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Kelly and Marcus and Becky and I - Part 9

I was still hard and inside of Becky, but I was out of breath. I held my cock inside of her while I caught my breath. Becky was slightly swirling her hips to keep my cock in her and to also keep me hard. From the other room, we heard Becky saying “You ready to fuck me now? I want your cock! I want you to fuck me hard! Give me that cock!” Becky whispered “She goes nonstop doesn’t she?” I said that Kelly always goes nonstop. Listening to them, made me hot and I slowly started grinding my cock into Beckys cunt. I just kept going slowly into her and she continued to swirl her hips in a circle under my cock. I wanted to make it last. And I wanted to just keep fucking for as long as I possibly could. I had been staring at her since as far back as when her and Steve were still married and so many times, I had wondered what it would be like to have her in bed. And now, here we were. And it was more then I had hoped for. She is a little on the naive side. She admitted to only having sex in the missionary position, never given head much less swallow cum. Before the weekend is over, I want to have her on top riding me so I can feel her body slam down on my cock they way she wants it. I also knew that before this night was over, I was going to be totally drained. And each time she would even hint to me about getting her pregnant, made me cum hard, so it wouldn’t take much more.

Neither Becky or I made a lot of movements, but we continued fucking. I was just grinding my hips at her and she was wiggling her hips under me. We were kissing for what seemed an hour, but it was maybe 10 minutes. Becky said she was about to get off again and before long, I started to hear her moaning under me. She was pushing her hips up to meet me and I started thrusting in and out of her hot cunt. She was holding on to me tight as she was cumming and said “Oh God, I don’t want this to stop! I feel like I am on a cloud right now!” She finished cumming and I kept on fucking her with slow deep thrusts. After about 5 more minutes, Becky said “Damn! You are making me get off again! Oh Michael! Oooohhh!” Even as worn out as I was, I was getting hot just knowing that I was making Becky cum so many times. Before long, I told her I was cumming and rammed my cock so deep into her and started sending my hot cum deep inside of her. She had a hold me and was holding me tight against her body.

After this, I was about as dry as the desert! I was catching my breath and noticed Becky was going limp and I seen that she was so tired and falling asl**p. I laid inside of her for maybe another 3 or 4 minutes and slowly pulled my cock from her and rolled over and laid next to her. I laid there looking over at Becky sl**ping. It was so quiet in the other room and I decided to sneak a peek to see what Kelly and Marcus were up to. I walked to the door and Marcus was sprawled on his back and Kelly was on her side with her head on his chest and they were both asl**p. I went downstairs to get something to drink. Becky had taken every ounce of fluid in my body and I needed something! After that, I went back upstairs and crawled in bed next to Becky. The clock said that it was 5:30 in the morning. I laid on my side and just watched her for the longest time and fell asl**p next to her. It had been a very long night! But it was a great night.

When I woke up, I was alone. It was about 11:30 and so I put on a pair of shorts and went downstairs. As I passed the spare room, Marcus was still asl**p, but Kelly was not there. I walked into the kitchen and Kelly and Becky were sitting there. Becky had Kellys terry cloth robe on and Kelly had one of her see through robes on with nothing underneath. Kelly said “Well. Good morning sl**py head!” I said “Wow. This is awkward. Who do I kiss good morning?” All of us started laughing and Kelly jumped up and kissed me and gave me a hug. Then, she turned to Becky and said “Your turn!” Then Becky stood up and I kissed her and gave her a big hug. As I grabbed some coffee and sat down, I asked what they were up to. Kelly said that Marcus had to go home for a few hours today and her and Becky wanted to go to the mall. Then, we are all going out to dinner and come back home. Kelly said “From there, you and Becky can do whatever you want and Marcus and will head the other way.”

Kelly finished her coffee and said she was going to go get Marcus up and take a shower. I joked that if she gets Marcus up, it won’t be much showering going on. From around the corner of the stairs, all I seen was Kellys hand giving me the finger and Becky and I started laughing. I asked Becky if she slept well. She said “I’m so sorry I fell asl**p on you last night. I don’t think I had gotten off that many times the whole time I was married, much less all in the same night. Kelly is so lucky to have you.” I smiled and said “I guess Kelly has me trained. And it didn’t take much because you kept me rock hard! And that could not have been an easy job!” Becky stood up and walked over to the dining room and looked upstairs and came back over and was standing behind me and put her arms around me and leaned in and whispered “Kelly was talking to me about something and you are in for a surprise tonight.” I turned my head up and asked what they were plotting. Becky said “We aren’t plotting against you. But after talking about it with Kelly, I think I just might let you fuck my ass tonight. Would you like that?” I stood up and took Becky in my arms and said “Just hearing that, and now I have to wait so long?” She reached down and felt my cock getting hard through my shorts and said “That’s what I like about you. Steve would have been laying dead in the road after the first hour last night. But you are always ready to go again! But, after seeing and hearing Kelly last night, I bet you both have a tough time keeping up with each other.

