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The Last Week of School,this is the week right after (PROM NIGHT)but before a few days before Graduation.Some was taking last minute tests,others where signing up for SUMMER SCHOOL.I on the other hand was cleaning out my locker to turn in my books. All of a sudden I felt this pinch on my ass.I turned around very quickly to find my little s****r (not my real s****r,no kin,no bl**dline)standing there giggling like school girl.I said watch it girl dont start nothing you cant finish.she yea I want to talk about that.before i get to the good stuff.She is a light skinned (redbone or high yellow)short I mean GARY COLEMAN short R.I.P anyway very pretty face and stacked.Tits and Ass a total package.yes i had a Crush on this girl.In my eyes she was very Flirty with everyone.Rumor has it she had a REPRUTATION.that she had a high sex drive (something called a WHITE LIVER)what ever the Hell that mean.She was voted most likely to fuck the Jr.Varsity team BASEBALL,BASKETBALL,AND FOOTBALL.How we became friends one day a guy had her pinned to a wall.trying to cop a feel.she said no I heard her.he called her a BITCH,SLUT,AND COCK TEASE.he went to slap her or at least raise his hand to.I came up behind him grab his hand turn him around to face me.she got behine I slam him up against the locker.and said how would like me to treat your s****r like that.his ego made him question me she not your s****r.this k** is standing 5.6 inches I'm 6.1 well over 200 i started to choke him I told him that we have the same father but different mothers.then I looked at her and said take your ass to class.I'm going to tell dad.she left.I drop him down in his own PISS.yeah i want to talk about have messed up my business,i said what business.I know what people saya bout me and calling me names.but i like the attention from all those horny the guys are scared because of you making that piss himself.I said look was not going to let him hit sue me.all a sudden tears was running down her face.i said shit girl whats wrong now.she i want to ask you something but i'm afraid,afraid of what hell just ask.i'm afraid you will REJECT ME.I said cut the shit and say whats on your mind.she said i want you to FUCK ME you rude BASTARD.You never made a pass at me,never even tried to touch me.every boy in this school and some girls tried to touch my big TITS,i dont care i like to be touched.I know you not gay,rumor has it you fucked a teacher here.I said to you that,she said I over heard her telling one of the other teachers.I mummbled will you please fuck me.then walked up on me and said what do i have to do.and started unzipping my pants.she reached in and pulled out my dick.and put it in her mouth.the girl got skills.she had him all wet and slobbery.she stopped for a moment to say pushed it down my throat CHOKE ME WITH IT,i like when guys fuck my mouth likes its i grab the back of her head and started fucking her pussy balls was aching for release.but she had other plans.she said i want you to fuck my ass.she dropped her pants no panties and bent over one of the classroom tables and spread her cheeks.she said lick your finger and stick it up my ass.until its put him in and pull my hair.fuck my ass pussy.i want to feel your balls slapping my LITTLE MAN IN THE BOAT.with every stroke her ass would fart.she would say EXCUSE ME,then she would say thats how you know its good.she started moaning and groaning I'm your SLUT,fuck me harder pull my hair and shoot your hottness into my ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS she was cumming.

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