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The Neighbor Part Three

After a long week of school work I dropped by at the local bar for a little drink and watch a little basketball on the tube. When I got in it was already a packed house. The local team was one win away in winning the championship and who could blame them. I squeezed my way through the crowd to get to the barstools before they were all taken. Cynthia, who ran the place, was working hard as usual. Today the drinks were at half price because of today's game. The beer I ordered was certainly worth it as I gulped down every last drop. "You must really be thirsty", said Cynthia, "rough day at school?" "The usual", I said, "one fight, two suspensions, and one expulsion. Oh yeah, it was a rough day." "Poor baby. Is there anything I could do to make you feel good?" "Oh I'm sure you have some ideas. But now is not the time or the place. I mean we don't need to give these fine folks a free show. Especially the shit faced ones." "No, not now. But, I'll tell you what, after the game ends and it's closing time why don't you stay around for a bit. We'll have the place to ourselves. Just you...and me." Cynthia started stroking her thumb on the back of my hand, and she had that look in her eye telling me that she was ready for another round of fucktacular fucking. The girl never cares where she does it she just wants it. She would do it on the moon or on Mars if she wanted too, as long as she is satisfied. "You're getting hungry already?", I asked. "Oh, I'm starving" she said seductively, "my pussy right now is starving. Hungry for that big...hard...cock deep inside me... making me weak in the knees. That big wet tongue all over my pussy, and licking...and tasting it... all... night...long. I hope I got your attention, D." She got my attention all right. She knew how to talk dirty and give me a hardon. After what she told me I was ready for action right now. But for now I had to wait until closing time. It was easier said than done. It was after eleven and the game was over. The team didn't win and a seventh game was to be played. A lot of people were upset but they would return for another go round and half price on drinks. Once the crowd dispersed Cynthia locked the place up and we were finally alone. Cythia started walking towards me with her eyes glued to mine and my cock below. It was nice and tight down there and all set for action. "Alone at last", I said. "That's right", said Cynthia, "and you're ready for me. You want me don't you? You want to fuck the living shit out of me?" I didn't say anything. All I did was grab her and planted my kisses on her lips and neck. My tongue was all over her smooth throat and she moaned and giggled at the same time. I laid her down on one of the tables and I continued sucking on her neck and throat. Then I ripped opened her white shirt listening to the buttons falling on the floor. She wasn't wearing anything underneath saving me the trouble while I began sucking on those golden brown titties and hard nipples. I could just eat them. Cynthia started breathing heavily and began sucking on my right ear. "Oh yeah", she said, "hmmmmmmmmm. Give it to me baby." I lifted up her skirt and slipped her panties off along with her mules slamming on the floor. I spread her legs apart and began sucking the life out of her. My tongue did its routine of making her scream and moan and begging for more. I opened up that pink piece of flesh and dug my tongue in deep tasting, licking, and eating every morsel known to man. "Oh yeah", said Cynthia, "oh shit. Oooooooooooh. Hmmmmmmmmmm. I love it. I love it when you eat my pussy. Oooooooooh. Oh, my pussy loves it. You eat my pussy. Oooooooooo. Oh, you keep eating my pussy. Hmmmmmmmmm. My pussy loves it. Aaaah. Aaaah. Aaaah. Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. Ooooooooooh. My pussy tastes good. You keep tasting it." I could eat her pussy all night long if I wanted to and she wouldn't mind one bit. Now it was time for me to really make her scream for joy. I unbuttoned my pants, slip my underwear down, and planted my hard cock in her. Back and forth I went thrusting and penetrating that sweet pussy of hers. Cynthia had her eyes closed and a smile on her face. It was nothing compared to the words that came out of her mouth whenever I fuck her brains out. Listening to her talk dirty was icing on the cake. "Give it to me", she said, "fucking give it to me. Fuck that pussy. Fuck that fucking pussy. Oh, fuck. My pussy loves that hard dick. So hard. Ooooooooooh. So big. So fucking big. Oh, fuck