Then, we both sat down and I asked if she ate yet. Becky said that her and Kelly ate some fruit and had toast before I came down. She asked if I was hungry and if I was, she would fix me something to eat. I told Becky that I could get it and would fix her something if she wants. Becky said “Please? Can I cook for you? I seen you had bacon and eggs. Do you want some eggs?” I said “Yeah. Yours!” Becky looked over the fridge door and she was beet red in the face! About that time, Kelly and Marcus came down all clean and dressed. Kelly and Becky told us to sit and they would fix us breakfast. After we had breakfast, I told everyone I needed to get in the shower. Kelly said “Becky hasn’t taken a shower yet, so she can help clean you up. Or you can clean her up, whichever.” I said “Are you guessing or you are speaking from experience?” Kelly looked at Marcus and laughed. I said “Awww. That’s what I thought.” Kelly said “Well, what can I say? It was there and I had soap in my eyes and when I reached for a towel, I found something else by mistake.” Marcus looked up at Kelly and then me and said “That’s right. Several times!” Kelly stuck her tongue out at Marcus and said “Tattle Tale!”

I stood up and held my hand out to Becky so we could go up and take a shower. As we started to leave the kitchen, Kelly looked at Becky and said “The shampoo is on the shower floor. Just be careful bending over and picking it up in front of him!” Becky smiled and we headed upstairs. Of course, it didn’t take long and we were soaping each other up. Becky took a very long time soaping up my cock and naturally, it swelled in her hands. I told her that now, we have to do something about it and I pulled her close and started guiding my cock into her cunt. It isn’t easy fucking in the shower standing up, but it didn’t take long and we both started cumming. When I shot my cum inside of Becky I said “Now, you have something to hold you over while shopping today.” Becky kissed me and said “I just hope I can hold out today. Kelly said we were going to talk about what we both did and I know I’m going to get all wet just thinking about it.” I told Becky that if there is scorecards, I want to see at least a 7 1/2, and Becky said “More like and 11 1/2!” I started rubbing Beckys belly as she was shampooing her hair. When she turned around to rinse her hair, I said “That’s dangerous to turn that way in front of me!” Becky wiggled her ass and said “Maybe later. I have to build up the nerve, but I do want to try it.”

When we finished, I got dressed and headed downstairs and Becky wanted to use Kellys hairdryer to dry her hair, so I went downstairs. Kelly asked me where Becky was and I pointed upstairs and she went up to find her. Marcus was just getting ready to leave and he shook my hand again and said “Kelly asked me to come back over tonight. Is that okay?” I told him it was okay with me and I told him Becky was coming over too. Marcus said “Were you okay with what I did with her last night?” I said “Oh yeah. Kelly told me it is what she wanted, so it’s alright.” He said that he meant with Becky when she gave him head and said he knew she was with me last night, but Kelly had talked to her about it and they agreed. I laughed and said “I am married to Kelly and can’t tell her what to do. How can I tell Becky what to do?” The girls came down and Becky had on a pair of Kellys spandex shorts and a t-shirt. Becky is a few inches taller and about 15 pounds more then Kelly, so if I thought they were tight on Kelly, they were really hugging Becky! I sort of found myself getting a little jealous that she was wearing that to the mall. I always thought it was hot as hell when Kelly would dress like that and go to the mall, but this felt different! Marcus gave Kelly a hug and kiss and Kelly opened the garage door for him and closed it when he left. The girls grabbed their purses and Kelly gave me a big hug and kiss and said “We’ll be back later!” Becky started to follow her and Kelly stopped and said “After last night, you’re not going to even give him a kiss goodbye?” Becky walked over and I hugged her and we kissed. I reached down and grabbed her as and gave it a squeeze. When she started to pull away, I held her tight and jammed my tongue into her mouth and we started french kissing. Kelly started laughing and said “Maybe I should have just let you forget it!” And they left. I pulled my truck out of the garage and washed it while they were gone. All the time thinking tonight is another night for Kelly and for me. Oh yeah. And Marcus and Becky too!

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