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Leashed by My Mistress and Paraded Through Park...


2006 is when I met my Mistress and I must confess, she was my first sexual partner. She was 50 years old (she looked 35) and I was only 25 at the time. I am very glad she was my first sexual partner; she taught me everything I know about sex and most of the girls I've been with said I was the best they ever had. All because of everything my Mistress taught me.

In the middle of teaching me things she also had her fun. There were LOTS of times in which she took me into public with the intention of humiliating me in front of others. I was taken to BDSM Clubs in Phoenix, Arizona; f***ed to drive completely naked through busy streets; and even paraded through public parks.

There was one instance which sticks out in my mind:

"Wear a trench-coat, and nothing else." was the only instructions she gave me. I complied as I met her in the parking lot of a dog park at 10:00 at night. "Show me my cock!" she said as she reminded me that my penis belonged to her (as well as the rest of me). I opened my trench-coat and she tied a leash around my cock and balls almost cutting off all circulation. The bl**d was able to go into my penis but it couldn't leave as easily which gave me one of the biggest hard-ons I've ever had.

She began tugging on it to make sure it wouldn't come off if she pulled really hard. With that, she said, "Come a good little doggy for your master." as she began walking away pulling me along with her. I was so fucking nervous that someone would see me, but there weren't many people walking their dogs that late. There were a couple of people jogging but they were on the other side of the park. The lights were still on and made much of the park visible.

She walked through the park as she was pulling me by my exposed cock. Most of the 30 minutes we were there went completely uneventful, but there were a few parts which scared and aroused me at the same time.

-I was being walked when a jogger got really close. He came running up from behind and I could hear him getting closer and closer. He just said, "Good evening." as he ran past us not noticing what was being done to me.

-Another jogger (a woman this time) came upon us. She came running up from ahead of us and stopped the moment she saw where the leash was connected. She just stood there and stared for a short time and asked, "What's going on here?" while here eyes were glued to my swollen, red cock. My Mistress replied, "Just taking my pet for a walk. He's being a good little doggy. Would you like to pet him?" The woman looked concerned about me and asked, "Sir, are you alright?" I replied, "Yes, I'm fine. My owner treats me very well. Thank you for your concern." (I'm was f***ed to be super nice when I'm in "Slave Mode").
My Mistress asked her if she would like to touch my cock and the woman seemed a little uneasy but she reached out and gave me a squeeze. "It's SOOO hard!" said the woman. "Can I take a picture?" she asked. My Mistress instructed me, "Drop your coat slave. Give the nice lady a good view of my body (she owned me, remember?)." I dropped the trench-coat and stood there completely naked while the jogger took out her cell-phone. The flash went off as she took a picture of my rock hard cock. She took hold of my penis again and snapped another picture. Then my Mistress instructed me to bend over and allowed the woman to take a few pictures of my ass and balls. Finally, I was instructed to stand back up and put my coat back on. The woman had a grin on her face that stretched from ear to ear as she looked at and showed us the pictures she just took. They actually didn't look that bad. My Mistress asked her if we may see her body. The woman declined but did lift her sports bra to show us her small breasts. She declined the idea of allowing us some pictures and she went right back to jogging.

-The best encounter was about to "cum" up. I was being lead by my Mistress when she spotted two women in their early twenties sitting on a bench under a light. One had black hair and the other was a blond. I was lead right up to the two women who looked a little confused at what they were seeing. They started laughing after my Mistress explained to them what was going on. I was once again instructed to drop my trench-coat and stand completely exposed to the two girls. She said, "Do whatever you want to him. He's yours for a little while. They couldn't stop laughing or take their eyes off of my cock. Without any instruction, the blond girl reached out and gently grabbed my cock. She began stroking while the other grabbed my balls and started to lightly squeeze them. "Can we take some pictures?" asked the blond. "Go ahead...just no face pics" replied my Mistress.

