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Roleplay Cybering Log:

I (Male, black, mid 20s, kinda short, a tad chubby) had a very fun an erotic RP with a woman (White, tall, slim, mid 40s) who I share alot of interests and have become very fond of. It started with some mild flirting in the Futanari Palace chat room: I joined the room, pretended to rummage through her porn (based of a previous conversation), she "stole my cum" and asked for more. I knew she was feeling frisky so I decided to play with her. If you liked it, tell us what you think! A fuller version is posted in the Stories section of Futanari Palace.

<Pr0n_Glutton> Aroused by the Pony's perversions, the Glutton unzips and drops his pants, revealing tightly fit boxer shorts and an obvious poking boner.
<Pr0n_Glutton> boxer briefs*
* PonyAthena42 licks her lips
<Pr0n_Glutton> Sliding down his undergarments, his hard cock rubs against the boxers until finally billowing out, flopping up and down for a few seconds
<Pr0n_Glutton> He awaits for the cup to be presented...
* PonyAthena42 sits down on her ankles ans knees, and opens her mouth
<Pr0n_Glutton> The Glutton raises his eyebrows, expecting the same cup from before, but shrugs it off, and starts lightly teasing his glans.
<Pr0n_Glutton> He rubs in a constant circular motion, eventually coaxing a medium droplet a clear, slimy fluid. The Glutton rotates to the side and plays with the precum like bubbgle gum to show how it stretches.
<Pr0n_Glutton> Done with the mild foreplay, he smears the precum down his shaft, lubricating himself to the start of a vigorous masturbation session.
* PonyAthena42 begins to drool with anticipation
<Pr0n_Glutton> Constantly stroking his rod, his right hand becomes reddened, sweatty, pre-cum soaked, and warm. He pauses for a moment, gripping his cock tightly with his left hand while placing his jerking hand (right) over Athena's eager face.
<Pr0n_Glutton> The Glutton inquires: "Do you smell that? The musty aroma of my cock?" As he rubs his hands over her face.
* PonyAthena42 licks at Pr0n's hand
<Pr0n_Glutton> The warmth of his hands caresses her cheeks and he uses his newly licked hands and extra lubricant for intense stroking.
* PonyAthena42 gets a glazed look in her eyes from the scent
<Pr0n_Glutton> The glutton strokes hard, pulling f***efully on his cock, balls boundfully bouncing back and forth, slapping his on ass, backing a very audible smacking noise.
<Pr0n_Glutton> Perverted the glutton is, he's actually turned on by the sound of his fapping and the smell of his cock. He furiously fap, gaining labored breathing.
<Pr0n_Glutton> The jerking becomes faster, faster, FASTER, then "AAAAAUUUUUUGH, UUHHHH, UHHH...." The Gluttons cock spews like a cannon, shooting strings of this jizz straight into the pony wide open mouth, the first shot nearly choking her as it causes a gag reflex.
* PonyAthena42 moans with pleasure at the feeling of the warm cum, and the devine taste
<Pr0n_Glutton> "AAAAH, UH" His cock spews a few more ropes of cream and a few drops dangle directly from his urethra to her mouth.
<Pr0n_Glutton> "Whew! Didn't realize that load would be so thick, despite the last one you stole." The glutton then, wtih jealousy, stares at ath the pony, savoring his cum.
* PonyAthena42 stands up, grabs Pr0n by the head, and kisses him passionately and deeply, swirling Pr0n's cum between their mouths
<Pr0n_Glutton> The glutton thinks. "God, she looks pretty with my cum on her, I'm falling in love" Wonders, how he should show affection...
* PonyAthena42 continues kissing, holding Pr0n close, and starts pissing through her panties
<Pr0n_Glutton> The glutton gleefuly swashes saliva and semen between there mouths, almost as if isn't supposed to be perverted to enjoy cum kissing. To them, snowballing comes as natural and breathing.
* Pr0n_Glutton quickly disrobes completely and gets on the floor, with a gladly willing wide open mouth.
* PonyAthena42 squats over Pr0n's face, allowing her bladder to slowly empty into his eager mouth
<Pr0n_Glutton> He is so horny at the thought of her freshly brewed pissed being filtered by her dirty pantties.
<Pr0n_Glutton> "Oh so tasty, I can't drink it fast enough! can you slow down a bit?"
