously, the choice of wording and descriptive prose, showed me in a completely different light, and boy, did I feel embarrised and vurnable.
When I finished reading I looked up at him, licking his thin lips and shifting uncomfortably in his seat, he wanted a fuck, this I knew, but could I get out of this, and the more I struggled for an answer, the more resigned I came to letting him have one.
My body was letting me down big time. I knew this to be wrong, but I was wetting myself with the audacity of it. This was turning me-on sexually, this old man was actually on the verge of achieving his aim through his devious endevours.
He had been playing me with ease, God I bet he masturbated to every email I sent, and had planned this outcome to finalise his main need for sex, how many girls had he had in this office? I wondered.
'I think you can guess why you are here, Miss Jones', he said while constantly licking his lips and growing bigger in the bump in front of his expanding pants, actualy easing himself forward in his seat, to emphasize its sudden jump to life.
My eyes were already sizing his monster as it grew, when he said it, and I looked up he was smiling, 'Just what you like, big and fat', 'and I am old', so Miss Jones, 'Shall we fuck?', he continued, easing his zipper down and pulling out his cock, for me to look over, and see what I was here for.
He had me there, he knew my turn-ons, fuck it was all in back and white, I had no choice. 'How do you want me?', I asked submissively, warming up to the impending sex my new master was planning.
'Strip naked and I will dress you' he ordered, pulling a drawer open and throwing its contents on the table top.
It was the netted top and stockings, cheap and tarty, no knickers and my tits trapped in the netting, in fact I am wearing it in some of my photos on this site, go see what I looked like and get a feeling for what he felt.
I stripped naked and stood watching him as he wanked savouring my nudity, drinking-in my curves and areas of pure erotism, his penis was on the verge of exploring, If he did not stop stroking, all this would end with a hot stream of sperm shooting in my direction, so in a concerted move, he stopped and ordered my into the slutty attire, he was going to fuck me in.
Adjusting my nipples, now sticking out through the netting, I almost wet myself, feeling so slutty and wanton. 'Come here' he ordered me, 'Open your legs' and on doing so ran his hand up my inner soft flesh, into my vagina, which I ashamedly admit to be being very wet.
He groaned out loud as he pulled my towards him, sinking my nipple into his teeth and biting down hard on it.
I screamed out in pain, but he chewed even harder, until it went completely numb, and even then he pulled and bit my breasts. I lay across him in an awkward position with his heavy cock squashed againt my belly, then sporting a six-pack set of muscles, and it was against these he humped whilst gripping the cheeks of my tomboyish ass, jutting out between the netted attire I was wearing.
When he finally regained his composure, I backed up a little and noted my tummy was streaked with trails of moisture and assuming he had actually cum I was taken aback when he confirmed it was pre-cum, 'The fucking starts now' he bragged.
I was positioned over the dirty desk, legs straight, 36" apart, with my ass high, for an unrestricted penetration, and like an 'Exocet Missile', his penis penetrated and opened my tiny orifice, stretching the well lubricated walls with so much apparent ease, only stopping when his full length had bludeoned my cervix, with his knob end and his balls slapped hard into my clitoris.
He was in and fucking with all the ease my open vagina could employ, just providing enough resistance to stimulate him to orgasm, but I had to admit the amount of lubrication I was providing made this difficult to provide enough grip to his cock.
I came first, I could not help myself the feeling was so overpowering I was inadvertantly forcing myself on to him in a back thrusting motion, meeting his forward thrust until he released, the first shoot hitting deep in my pussy and the second and third hitting my open asshole, where he held himself hard against, with most forcing its way inside, such was the f***e of his ejaculate.
I shall finish here as much more transpired that afternoon, to be divulged in another story, so guys have a good wank thinking about what you would have done and tell me, yes guys tell me what you would have done

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