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I Am A Cum Slut

Like any normal American girl I had lost my virginity in high school at the age of sixteen. I had two lovers in high school and then two in college. Then I met my husband and married. I am not sure that I liked sex but I knew I had to have sex to keep my men around. I turned 26 and my husband was now 29. He had a job at a very large company and we we were hoping that he would move up but after two years it did not seem to be happening.
I have long natural blonde hair, five foot five inches tall. Large brown eyes and "C" cup breast and weigh about 120 pounds. I have been told by everybody that I should become a model and have even had modeling companys contact me several times. I do get tired of being hit on constantly and do not go out because of that. My husbands company was having a large holiday party, hundreds of people were there from all over the world.
We went to the party to mingle hoping that we might talk to the right people and my husband would move up. We divided to conquer. I was talking to another young wife that was in the same boat we were in when Ms. Tucker came and asked if she could talk to us in private. Ms. Tucker is the main excecutive assistant to the CEO. the other wife I was talking to was alot like me in looks and age. Her name is Sandy. We followed Ms. Tucker to a hallway in front of some elevators. She said that we could help our husbands advance by helping her with a special project. We could not ever tell anyone about this or our husband could be black balled and never move up. We both agreed to do whatever it took to move our husbands up and to never tell a soul. She said good and took us up in the elevator to a large fancy office. She said she had two very important clients that needed some "entertainment", she asked if we were both still okay with this and I thought for a minute, maybe the liquor had something to do with this, I said I would do anything.
She asked that we remove our pantys and leave everything else on, two large older german men came into the room. One came to me and one went to Sandy. The man lifted my skirt and looked over my neatly trimed light brown bush and pushed me onto the desk and proceeded to finger my cunt. I do not know what came over me but I got super wet and liked what this stranger was doing to me. He played for a minute and I wanted him, I saw a bulge grow in his pants. Sandy was next to me and they were doing the same thing. The man backed up and dropped his pants, his short fat cock standing straight out pointed right at my soft wet pussy. Ms. Tucker stood watching, as if to grade our work. The man pushed me onto my back as he entered me. I could feel his cock sliding into my cunt and then back out. This seemed very different to me, I wanted this man I wanted to feel him cum deep in me. I had never had sex with a stranger before and the thought had always repulsed me. But I was really getting into this.
This man began to pickup speed and f***e, like he was grudge fucking me, he held my legs apart as he drove his hard cock into my now dripping pussy. The sloshy slapping sound seemed so loud. I fosused on just this man and forgot about everything else around me. I was nearing my own orgasim and could tell he was nearing his own. He made two more thrust and pushed in as deep as he could, I could feel his cock swell and then a warm wet feeling as his cum flowed deep into my womb causing my own orgasim. I held this man's penis tight with my cunt muscles trying to get every drop of his cum in my cunt. When his balls were drained he stepped back and said that had to be one of the best fucks he had ever had. Ms Tucker had a cloth and wiped his cock and balls and he left the room. The other man finished with Sandy and he got cleaned and left also. I wiped my cunt and put my panties on and went back downstairs. Ms. Tucker said she would be in touch.
My husbands next pay check had a five hundred dollar bonus on it. We were tickled. The next week, Ms. Tucker called me and asked if I could come down for an afternoon for another "project". I said sure and the next day I met her at the penthouse office, seventy floors up. It was me and two other ladies and again we removed our panties and waited. This time, three men came in. they were old and over weight and very important. They walked around us like they were going to buy us. One man picked me and we walked over to a sofa and he asked that I remove all my clothes which I did and then danced around very sexy. He removed his pants and had me lay on the sofa and he mounted me his cock sliding easily into my cunt. He did not last long, filling my cunt full of his seed. Ms. Tucker was right there, this time naked, with a cloth to clean us both up. Her saggy boobs and untrimmed hairy cunt looked out of place. The other men finished and they began to talk as we four women just sat around naked. Ms. Tucker fixing some drinks. Then three more men showed up, one with his wife. I am not sure who they were. They seemed to talk some business. Then they seemed to be distracted by the naked women.
The original men offered us to the new men, they dropped their pants. The lone wife was told to remove her clothes. Now all the men had hardons again, I got to go with one of the new men, I noticed that even Ms. Tucker was going to have to perform along with the wife. I was on the sofa with my legs spread wide, next to me was the old wife, her legs spread wide also. The men began to fuck us. The man fucking the wife wa the same one that fucked me earlier and he did not last long filling her old cunt full of jizz. The guy fucking me lasted several minutes longer and dumped a huge load deep in me, again, I could feel every squirt and throb of his cock. He pulled out of me and pushed his cock into the wife next to me.
The men proceeded to discuss business again for a while and then they were ready to fuck again. I got my third load of spunk sprayed inside me. We were told to clean the men with our mouths and we could go. As I drove home I could some of the spunk leaking from my cunt and I loved it. A week later my husband got a promotion and a large raise.
I got to where I could not wait for Ms. Tucker to call. It became once a week that she would call and I could go get some stranger cock. I loved having these men use me as a cum dump. I loved feeling them explode inside of me spraying hot spunk deep into me and then walking away like it is no big deal. Me and a couple of other wives got to be favorites, as we would play with each others cum filled pussies, licking the cum out. The men would go wild. Ms. tucker even got involved a few times, she even let me trim her snatch.
Now I will fuck any man any where, I just love stranger cock and having cum pumped into and the man just wlaking away.

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