me. Fuck me good. Ooooooooh. Fuck me tight. Hmmmmmmmmm. Love that big dick. Love that big dick in my pussy. Oooooooooh. Fuck it good. Fuck my pussy good. Oh, fuck I'm about to cum. Make me cum. Make me cum. Ooooooooh." I pulled my dick out and she cummed all over me. Afterwards I turned her around and planted my cock deep into her ass. Cynthia continued with her scream fest and begging for more. No matter how much I fucked her she still couldn't get enough. She wanted to be fucked until she had nothing left. Soon we were both completely nude and continued on. I carried her and planted her on the barstool and ate her pussy some more. She was soon down on her knees sucking on my hard cock leaving me breathless every time she did it. We were now on the floor with Cynthia riding right on top giving it all she had. "Hmmmmmmmm", she said, "you like that? You like being fucked? Huh? You like to be fucked?" "Fucking love it", I said. It was my turn to ride her. Her smooth slender legs were wide apart with my fingers locked on her toes. My hard cock was back inside her pussy going in deeper and deeper and leaving her feeling anxious for the next encounter. I was feeling anxious myself. "Oh, yeah", she said, "oh, I love that dick. Hard cock inside me, oooooooooh. Aaaaaaaaaah. My pussy loves that dick. Hard dick. Oooooooooh. Ooooooooooo. I love you fucking my pussy. Ooooooooooh. Oh, it's so good. Hmmmmmmmm. Love that hard cock in me. Ooooooooh. Oh, you fuck me good. Oh, you're the best fuck. Hmmmmmmmmm. Love your cock inside me. Keep your cock inside me. Oooooooooh. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Fuck me. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me like your ex. Fuck me like your bitch ex. Ooooooooooh. Fuck me harder." My ex-wife. That was something new but it didn't stop me from doing my thing. "Yes", she said, "oh, yes. Oh, yeeeeeesssss. Oh, Kenny. Fuck me Kenny." That caught my attention and I nearly stopped right there and then. I let it slide until I was done. For nearly an hour I fucked, sucked, licked, and ate every part of her body. I guess I was very hungry tonight and once I was done Cynthia would have that big smile on her face and her pearly whites sparkling like diamonds. By midnight we were catching our breaths and cleaning up a bit. I started getting dressed while Cynthia watched. She sat on the table wearing my black jacket with her legs crossed, swinging her left leg back and forth. "Time to go home?", she asked. "It's late", I said, "and I'm exhausted." "I'm not tired. Why don't you come over here with me?" I looked at her sucking her finger and teasing her left nipple with it. One thing about Cynthia she always finds a way to get me to go at her again. She's hot, sexy, and a bit frisky, and those are her good qualities. "You never give up, do you?", I asked, approaching her. "You know me by now", she said, "I don't give up that easy." "I know." She wrapped her arms around me and we locked lips letting our tongues dance with one another. Slowly she was pulling me down on top of her for another go round. "Hmmmmmmmmm", she said, "one more time. Right now." As much as I wanted to I stopped. I needed to get something off my chest. "No, don't stop", said Cynthia. "Who's Kenny?", I asked. "Huh?" "I heard you. You said oh Kenny." "Oh, I did?" "Yes, you did. So who's Kenny?" "My ex boyfriend. I ran into him a few days ago. Told me he was getting married that's all." "Okay." "What? Is my little D jealous?" "What? Jealous? Me? Don't be silly." "I am silly. I find jealousy very sexy." After a nice good fucking she never quits getting to me. She began carressing my back with her barefeet. The tips of her toes felt cool and smooth to the touch. I turned around planting her feet on my shoulders and caressing those smooth shaven legs of hers. Slowly she started unzipping my jacket fondling those luscious titties of hers. I was getting hard and I couldn't help it. She was good. She was very good. "One more for the road, tiger?", she asked. "Damn right." I was on top of her and went back to unbuckling my pants. Not a bad start for the weekend. "Hmmmmmmm", said Cynthia, "oh, Kenny." "What?", I said, nearly falling off the table, with Cynthia laughing her head off. "Trying to be funny, huh?", I asked. "You should see your face", she giggled, "you're too easy. You are so...hmmmmmmmmmm." I ended that conversation quick with my lips on hers. By that time my pants and underwear were back on the floor and my black jacket soon followed. A perfect weekend it was.

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