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Laundry day

i had taken my laundry to the same place for months. after putting the clothes into the washer i sat down to read and pass the time. a young lady came into the laundramat and began doing her laundry. but i noticed she would squat down a lot. she was wearing jeans and a tight little shirt so i watched her as soon as she came in. what really excited me was when she squated down her shirt lifted and her pants dropped, ususally i would have been quite happy to see her g-string, but what she showed me was the line of hair running from her ass up her back. it was thick and dark and there was no doubt that she wanted me to see it. it surprised me and affected me like i had never felt before. i wanted her, there, then, up against the tables. pulling her hair and biting her back. I felt this a****listic urge grow inside me. But all i did was watch as she showed me this most intimate part of herself. if she had a man i hope he appreciated her sensuality.

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