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My wife and young black lover Part III

This was before we were married but were living to together and engaged.
He said he climbed between her spread legs as she lay on the couch and she reached down to guide him in her and asked him if he had ever had a white woman before? He said he just shook his head no as she guided him in her. As I read this I couldn't help it I came all over myself thinking of my now wife taking that black teenage cock in her then 40y.o. white pussy. He said as he pushed it in her she told him to work it in slow because she wasn't used to one that big. I don't know how big he is but sure he was a lot bigger than my 4". He said he had been with a few black girls his age but they were nothing like her. He said she had her head propped up on the arm of the couch watching his black cock going in and out of her and could tell she liked it and was moaning for him to give her that black cock and for him to fuck her white pussy. He was so turned on by this that he had to cum right away. He started to pull out but he said she wouldn't let him and she grabbed his hips and pulled him in deeper as he shot off in her and he said she orgasmed over and over again when he did.
He saids he fucked her 2 or 3 more times that night.

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