<Pr0n_Glutton> (out of character, I'm actually drinking golden yellow apple juice as we speak!)
* PonyAthena42 slows down a little, and begins to rub her wet panties against Pr0n's nose
* Pr0n_Glutton is finally able to savor his golden gift, and swashes it a bit through all the sectors of his tounge, to get a full flavor of the urine, while simultaneously aroused by the scent of pissy panties and a natural pussy scent
<Pr0n_Glutton> The Glutton, gets up for a moment and spews her own piss point blank at her face like a Serious Same shotgun
* PonyAthena42 squees with delight
<Pr0n_Glutton> I know you've been hard at work, my love, perhaps a wet massage will make you feel better?
* PonyAthena42 rips off her panties, pushes Pr0n back down to the floor, straddles him, and begins to push his cock into her cunt
<Pr0n_Glutton> The glutton wonders if her bladder is empty..
* PonyAthena42 pisses a little bit to moisten Pr0n's cock
<Pr0n_Glutton> His cocked is moisted and warm by the fresh urine running down is cock and balls.
<Pr0n_Glutton> Thank you dear!
<PonyAthena42> I want you inside me, and I want you to piss inside me too
<Pr0n_Glutton> The glutton with a cock, mostly hard, becomes fully erect again a knocks a bit in her cock.
<PonyAthena42> O.O
<PonyAthena42> I have a cock???
<Pr0n_Glutton> fucked that one up
<Pr0n_Glutton> cunt*
<Pr0n_Glutton> XD
<Pr0n_Glutton> LMAO
<Pr0n_Glutton> god damn fingers
* PonyAthena42 gladly slides down your shaft, feeling you go deep in her cunt
* PonyAthena42 begins to bob on her ankles, her ass rising up and down, her cunt gripping your cock tightly, massaging it all over with every bounce
<Pr0n_Glutton> The glutton feels honored, as a girl, yes, an actual girl is more than willing to accept what is typicaly seen as liquid waste and something meant for toilet.
<Pr0n_Glutton> Fortunately, he had some drinks before the encounter, and shoots a small bit of piss into her cunt, mostly gauge her reaction to being pissed in.
<Pr0n_Glutton> liquid waste*
* PonyAthena42 shudders as she cums, her face alit with a grin of bliss
<Pr0n_Glutton> Realizing his dream come true, fucking a horny piss slut, he completely lets go a full rushing of piss straight up into her cunt at full speed, as if he was pissing deperation at a toilet from holding a large bladder for too long.
* PonyAthena42 feels her cunt convulse, and she cums hard, relishing the feeling of piss inside her. "Oh god YES Pr0n!!!! Oh fuck fill my cunt with your piss!!!"
<Pr0n_Glutton> "Oh yeah, delight in my piss you dirty slut. I know you love having your pussy used as my personal vaginal urnial.
* Pr0n_Glutton feel's his own piss drench himself. Being the horny bisexual pervert he is, he's just as turned on by his own piss as hers.
<Pr0n_Glutton> A golden puddle grows larger and larger under them, looking more like a spilled container of apple juice. The puddle spreads amongst the floor quickly with thier combined urine.
* PonyAthena42 lowers herself all the way onto your shaft, resting on your crotch, her cunt still convulsing
<Pr0n_Glutton> He's so turned on that he's sharing a wonderful piss and watersports experience with with a girl just as perverted as he is. he grabs her tightly, falling in love. "What next, dear?"
* PonyAthena42 bends down and kisses Pr0n passionately
<PonyAthena42> nothing else tonight hun, I need to start packing things up
* PonyAthena42 uses her panties as a plug to keep as much piss inside her as possible "And I'll be driving home like this"
<Pr0n_Glutton> May have the panties?
* PonyAthena42 reluctantly gives the piss soaked panties
<Pr0n_Glutton> I will cherish this for a very long time
* Pr0n_Glutton sniffs her pissy patnies while gladyly rolling a bit in their love puddle
<PonyAthena42> you be sure to clean things up, will you?
<Pr0n_Glutton> of course, I'll make sure to drink it all! *cough* will be taken care of professionally <.<
<PonyAthena42> *kiss* you be a good glutton now :)
<Pr0n_Glutton> that's right, thanks to you, I got a good boner and sticy undies
<Pr0n_Glutton> and you be a good pony smut goddess XD
* PonyAthena42 hugs Pr0n goodnight
<Pr0n_Glutton> bye

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