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Valerie's Monday night tennis match

Valerie’s Monday night tennis match

Valerie always looked forward to her games of tennis with Jill. In the summer they would play outdoors but in the winter they continued to play in the local school hall. Although she enjoyed the tennis it was really the after match sexual activities with Jill that she enjoyed the most. Both Valerie and Jill were happily married mothers but for several years now they had been enjoying satisfying each other sexually.

Valerie was getting ready for her Monday night tennis match. Although it was mid-December both Valerie and Jill still wore their short tennis skirts as the school sports hall was well heated. She started getting ready as she found it easier to change at home rather than using the changing rooms at the school.

She found a clean pair of white panties and put them on knowing that at the end of the evening they were unlikely to remain so clean and unstained. Just the thought of what she and Jill would be doing to each other was arousing her and she felt the dampness in her pussy. Although husband John satisfied her she found that the orgasms she experienced with Jill were more intense and more satisfying.

She kissed John goodbye and jumped in the car and drove the 5 minutes or so to the school. Jill's car wasn't there when she arrived but she went inside and joined the other couples who played there on a Monday evening. Valerie sat down on a bench and started watching some of the others playing when her mobile phone rang. She answered it and was disappointed to hear Jill telling her that she had just twisted her ankle getting into the car and couldn't play that night.

Valerie thought about going home but decided to stay and join in with one of the others and have a game of tennis. She sat there watching when a man walked in who she didn't know. He went up to one of the men and chatted to him for a few minutes.

They walked over to me and some of the others and told us he was a local photographer and told us he was just going to take a few photos to show how much the school facilities were being used.
Valerie carried on chatting as the photographer walked around taking photos. After a while he came and sat down next to Valerie and started chatting. He introduced himself and said his name was Brian.

Soon it was Valerie's turn to play and she went onto the court. She finished her match and went and sat down next to Brian. He said, 'I've got some nice shots of you, do you want to see them?'
'Yes OK,' she replied.

Brian leaned closer to Valerie and started showing the photos of Valerie playing. Then he said, 'Oh, I hope you don't mind about these but I couldn't resist taking a few of your lovely bum as you bent down.'

Valerie was embarrassed as she looked at the photos of her bending down showing her bum, but she felt quite flattered that he liked the look of her. She said, 'No that's fine, but what are you going to do with those ones?'

He smiled back and said, 'Oh, they're for my private collection.'

Valerie laughed. Soon it was her turn to play another game and as she played she saw Brian taking more photographs and had to admit to herself that it sort of aroused her knowing that this complete stranger was photographing her. And when he said they were for his private collection what did he really mean by that. The thought intrigued her.

She had a good run around in that game but unfortunately lost. She walked off court, sweating quite heavily, grabbed a bottle of water and sat down next to Brian. After a few seconds she asked, 'Did you get some good shots?'

He nodded and said, 'I'll show you later.'

He stood up and moved in front of her and took some more photos as she drank from the bottle. He looked her in the eye and then looked down at her legs and motioned for her open her legs. She realised what he meant and shook her head. He looked back at her with a look of disappointment in his eyes as if to say, 'Oh go on, just a little.'

Valerie just looked him in the eye for a few minutes and then very gradually parted her knees. Brian knelt on the floor and zoomed in. He adjusted the focus and took the shot. When he looked at the result he could clearly see her white panties, then he looked closer and could definitely see a damp patch appearing.

He took some more photos as Valerie parted her legs even more. She had never thought of herself as an exhibitionist but what she was doing was definitely arousing her.

Brian sat next to her and asked her, 'How do you feel about staying behind when everyone has gone and letting me take a few more photos?'

Valerie thought for a while and said, 'OK.'

She realised that the more she thought about it the more it aroused her. In fact she couldn't wait for the tennis to finish. Eventually the other players started to drift away and she told them she would lock up. Brian had gone and sat in his car and waited until everyone had gone.

As the last tennis player left Brian went back inside and met Valerie. The thought of what she was going to do was having a nice effect on her and she felt her panties were really quite wet.
Brian said, 'Right, how about me getting an up panties shot? I'll lay on the floor and you stand over me and I'll take some pics'

Valerie nodded and Brian lay on his back. She stepped over him with one foot either side of his head. Brian felt himself getting hard as he looked up at her pussy. The wet patch was getting larger and he could see several stray hairs peeking out of the side of her panties. He took several shots before zooming right in close.

Valerie had never done anything like this before, not even for her husband, but it was making her very wet. Brian asked her, 'How do you feel about taking off your panties?'

Amazingly Valerie didn't even give it a second thought and pulled them down and stepped out of them. Brian was getting very hard now and he could quite easily see moisture glistening on her pussy lips. He took more photos and then said, 'That's great, think I've got enough like that.'
He stood up and showed Valerie what he had taken. She looked at photos of her glistening pussy which made her even more aroused. She hadn't even done this for John, yet here she was letting a complete stranger photograph her like that.

He said, 'Sit on the bench with your legs apart.'

She did exactly as he said. For some reason she was happy to fully obey him.

'Rub the handle of the racquet against your pussy,' he demanded.

She picked it up and rubbed the end against her soaking wet pussy. She loved the feel as she stimulated herself. It reminded her of the large black dildo that Jill often used on her.

Brian said, 'Can you slide it inside?'

Valerie didn't even think or hesitate but held her pussy lips apart and slid it in very slowly and gently. She loved the feel as it slowly eased inside her. She realised it was much larger than Jill's dildo but was so aroused that nothing was going to stop her getting it all the way in.

She looked at Brian and could hear the almost continuous clicking of the camera as he photographed her behaving so disgustingly. But that didn't matter. What was beginning to matter was the orgasm that was slowly building up inside her.

Now the handle was in as far as it would go, Valerie started fucking herself with it. Faster and faster she f***ed the handle inside her. Her legs were as wide apart as they would go. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open as her orgasm got nearer and nearer. The fact that a complete stranger was taking photos of her was totally irrelevant. All that was important was her imminent orgasm. When it hit her she screamed out with pleasure. Her face was contorted with pleasure. As she started coming down from the intense pleasure she had just given herself she saw that Brian had given in and had just masturbated and shot spurt after spurt of cum on the floor.

They both sorted themselves out and dressed and as they said their goodbyes Brian promised to email her the photographs. Valerie drove home with that wonderful contented feeling that follows an intense orgasm.

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