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To The Woods

To The Woods
My newish sub was full of apprehension today you see we can only meet occasionally when her husband was away. She has always knew her desires and fantasies were of being a sub but never had the opportunity to fulfil them until she met me and so we had to be aware of too many marks on her pettitte frame and she had only had a mild spank and flog and had the cane only for three mild strokes although she knew she needed more.
Today we had 10 days for her to recover and this was going to be a day permanately etched in her mind with some photos and a video to remind her.
Obediantly she wore stout shoes and a flimsy frock one piece and nothing more, her hair was tied back and her new leather studded collar round her neck with a silver dog tag with her name engraved on it. She wore it with pride her head held high.
It was a warm summer day and not many people about which was good and we were walking off track into the middle of the woods
I carried a small bag containing two lengths of rope some elastic bands and a small towel and a mask. After a short search I found it the perfect tree! I told her to undress which was easy with only one item to remove, she was nervous and beginning to get beads of perspiration on her forehead. I approached her with a short length of rope and proceeded to bind her 34c breasts soon they were glowing red and would be purple shortly. Her nipples were growing larger and did not need any further attention but I decided to increase the pressure and placed some small elastic bands round them really tightly she gasped at this , never before had she been in such a situation but she was readily looking forward to whatever happened as I had not told her anything. Her breasts I then pulled together and bound them so they could not move at all and her nipples were pointing straight out.
I motioned her towards the tree I had selected it had a suitable branch pointing slightly downwards and was a little higher than her waist, I helped her to straddle it then bent to ensure her lips were well parted on either side. Her clit will rub nicely when we get started, I moved her closer to the trunk and then left for a moment to gather my next requirements.
Coming back I could see she had not moved but was looking nervously about her eyes opened and I heard a gasp from her lips when she saw what I was carrying. I placed my newly found tools on the floor beside her feet, picking up a large handful of fresh nettles and thorn branches I placed them against the trunk so when I pressed her body to it she felt them all down her front from her neck ,breasts , stomach and a few in her groin area. I made her stretch her arms around the trunk and tied them, then wrapped more rope round her body and the trunk. The stinging had started her eyes staring out at me, I then put the mask on her as I did not want her to know what was to happen next.
Her legs were now dangling so I tied her feet round the tree as well. Time to set the video up and take a few pics and admire the work so far. The branch she was perched on was too long so I snapped it off just after the dark hole of her anus. Perfect I thought.
Now for some real punishment , she had kept me waiting so long for the right time to give her what she so desparately longed for and I was ready to deliver. (we had agreed on a safe word should it be needed but I doubted that she would ever utter it).
I had picked some pine fronds and branches and proceeded to lash out at her back and bottom, soon this was marking red and needles were embedding into her skin. Whimpers, gasps sighs and little cries she uttered some with pain others of delight and pleasure. The thorns and nettles between her body and the tree were doing their work as with every lash to her back she pulled forward and gasped even more.
The branches were getting worn now as i must have struck fifty times or more. I then picked up a nice bendy hazel branch I had collected and proceeded to cane her body every bit I could starting at her feet working up to the shoulders and all along her back and bottom. I picked the camera up and zoomed in to capture the pattern I had made on her now truly marked frame.
A new hazel branch and I wrapped some thorns around this, the first real cry of pain rang out as I struck her rear, more up her back I could see tears appearing down her cheek but still no safe word. I patted and stroked her back lovingly and placed a gentle kiss on the side of her face. Her breathing was heavy and fast as if she was about to come and i didn’t want that yet so I sat down and smoked a cigarette watching her. She was trying to bring herself off on the branch I let her for a while then it had to stop.
Standing up i selected a strong thick branch I had found and began to cane her bottom harshly. I told her there would be twenty in all then she could come. At the count of fifteen I heard a branch snap behind me, looking round I saw a man leaning against a tree some thirty yards away, so engrossed in my work I had never heard him before so had no idea how long he had been watching.
He had his penis in his hand and was slowly working it up.
Another idea came to me then.
I continued with the remaining strokes getting harder with each one. My sub was now sobbing uncontrollably and louder cries coming from her lips but still no safe word.
I then put my hands softly across her body they were soothing for her and I could tell she was on the edge of exploding. I ran a hand under her cheek and into her pussy it was dripping and it would not take much for her to climax.
My idea!!
Should I invite our onlooker to come silently and join us, I knew she had never had two dicks at once and would welcome it or do i let him stand and wank while I took her.
You my friend will have to decide on the ending.
My next story is called Tonight and will be out soon to complete our day together

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