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Exploring Nipples and xhamster

Its been an extraordinary 10 days. Last weekend K and I had a fantastic erotically charged couples time. We built a nest with three other couples in a room supported by tantric guides. We inhabitted that space and played with candles, and chocolate, and feathers, and oils together. It was bautiful. It was held in a perfect setting for us, and if there are any xhamsters who want to share and understand the special spaces we went to, in London - then do get in touch.

For me it was also special. I have been on xhamster for 2 years, never being dishonest, and K knew I was exploring. However she didn't take part and didn't express interest. After last weekend we shared information, and we took the laptop to bed and I showed her around this extra-ordinary site.

She is not a lover of porn, but she can get excited by the right thing. She has challenged me to find some exciting stories to turn her on.

I had been being too secretive about my time with xhamster, and with this bedtime sensuous laptop encounter all my fears were taken away - she was happy to embrace my interest. She has no problem with my growing bisexual interest - she just doesn't get turned on by wham-bam-blokey porn...but she is as sexually charged as anyone could ever dream.

And then an extraordinary thing happened. I had released this information. Unlocked my hidden xhamster trawling. And all of a sudden, with no secrets, our sex life has rocketted. I don't know why, but it is fantastic.

We are exploring sensuous discussions about every facet of sexual activity - across almost every category in xhamsters's catelogue.

I just thought I'd share this
As the summer sun rises - so will our passion for sensual delight outdooors - if you happen to be in East Angia, or at a Festival site, or Cornwall, or anywhere else we can be naked in a hot tub....then get in touch.

Excited...I am
Naturist...we are
Curious...She is
Exerienced...she is
A Learner...I am
Together...we are
Up for it...we are

Try us...but remember to arrive with heart, passion, feeling, and honesty


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