They both took out their cell-phones and began taking pictures. My Mistress told me to bend over again and I did just that. Now, the two girls were taking pictures of my asshole when my Mistress's finger went right inside of my hole. The two girls REALLY started snapping pictures now. I could easily see the flashes going off on their cell-phones. My Mistress grabbed my cock and began jerking me off while she stuck another finger inside of me and the girls just kept taking their pictures. One after another, my Mistress's fingers went inside of me. Soon, she had all four fingers and her thumb inside of my ass as she was trying to fist me in front of these two girls and they didn't stop taking their pictures. My Mistress was REALLY trying to push her fist into me and it was causing A LOT of pain but I kept my mouth shut.

Finally, with a hard thrust her whole hand just pushed through my asshole and popped right into me causing me to jump. Mistress waited until my hole adjusted to the abuse it just took. The girls had even stopped taking pictures to see the fist in my ass with their own eyes. Then, they went right back to taking pictures as my Mistress began pumping my asshole with her fist.

It was too much and I just had to cum. I could feel the orgasm building up very fast and I asked my Mistress, "Mistress, may I cum, please?" She yelled back, "NO!!! You hold it in!" But I knew I couldn't hold it in much longer so I asked again, "Mistress. Your slave would humbly request to cum, please." Again, she yelled, "NO!!! Hold it in!!!" but it was too late. My cum began to shoot as I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life. She stopped jerking me off and held her hand under my cock to catch all the cum; all except for the first two squirts which she missed. She yelled at me, "BAD DOGGIE!!! Now you must be punished!" She took that handful of cum and began rubbing it right into my face as if it was lotion. Her left hand was still stuck in my asshole. I was so embarrassed being fisted for the first time in front of these strangers in public. The girls just kept laughing; but I hoped they had taken some good pictures of me cumming into my Mistress's hand.

Slowly, Mistress started to pull her hand out of my asshole. It make a nice "POP" sound when she pulled it out leaving my asshole gaping wide open and puckering. The girls once again stopped taking pictures so they could get a better look inside of me. Slowly, a small amount of bl**d dripped out of my hole as the girls started to take more pictures and laughed about what they had just seen.

I was instructed to stand back up and face the girls. The were still laughing but now they were pointing at my cum-covered face. My cock still rock-hard and already turned purple with no sign of losing my erection. Mistress asked the girls, "Want to give his cock a try?" The girls just looked at each other and laughed once again. The one with the black hair reached out and took hold of my penis. She started stroking and spat on my cock to use as lubricant. Even though I had just cum only a few minutes ago, I could easily feel another orgasm cumming on.

It didn't take long as I whispered, "I'm cumming." to the girl. She held her hand in front of my cock as my semen squirted onto her palm, covering it completely. As soon as my penis stopped twitching she took her cum-filled hand smeared it all over my face just like my Mistress did. All three laughed and Mistress finally instructed me to put my coat back on. "Is there anything you two want to show him just for fun?" My Mistress asked the two girls. The two girls looked at each other and they both lifted up their shirts at the same time showing me some of the nicest breasts I've ever seen. The blond girl even lifted up her skirt and moved her panties to side showing me her perfectly trimmed pussy.

Finally, my Mistress unleashed my cock and it immediately released some cum onto the sidewalk which was blocked off from shooting out earlier. Mistress said, "Go back to my dungeon in about an hour. You're free for now." I began walking away as my Mistress stayed and talked with the girls. I got into my car and began the 20 minute drive home. I undid the trench-coat and jerked off the entire ride home cumming twice onto the coat. The pain in my ass from being fisted, my own cum on my face, the memories and thoughts of what happened to me made it very easy for me to get hard and cum.

I got home a took a shower to clean myself up for my Mistress. I even jerked off in the shower and was almost late going to her dungeon because I couldn't stop.

When I finally got back to my Mistress, she made me undress and lead me into her basement dungeon. There stood the two girls from the dog park with two of the most evil looks on their faces. They were standing completely naked except for the large strap-ons and long rubber gloves. My cock sprang immediately back to life as I knew what was in store for me for the rest of the night ;-)

THE END!!! (for now...)

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