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I let her handcuff me. Hands behind my back, the cuffs metal, cruel and tight. I didn’t offer any resistance. Ashamed, I leaned against the wall, turned my face away. I was flushed. I bit my lower lip as she took a step towards me.

She placed her hands on my shoulders. I closed my eyes and shook my head. Her left hand glided down my blouse. Her hand cupped my breast, thumb making slow circles. I gasped and pressed myself against the wall.


She squeezed and I let out a moan. Desperation, so scared. I slowly looked up into her face, those liquid eyes, soft, long blonde hair…I shuddered and licked my lips.

She said my name softly, “Suzy…”

Trembling at her voice I whimpered, “No..please..let me go…”

Her hand left my breast and rested on the back of my neck, making my tiny fists clench in their cuffs as she said, “I don’t want to…”

Begging quietly, “I can’t do this, please…please stop….”

She slipped her arm around my waist and pulled me towards her. I could feel her body on mine. Her torso, her breasts. My legs started buckling. I pushed back on the hand on my neck, looking away.

“Don’t fight me, Suzy…please don’t fight me…not tonight…”

Tears welled up in my eyes, “I can’t…I can’t…”

Her hand slid away from my neck. With her finger, she traced my lips. I closed my eyes and tried to pull away again. I started to get away.



Her arm pulled me roughly to her. She slammed my body into hers. Startled, eyes wide, confused and scared. She grabbed my hair and pulled it back roughly. The pain felt so good, needing that feeling so badly. I pulled at the cuffs. Her arm squeezed my waist tightly. Feeling her body, feeling helpless.

She f***ed my face quickly to hers. Her hair cascading over one of my cheeks, her lips on mine. Soft but stern, oh my god she smelled so good, her tongue forcing its way in. And I just gave up.

My eyes rolled back. My body went limp in her arms. So overwhelmed. I was whimpering as she f***ed her kiss on me. I couldn’t fight. My hands relaxed in the cuffs. My clothes felt too tight, I couldn’t breathe, I felt like passing out.

She slowly pulled her kiss back. I was staring at her. So weak in her arms. She pushed my hair off my forehead. Caressing my cheek. Holding me up with just one arm, not letting me fall to the floor.


“I hate you.”

“I know.”

Tears started coming down my cheeks, “I hate you so much.”

“I know.”

Trembling, shaking, mouth opening and closing, I finally burst into tears, “I…hate…you…so much…”

She nodded. She smiled, “I guess I should stop then. Right?”

Gasping, trembling, body limp and useless, I whispered angrily, “Don’t you dare stop…you’ve destroyed me…so don’t you fucking dare stop…”

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