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Caught with my Fat Sex Friend (1st BBW - True)

I`m 24, this story was 2 years ago … halfway through college, I was a most liberal person than I am today, I'm a little shy but at the same time I like being in large groups and meet new people, I used to going out to bars every weekend with friends and sometimes if I am filled with enough courage i seek out girls by myself . At that time I felt the need to have a partner but without having something formal, just needed a friend to fuck, but girls I always knew were very conservative and gave no signs of wanting to go to bed with me , also once met a chubby guy and got along very well , we became good friends and we had an adventure together on my bed , but then never saw him again... this started being only an utopia for me… a friend for sex was just another one of my fantasies.

One night after a stressful day at work and college class I decided to go for drinks in a bar close to home, I tought : would only take two sips and go to sl**p … after the first shot I went into the bathroom of the bar, there was only one for men and women, I was second in waiting line, the first was a girl that left me impressed instantly, one of the first things that struck me was his energetic and soft vanilla smell , something like jasmine flowers, like 22 years old too, I saw his chubby arms and her young look, I tried to get closer to her while still on his back and began to dream of the subtle scent of her hair … right behind her I could only see her big ass, she had short skirts and a sexy shirt, I saw her not perfect legs but very beautiful, Her wide Hips, her long hair and her smooth body with good form … suddenly she turned around to look who had in her back and there I was … amazed with my eyes watching her lovely big firm tits, I had a bit of shame because i looked directly to them … lift my face and saw her beautiful face, red wet lips and rosy cheeks, i WAS speachless ... then she said : hello! ... and gave greeting waving her hand - I said : hi … and in this moment came her turn to go to the bathroom… meantime I was waiting my turn just thinking about how to call her attention and look for more conversation with her, then she left the bathroom and saw me with a big smile ... I immediately summon up courage and asked her: are you alone or accompanied ? … would you like to have a drink with me ? - She said: I`m going to tell you the truth, i was with someone else but right now I'm alone, my boyfriend just left me and I'm going home … her sad beautiful face was fresh and bright even saying that, she kept going her way and I enter the bathroom in silence … I noticed while urinating that had a small erection and some of that liquid gum out of my penis, It was the natural lubricant that came out while i was dreaming About That Fat cute girl in the waiting line.

I left the bathroom and take my second shot to go home, I went to the opposite door in the exit of the bar and suddenly she was waiting for me! … She said: you know what ... yes , I want to talk to someone tonight , maybe a drink , where Do you go ? … don’t want tot stay alone tonight - I could not believe it ! - I tried to respond quickly and said: right now I`m going home I live near here - she said: if you don`t mind I could be your company , my house also is near - I said: I don’t mind … never bother me.

On the road , I was thinking if inviting her to my house so we could know better each other and try to go further, but when we first were near her home, she said: I live here with my aunt in the first apartment of this building, want to go up to the apartment with me ? - after that I did not say a word and went up with her, just moved my head saying yes , I was surprised . Upon entering the apartment - She said: going to the kitchen for some drinks wait here … I stayed in the hall room a little anxious and nervous – She got back and asked me to sit down on the furniture - Then I asked: No problems with your aunt ? - and she : Yes , big troubles if she finds us here but I really don`t care ... my aunt should be sl**ping right now … she was sitting with legs slightly open and once again she catch me looking under her skirt that fat tight pussy ( I thought : should taste like peaches ) I raised my face again and she was laughing and said: if you feel uncomfortable in this place because of my aunt we could leave it and can go to my room - I could not stop watching her underwear ... she does that on purpose … and there was her juicy Fat pussy in tight white panties and I said : O.k, Ok … better in your room , Walking I felt in my underwears again the pre cum liquid in my semi hard cock - upon entering the room I saw her Sexy sl**ping clothes that some girls pulled aside only for sex - and I said: would you like to wear it now ? ... she pushed me toward the bed I sat down and stand there ... she closed the door with lock and then began to lower her skirt softly – She said: Later, Of course baby… from the first time I noticed in your eyes that you wanted me so bad, She replied straight away, "What would you like to do to me ?” – every seconds later I had fewer words to say ... she took off her clothes and I asked stupidly: Do you want me to undress myself completely ?... and she did not answer, just walk over me with her jiggly big fat ass naked and put my hands on her big soft tits asking me to fondle and lick them while she took off my clothes and came to my underwear starting stroking my hard big cock like a rock … from that moment on I transform, I felt an a****l in me hungry wanting to eat this young BBW female teen ...

I See her nipples poking in front of my eyes and when she Turned again to show me her ass I saw it from side to side and put my hand between her legs and started fingering her big pussy from behind and masturbating myself with the other hand , she Began to scream a little with low sounds and doing a sexy movement like fucking my hand hard … and I asked about her aunt again … she seemed not to care, only wanting me to kiss her ass and finger her wet fatty pussy , I licked that ass with my tongue … I was in heaven! … She Was so soft and smooth , not even a hair , with white skin and pink undertones , I stood up out of bed and began touching and squeezing her big tits from behind , touching her soft belly too , she was back in front of me and I hugged her and fucking her ass line … she was very excited, pussy wet as ocean and deep breathing, I was the same and wanted to put my hard cock in that shaved wet pussy ... Then That fatty rubbed her clit hard when I pull her to bed , I began to eat it ( Peaches !!!!!!! ) … I got down on my knees and tongue to fucked her wet pussy - then she said : I want to suck your cock , OH! Her lips closed over my cock and i began to fuck his mouth … after she turned around and leaned her big ass to me … I pass my wet cock for her big butt and she told me : I don’t care about anything, FUCK me baby please ! fuck me NOW ! … then when to FULLY got my dick inside of her I Could feel her muscles milking my dick real good doggy style – I wanna see you and fuck u again baby – and she: whenever you want to dot it, just call me baby … at that time I was hallucinating and seeing stars and that ass and fat tits bouncing and bouncing ! … cock inside and outside so hard , I wanted to CUM, then We were both lying in bed , She Turned around again , bent over on her elbows and Began to give me the ride of my life, then I was lying face up with her over me, squatting and kneeling, completely bustup , OHHH! The biggest TiTs in my life…. She was controlling perfectly the depth , was pushing down HARD … she wanted ALL my cock ! … I asked her: you like it baby ? … and she whispered: I like it so much baby your cock it’s the best ! … I want to fuck all night with you - she was the big fatty cowgirl of my dreams. I slapped her ass once or twice! ... She started screaming a little louder and soon I Could See Her Cum running down my dick, she squeezing her eyes and lips … and I started to CUM too ! same time … It was the biggest cum load inside of a pussy I`ve ever had … BUT !! someone Open the Lock Door! While we were finishing the act … it was her aunt ! … she walk in and scream : FUCK! …What DOES it means MAY !!!! … There I found out her name was May! LOL … we get up quickly from the bed and dressed, then I go out the apartement, fled down the stairs and RUN TO my house ! … Thinking: I have a Fuck Friend ! ... she was my BBw first dream experience , and was one That I would never forget.

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